Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Why the Patriot Movement Just Isn't "Moving"

A lot is said about the “Patriot Movement” in the US, but the movement doesn’t really seem to be getting anywhere.

Don’t get me wrong - there are some very notable people out there doing great things. 

Consider the alternative journalists who are quite literally, risking their lives to share information with those of us who are interested enough to read it.

Keep in mind the whistleblowers who told the world the truth about the BP oil spill, 9/11, the birth records of our “fearless leader” and many other behind-the-scenes plots against health, freedom and justice.

There are the preppers, stocking up, arming up, and educating themselves, so that, at the very least, they are self-sufficient and ready to fight should they be called upon.

These are the REAL patriots.  But who are the rest of these folks that consider themselves part of the “Patriot Movement”?  They don’t really seem to be moving anywhere, except maybe to the fridge, to get another drink to keep them hydrated while they type feverishly on their keyboards.

The Laptop Rambos:  The liberty forums are full of Laptop Rambos, with their battle cries stolen directly from the last Bruce Willis movie.  They like to quote Heston, too, claiming their multitude of guns will only be pried from their “cold dead hands”.  But for all of their tough talk, what are they really doing?  Buying all the guns and ammo they can manage to have delivered from Amazon while they angrily type away about those who would take away their rights?  Daydreaming about dashing around the forest in combat boots when the last time they ran anywhere, it was to the bathroom after that ill-advised trip to Taco Bell?    Oh – yeah – the Rambos?  They’re all being “watched” which is the reason that they are unable to take any action outside of pounding into their keyboards, “Live Free or Die!!!”

The Noble Net Orators:  These are the ones that type half a page of flowery rhetoric on the afore-mentioned forums.  They lay claim to vast service to the country, vow eternal loyalty to their oath to defend the country against all enemies, foreign and domestic and they really, really like to quote the Constitution and the founding fathers during their rousing internet orations.  But are they actually organizing anything or do they just like to hear themselves talk….er, see themselves type?

The Patriot Preachers:  Another popular forum member is the Patriot Preacher.  He or she enjoys drawing parallels between current happenings and the Bible.  This person is pretty sure that whatever bad stuff is happening, it’s occurring because the US is a hedonistic cesspool.  Their posts are full of scriptural quotes, Revelationesque predictions and no real direction. They are happy to tell us why it is all our fault but stop short of any real recommendations or actions. 

The Flag-Wavers:  They are proud to be American, they know all the words to every song with the word “America” in it in any form and they abide by proper flag etiquette, carefully bringing in their flags at dark and during inclement weather.  They may criticize the president using a line that they heard on the TV news that they really liked, their closets are loaded with red-white-and-blue clothing, and their vehicle boasts flag stickers and decals on every flat surface.  You don’t think they are Patriots?  Look at them!  They have WAY more visible flags than their neighbors!  Just don’t expect a whole lot from the Flag-Wavers when it comes to a discussion of the real issues because they still watch the network news at 6.

How the heck are we supposed to have a revolution if these are the folks running it? 

I guess that we should feel fortunate, looking back in history, to discover that only 3% of the people fought against oppression in the American Revolution.  10% of the population actively supported that brave 3%.  This left 87% of the population at that time to either side with the British, remain neutral or be armchair patriots, much like our list above.

Being a Patriot doesn’t mean that you have to get a sniper rifle and start picking off the enemy.  It doesn’t mean that you must oust the scum from Congress (although that sure would be nice).  You don’t have to have a radio show or website that gets a million hits per day.

It does mean, though, that action is required beyond a “Booyah!” on the internet.  If you happen to recognize yourself in the list above, consider upping your personal Patriot game by taking one of the real actions below.

You can spread the truth about what is happening in our country and around the world.

You can refuse to comply to anything that is at cross-purposes with your God-given rights.

You can resist by knowing the Constitution and insisting that it be followed.

You can speak up when you see the rights of others being trampled on, and not be a bystander to bullying by the Regime.

Quiet acts of Patriotism speak more loudly than a hundred words uttered without action.


  1. It's not easy to fight against the fact that the average american willfully and intentionally votes for politicians that hate and seek to destroy the constitution.

    The problem is the boneheaded support the average american has for the duopoly which schemes against them...

  2. Ok, still doesnt answer why? Until the people are sick and tired of being sick and tried, nothing changes! Collectively together, it is the only way. Now I have to get back too cleaning my guns, keyboard, take down my flag, and get ready for church, tacos for dinner! Daisy will you marry me? Please!

    1. Why, thank you, Slay! That is the nicest proposal I've had all week! ;) Maybe even in two weeks!


  3. ms. daisy

    ;0P pssszzt

    ;0) bwaaahahaha

    which are you ???

    hmmmmmm i suggest you chill the puck out some and go under ground now while you still can .

    for the sake of you know who .

    from a friend who actually does care for you .


  4. inalienably yours ; sure does know how to "alienate" her core group of readers is what i just read here.

    trash writing trash!

    i wont be reading this writers illiterate hack written trash again.

    @dprogram needs to find better independent writers for its articles.

    this woman is obviously just angry bitter and nutz.

    1. Wow, Anonymous. It sounds like one of those categories may have hit a little close to home for you. Any person who reads any type of internet forum on the topic of liberty can recognize the people above. As my essay states, "Quiet acts of Patriotism speak more loudly than a hundred words uttered without action."

      You are certainly not obligated to read the pieces I publish, but I stand behind every word in this piece. If you'd like someone to tell you how great a person you are for thinking good thoughts, join a support group.


    2. Great post Daisy, sadly I find that I may fit one or more of the above descriptions.... Thanks for the nudge.

  5. Good piece Daisy. Shame some people are too stupid to understand it

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    Thank you,

  7. If the shoe fits wear it! The reader who finds themselves throwing a fit after going over this piece- must certainly be the right size.

  8. so what have YOU done lately miss patriot?

    wrote a blog?

    wow... thank god you are here doing this while I spend all of my time (even more than i put into earning money) into holding government lackies accountable.

    I have had two arrested and jailed and 3 others that resigned before they were. one being a state senator.

    I have exposed the corrupt law enforcers and had them shut down (cops are not supposed to deal drugs).

    I have done my share.. what have YOU done lately.. something of substance please...

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