Monday 11 June 2012

The United States of Israel: Sponsored by YOU

If your senator is not Ron Paul or John Dingell, your representation has just voted YES to a bill to give Israel a billion dollars, yes a BILLION, in military resources. The only person to speak out against the bill was Dr. Paul, and you can read his eloquent speech (that was completely disregarded by his colleagues) HERE.

In a country on its economic last legs, where almost as many families are on food stamps as are not on them, couldn’t that billion have been better invested here, to make the lives of Americans better?

HR 4133, the United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act, is a bill that even requires the United States to veto any future bill that is critical of Israel.  To quote the text of the bill, the purpose is to “reaffirm the enduring commitment of the United States to the security of the State of Israel as a Jewish state.”

And to that, I think the time has come for us to say, “What the HELL?”  Do our members of congress represent their constituencies or a tiny horrid little country that bombs the crap out of innocent Palestinian families? We need to recall our members of congress and replace them with people who will represent their constituencies and the best interests of America – not the interests of their Zionist puppet-masters.

It doesn’t get more serious or blatant than this.  Our entire congress, with only the two afore-mentioned hold-outs, is completely owned by the cult of AIPAC.  There is now a LAW that our country must take this country’s defense on our own backs.  Why would Israel be able to dip into OUR national treasury, when Americans are going hungry and becoming homeless at ever-increasing rates?

The bill sets up Iran as the official enemy of the world.  “Iran may soon attain a nuclear weapons capability, a development that would fundamentally threaten vital American interests, destabilize the region, encourage regional nuclear proliferation, further empower and embolden Iran, the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, and  provide it the tools to threaten its neighbors, including Israel”. In reality, Iran’s only issue is attempting to defend itself from IsraelIran has stated numerous times that they do not intend to build nuclear weapons, and that the weapons are in fact, against the laws of Islam. Israel, on the other hand, is a secret nuclear superpower – possessing 200-300 nuclear weapons.

The bill supports an ““an expanded role for Israel within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), including an enhanced presence at NATO headquarters and exercises.”  If you have been paying attention lately, NATO only exists to bully the world into submission to the New World Order.  Giving a small warlike country like Israel a bigger role in NATO is like giving the fat kid the jar of lollipops and expecting him to dole them out wisely.

It isn’t difficult to read between the lines of this bill and see our future.  When Israel attacks Iran, the United States will be drawn into the war.  Iran has the backing of China and Russia, who will then be drawn into the war.  The miniscule country of Israel, with pure evil intent, will draw the bigger countries into a third world war.

And yes, Israel IS evil.  Please research the difference between being Jewish and being a Zionist before you write and call me anti-Semitic.  The heinous war crimes committed by Israel against defenseless men, women and children of Palestine are not sanctioned or decried by the United Nations. The Gaza Strip is little more than an open-air concentration camp, subject to constant terrorism from Zionist Israel – racially-based terrorism.  The International Criminal Court (also highly influenced by AIPAC) has declined to conduct an investigation, saying the Palestine is not a recognized state.  This means that Israel can continue their terrorist attacks (now sponsored by the taxpayers of the United States) without fear of reprisal.

So, the next time you pay sales tax on an item you purchase, have income tax withdrawn from your paycheck, or make any of the other “contributions” required by the government, know that YOU are now supporting Zionist Israel because of the vote of your member of Congress.

As for Congress, I suggest we recall them all for betraying their constituencies and start over.  We can’t do any worse than the Zionist puppets we have now.

Thursday 7 June 2012

Zombie Cannibals: Altering the Food Chain

What's for dinner?  It might be you.

Welcome to the Zombie Cannibal Apocalypse.  North America has become a cannibalistic free-for-all, and frighteningly, all the would-be Hannibal Lectors are not drug fiends indulging in a little bit of hallucinogenic psychosis.  Biting a chunk out of someone seems to be the new throat-punch and powdering them up and eating them is the new caviar.

Most infamous in the spate of attacks is the Miami incident, where high-as-a-kite Rudy Eugene literally ate the face off of a homeless man.  Graphic video footage of the attack was released and the internet has been abuzz, with many people voyeuristically fascinated by the incident as evidenced by the 21 pages of articles brought up by a Google search of “Miami Face Eater”.

