Thursday 15 December 2011

Guest Post: America Has Already Been Overthrown

Please take the time to read this essay from my friend, JD, a US Marine whose observations on the government are nothing short of revolutionary.


This country has been invaded and taken over by the international bankers, who then corrupted every aspect of our government.
The US Federal Government is NOT an American gov’t. It is an “ENEMY FORCE IN OCCUPATION” that has camouflaged its overthrow of the US Gov’t.

From the point of view of a Constitutional America,….none of the current events make sense.

From the point of view of an “Enemy Force In Occupation”,……EVERYTHING makes sense.
Their design is simple:

1 - SUBJUGATE: TSA, DHS, FDA, FBI, Cops, Courts, Cameras Everywhere, etc.
2 - EXTRACT WEALTH: IRS, the Federal Reserve, Sheriffs (they willingly kick people out of their homes), Congressional Bail-Outs (Being Un-Constitutional hasn’t stopped them. 3 - EXTERMINATE:  False-Flag Ops - 9/11, WTC Bombing, Oklahoma City Bombing,
This has been the British/International Banksters/Israeli mode of subversive takeover through out their respective existences,… especially for the British, thru outright coercion and thru the banking systems (look at what they did to China, India, Indonesia, and EVERY other country they had been in).

They (the Wealthy Elite that constitute the Shadow Gov’t,…CIA, FBI, International Banksters, Rogue Elements of the American, British and Israeli Gov‘t) are about to take all the previous experiences they have learned to a whole NEW level.

As such, the USA is not “America The Free”, it is actually the largest POW Camp in the world and we are all prisoners and potential disrupters, hence the Dep’t Of Homeland Security (which is actually Homeland Gestapo) has labeled Americans who still think and act like this is the USA and “resist” the occupation as…….. “terrorists”.
Since we ARE technically POW’s, then the Law Of War and the Geneva Convention should apply, and the principles for ALL POW’S to observe is:

- It is the Duty of all POW’s to RESIST our captors by every means possible.
- To disrupt their designs and actions by any and all means.
- To REFUSE to cooperate in any way.
- To Refuse any/all special treatment.
- To provide no information expect name, rank, serial number (SS #)
- To create as much difficulty as possible to cause the greatest use of personnel and assets so as to reduce their capacity to wage warfare elsewhere on us.
It is our duty to “defend our country against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic”, and clearly, the enemy of greatest destruction against the US, are the domestic ones.
It is time for Americans to recognize that the USA HAS been overthrown by the International Bankers, aided and abetted by corporations, corrupt politicians and a judicial system that has been
wholly bought-off.
We are not fighting to correct an American Gov’t, We are fighting to eliminate this Enemy called the Federal Government, and PUT an AMERICAN Government Back in power!
People will not realize the value of Freedom and Liberty,… until they have lost it.
Then, it is to late to restore it without violent confrontation, or,…simply yield and welcome death.
JD – US Marines – Fighting To Restore An American Gov’t.

The “Enemy Force In Occupation” called the US Federal Gov’t, is controlled by the same people who control the Free Press, Mass Media, or the proper term – “The Joseph Gobbels Ministry Of Propaganda”
Most Americans genuinely have no clue that they are simply fodder, and in the view of the International Bankers that are running this country, we are LESS than roaches in their eyes! At least roaches don’t consume some of the earths more valuable resources like oil and natural gas,… hence their desire to reduce the human population by over 90% to less than 1 Billion (there are currently 7 Billion people, estimated)

They will soon be moving into the final phase of “population mitigation” by using a Nuclear False-Flag to obtain the shock and awe needed to institute COG, REX84, Martial Law, and it will be coupled with a Bio Agent (Small Pox and Pneumonia Hemorrhagic) to provide the excuse to herd the masses into “Treatment Camps”,.. FEMA Camps, where most will die and leave up a flue pipe as hot exhaust gases (high heat is the only way to destroy pathogens with 100% certainty). This is called an oven no matter how you wish to describe it.
Solution Assets:
*************We have Americans willing to fight.
Most Americans have firearms.
We have the moral high ground (A Sun Tzu requirement to win)

What we lack:
***********Organization, communication, concise information.
If a group of selfless men can organize a Patriots Group to address the Overthrow of the American Gov’t that has occurred, everything will fall into place on its own,… hence why DHA, TSA, FBI, CIA, NSA, NRO, and a host of other alphabet organizations we never even heard of are SCOURING the country to spot any such effort.
The Prison camp guards don’t want us inmates to realize our predicament, and develop a response plan. 
But we will succeed.
JD – US Marines – Defender of The US Constitution

Anthrax, Forced Vaccinations, The Coming False-Flags Ops of Nuclear-Bio Agents.


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  3. The USA has been in the throes of class warfare since its inception. Ignore the rhetoric and purposeful indoctrination designed to convinced We, the People that as things are is correct and proper. The Founders purposefully created a federal government intended to be owned and operated by an elite class.

    One caveat; the Founders expected the elites to abide by a sense of honor that would extend the good beyond the small minority of elites. Over time, that honor was cast aside and the lust for evermore wealth and power took control within the USA.

    I wonder what will be the spark igniting the much-needed Revolutionary War Two?