Tuesday 8 May 2012

Letters from Greece

If you ever wanted a crystal ball with which to see the future of the global economic collapse, read these letters.  My dear friend in Greece provides us with a snapshot, the real story that you won't see on the news. The letters are edited only to remove identifying information.  Those of you who are so inclined, please pray for our friends in Greece.

May 6, Election Day

The sun is up. It's quarter to 7, Sunday morning.

Let the games begin. I'm having my big cup of coffee, and then i will go to vote.

In any case.

The globalists and their little puppets in Greece, are getting ready to manipulate the election's procedure.

Letf wing parties, extreme lefts, anarchists, and "light" leftists, estimate to gather a total of 35%.

It's too much for a "west" capitalistic country. But from the other side, this manipulated capitalism, is screwing us for the last 70 years.

People are fed up, and need a radical change. A change in values, finance, moral, ethics, pride, and daily life.

We know that no political party, is going to form a government tonight. Thye desperatelly try to scare people, that the rise of leftists, and exit of the Eurozone will be the end of Greece.

As if it would matter for me if I die hungry, in the eurozone or out of it. We know what the E.U. common future is bringing: Total poverty for the south (Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Ireland),

for the well being of the north.

My brain says to vote for capitalism. But no political party is close to the free market beliefs.

My heart pushes me to marxist leftists or to the extremists. They both declare total destruction of the current rotten system, tough punishment of the thiefs, and a new society for the Equal builders of it.

I know it's bullshit, but to be honest i don't have faith to the others anymore. I saw our lives falling day by day, three years now.

After today, Greece won't be the same again.

Probably tommorow, the globalists will create a puppet government from the three conservative parties (actually the ones who brought us here, in the first place).

The plans are much bigger, in order to trust Greece's fate to the communists and anarchists.

I'm going to vote, having full knowledge of what I'm doing. I'm also prepared to defend my nation's consitution by any means, whatever this may mean for my life or my family's well being.

We will not let the fascists, the fake-socialists, and the thieves to prevail.

I'll try to keep you informed during the day, even though the first results will be announced by 21.00 Greek (probably around 12.00 east coast time).

Be safe all.

later on May 6

We live the ultimate democracy.

More and more people are voting for the coalition of leftist parties called SYRIZA.

Plain people talk to one another and rumours speak of the SYRIZA being the second in numbers.

The puppets and their masters didn't like the peoples' voice, so they put their instruments to stop rumours of spreading around.

The attorney general issued an order, by which an immediate survey will be held to find who is/are responsible for spreading "rumors".

As I told you the other day, they have shit their pants. If this SYRIZA goes second, all other left and anarchist parties will join them.

The danger of the E.U. construction is then visible. The question is what the E.U. puppet masters are going to do.

The river is rushing to the sea. There is no way to change its course.

I'll continue with news as the day passes.

The day after, May 7

Monday morning, the time is now 10.51.

No government, and no potential for a government.

People fucked the old dinosaurs, and voted for the leftists coalition.

The stock market opened 8% down.

The system is collapsing. Probably this week i will have to implement
all my skills, my preps, and your advices.

I'll keep you informed.

Don't be afraid about us. We will go down, but at least we will go
standing up and with our boots on.

I pray for you all. Be prepared and support each other. It will be the
only thing to save you during the harsh times.

Tuesday the 8th, 2012

Second day of the same shit.

The leftists took the order from the president, to search whether they can form a government of cooperation.

They already rejected the conservatives and the socialists. They will approach all the left parties, radical or not.

The communist party of Greece already denied the offer. Communists as always live in the Stalin era.

The stock market is collapsin for the second day. Yesterday it closed at -6,67%, today is already at -3,97%.

It's so funny.

We are ready. I'm going tonight to buy some packs of water, batteries for the flashlights, and some more meat cans.

Both cars are full of fuel, and my wife is preparing a small suitcase for her and our child. Another back pack for me is ready, with knives, a shovel, a torch, and other gadgets.
Don't worry. I'm fine. My brain is working 1000% now.

I really hope that the left finds its way to the government. The party that i voted for is making a conference to decide whether or not we vote for the left coalition.

We are more extremists than they are, but more or less our believes follow the same direction.

I'll keep you informed.

Be safe all.

Thank you, my friend, for your permission to share this.  There but for the grace of God......


  1. Socialism is making a big push right NOW. Keep good records, we will need to know which side who is on a little later.

    1. 3rd attempt due to capcha

      Rowdy, that country just put a bunch of fascists ( Nazis ) in power. Not just a few skinhead neo types, but an organized political party. I think they have 20% of the seats in their Parliament or congress or what ever they call it. Hitler came to power with 30%.

      That is more concerning to me.

    2. Actually, it's 6,90% of the parliament. They got 21 seats out of 300. Its sad indeed. But history makes circles. We just have to evaluate and remember.

    3. sorry my bad, I knew there was a 20 or a 21 in there some where.