This seems to have started a trend of cannibalistic attacks across the continent.

In Montreal, Quebec, Luka Rocco Magnotta killed his lover, Lin Jun.  He then dismembered Jun, ate some of him and mailed various body parts to schools and Canadian political party headquarters locations.

In New Haven, Connecticut, Lowpel Davis attempted to steal a hairpiece from a wig shop.  When she was pursued by the owner, she bit him and ripped a large chunk of flesh from his bicep.  She also attempted to bite the four police officers that were required to wrestle her into custody.

Also in Miami, Florida, Brandon de Leon got into a fight at a Boston Market restaurant.  When police arrived and arrested him, he began banging his head against the window of the police car, screaming, “I’m going to eat you!” to the officers.  According to witnesses he was snapping his teeth, growling and snarling at officers and had to be put into a “bite mask” ala Hannibal Lector.

Journeying on to Grand Rapids, Michigan, Stephen Medawis became enraged with a woman at a party.  So enraged, in fact, that he bit off her nose.

In Monroe, Louisiana, Shantay Brown was involved in an argument on a downtown street.  Brown chased a 15 year old girl, hit her on the back of the head, and then bit her on the breast.

In nearby Scott, Louisiana, Carl Jacquneaux violated an order of protection and went to his ex-wife’s house.  There, Jacquneaux attacked her current husband, biting him numerous times in the face, tearing away “half of his cheek” according to police reports.

In Staten Island, NYC, New York, an incident in a pizza parlor left a man missing part of an ear.  Apparently the shop owner, Thomas Tomasello was so enraged when a customer changed the television channel that he followed the customer outside, attacked him, and bit off a portion of his ear.

A Baltimore, Maryland college student, Alex Kinyua, murdered and dismembered his roommate.  Kinyua’s brother made the grisly discovery of the roommate’s head in the laundry room sink.  When questioned by police, Kinyua confessed to eating the victim’s heart and part of his brain.

In Klamath, California, a cage fighter named Jarrod Wyatt, attacked his training partner and ripped out his still-beating heart.  He then proceeded to disembowel the victim with his bare hands and cook his organs in order to “stop the Devil.”

So what does it mean, when suddenly attacks and violence take a distinct turn for the gruesome? 

Big Pharma is partially to blame for this phenomena. North American society is being pumped full of chemicals that are actually destroying our brains.  High-fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and MSG all contain chemicals that literally destroy parts of the brain.  Fluoride in the water supply has been proven to affect cognitive function.  There is a chemical vaccine for everything under the sun, and these vaccines are not tested for long-term effects.  Don’t even get me started on psychiatric drugs that alter the chemistry of the brain and are prescribed to more than half of the men, women and children in the nation. 

Our very brains are being biologically lobotomized, according to “Health Ranger” Mike Adams of Natural News.  “What's left is the primal section of the brain, sometimes called the "reptilian brain." Or the "zombie brain," to use a pop culture term. This zombie brain has no morals and no logic. It only knows hunger, sex, violence and fear. It is entirely focused on selfish needs and has no ability to consider the welfare of others.

It seems like the Miami Face Eater case has unleashed a torrent of cannibalistic attacks.  That taboo has been violated and a veritable Pandora ’s Box has been opened. The psychological and sociological boundaries that keep humans from feeding off of one another are being shattered.  After the initial horror wears off, society has once again become immune to something that should forever be appalling.

In the current economic situation, hunger and destitution seem imminent for many of us.  Civilized society requires moral boundaries.  Unfortunately, the lines are being blurred and we are being desensitized to the atrocities by the “Zombie” attacks in the news.  What happens when people are actually hungry?

I’m actually more disturbed by the fact that some of the people eating people are not enraged.  Some folks seem to just think it’s yummy.

In some recent news articles, cannibalistic practices were not the result of crazed attacks – they were deliberately prepared and presented as either tonic or delicacy.  A British man was arrested in Thailand for possessing roasted fetuses wrapped in gold foil, and a Chinese company was discovered to be selling pills containing the powdered flesh of dead infants.  On this venue, we can’t leave out the Pepsi company, whose use of aborted fetal cells as flavor enhancers has been okayed by the Caligula Obama  administration as “normal business operations.”

Throughout history, cannibalism has been a precursor to the destruction of civilization. 

For example, archaeologists studying the fall of the Mayan Empire have commented on a notable lack of grave sites.  Historian Eugene Frederick suggests that widespread cannibalism could be the cause of the rapid depopulation.  “The ghost towns of Maya house precious few such sites, echoing a panic so great, an extermination so fast, that this once proud people – steeped in tradition and ritual – had no choice but to leave their dead where they fell.” Bones found on the sites show signs of being violently ripped from their sockets and marks from being gnawed on.  (Source)

The fall of the Roman Empire was also preceded by accounts of extreme hedonism.  When the rich and powerful of the empire couldn’t get their kicks any other way, their acts became more and more outrageous.  Orgies, torture and cannibalism became entertainment for those who required their stimulation to be extreme. (Source) 

If eating your neighbor is a sign of the times, then we are on a ride to hell on a greased slide.  Whether their brains have been chemically altered or they just feel hedonistically entitled to eat their fellow man, Zombie Cannibals are here.  The food chain has been altered, my friends, and we are now considered prey.

Saturday 2 June 2012

21 Topics That Will Put You on the DHS Naughty List

If you’re trying to stay off the HOMELAND SECURITY watch list, there are a few topics that you should stay away from in your internet conversations with others.  Sure there’s a list of 377 words on the “naughty list” but who can remember 377 words?  For your personal safety, I’ve compiled a list of 21 topics to avoid.  Careful adherence to the following reminders should keep you safe, until such a time that the naughty list is expanded to contain the equally offensive words “a”, “and” and “the”.

1.)  Never talk about the weather.
EXTREME WEATHER is a subject to avoid.  If you are discussing HURRICANES, TORNADOES, TYPHOONS, TWISTERS, BLIZZARDS, SNOW, ICE, SLEET or other STORMS, even LIGHTNING, you may get tagged as an EXTREMIST.  If one of these DISASTERS should result in a FLOOD, MUDSLIDE or other EROSION, AVALANCHE, FOREST FIRE, BRUSH FIRE or WILDFIRE, be sure to also keep that information out of your correspondence. (You can still talk about rain, at this point.)

2.)  Federal AGENTS don’t like it when you talk about them.
Apparently our pals at the alphabet soup agencies haven’t heard the old saying, “Eavesdroppers rarely hear good things about themselves.”  Then again, maybe they have heard that and they’re mad.  Either way, don’t talk about the FBI, CIA, DEA, ATF, the SECRET SERVICE, IMMIGRATION CUSTOMS ENFORCEMENT, the COAST GUARD, the BORDER PATROL, the DHS or the CUSTOMS AND BORDER PROTECTION AGENCY.  If you tick them off by talking about them you may find yourself promptly rounded up by the NATIONAL GUARD and interned in a FEMA camp.

3.) Local COPS are equally sensitive.
LAW ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITIES really don’t have much of a sense of humor.  If you don’t want to have a STANDOFF with the SWAT team, refrain from discussing the POLICE or other FIRST RESPONDERS via the internet. You can virtually guarantee that there will be SHOTS FIRED during such an EMERGENCY RESPONSE.

4.) DISASTER MANAGEMENT is not good topic for conversation.
If an event is severe enough to warrant EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT services, you should refrain from discussing it.  For example, an EARTHQUAKE and its resultant TREMORS and TEMBLORS, could cause warnings to be issued by the TSUNAMI WARNING CENTER, depending on the MAGNITUDE. If the TSUNAMI reaches its CREST on land, the STATE OF EMERGENCY that occurs will require assistance from the RED CROSS and a DISASTER MEDICAL ASSISTANCE TEAM.  DISASTER ASSISTANCE is a serious matter and not to be discussed by the peons. 

5.)  Don’t talk about your road trip through the SOUTHWEST US and MEXICO on SOCIAL MEDIA.
Facebook is no place to document your vacation particularly if you plan to cross the BORDER into MEXICO.  SOUTHWESTERN cities on the major INTERSTATES, such as FORT HANCOCK, EL PASO, YUMA and TUSCON, are on the naughty list as are places in Mexico like JUAREZ, TIJUANA, SINALOA, TORREON, TAMAULIPAS, NUEVO LEON, REYNOSA, SONORA, NOGALES, MATAMOROS, and CIUDAD JUAREZ.  When crossing the border, you may be delayed by the procedures outlined in the SECURE BORDER INITIATIVE, but keep it to yourself. 

You could also fall under suspicion if you mention seeing the MEXICAN ARMY or, heaven forbid, the Mexican version of ORGANIZED CRIME, the DRUG CARTELS like LA FAMILIA MICHOACANA, CARTEL DE GOLFO, THE GULF CARTEL, the BELTRAN-LEYVA cartel, or the ARELLANO-FELIX cartel. Joachim GUZMAN’s name is also on the naughty list.

If you don’t end up DECAPITATED or EXECUTED by the ARTISTIC ASSASSINS during your trip, refrain from gloating about your good fortune on Twitter. And if you see NARCO BANNERS written to Felipe CALDERON, do not take pictures and post them! Your south of the border journey is rife with threatening words, including the names of GANGS like MARA SALVATRUCA (MS13), BARRIO AZTECA, clan MEXICLES, LOS ZETAS, and the NEW FEDERATION.  You may be KIDNAPPED by one of these groups; hopefully the US CONSULATE can help you.

Finally, don’t say anything about SMUGGLING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS across the border lest you fall awry of the US CITIZENSHIP AND IMMIGRATION SERVICES.

6.)  Speaking of DRUGS if you do them, don’t talk about it online.
Entire TASK FORCES are devoted to the DRUG WAR.  You can darn well bet that discussing METHAMPHETAMINES, MARIJUANA, COCAINE, HEROIN, or other NARCOTICS will jam you up with those fighting the DRUG TRADE and will also bring you to the attention of HOMELAND SECURITY.  TRAFFICKING is not only illegal to do, it’s suspicious to discuss as well.  If you’re the do-it-yourself type, do not discuss your METH LAB.  That is a good way to get BUSTED, and you don’t want to end up in a SHOOTOUT with the DEA.

7.)  If you see a guy in a HAZMAT suit, this is another topic to keep to yourself.
If you have concerns about a HAZARDOUS MATERIALS EVENT, do not announce this. He could be investigating a SUSPICIOUS PACKAGE that contains WHITE POWDER or other SUBSTANCE.  That powder could be a CHEMICAL AGENT like RICIN, ANTHRAX or a BLISTER AGENT. Other threats include EXPOSURE to a NERVE AGENT like SARIN GAS, or other scary BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS. You should plan to SHELTER-IN-PLACE and wait for HELP unless you are asked to EVACUATE.

8.) The CDC and the WHO are also publicity-shy.
Any concerns you may have regarding a BIOLOGICAL DISASTER like an EPIDEMIC have no place on the internet.  Do not discuss an OUTBREAK of a VIRUS like, EBOLA, H5N1, H1NI, SWINE flu, INFLUENZA, the AVIAN FLU, VIRAL HEMORRHAGIC FEVER, THE NORVO VIRUS, FOOT AND MOUTH DISEASE or SMALL POX.  In these events of PUBLIC HEALTH crises, transmission of the illnesses may be HUMAN TO HUMAN or ANIMAL TO HUMAN, as well as WATER
BORN or AIR BORN in their transmission. (Remember when PORK was all but banned?)  There might not be enough ANTIVIRALS or drugs like TAMIFLU to go around.  BACTERIAL INFECTIONS not to discuss include TUBERCULOSIS, E. COLI AND PLAGUE. VACCINES may be given in the event of a PANDEMIC, but after the first WAVE of SICKNESS, the STRAINS may MUTATE and be RESISTANT to treatment, in which case QUARANTINE may become necessary.

9.)  Food RECALLS are not chatting matters.
OUTBREAKS of FOOD POISONING like SALMONELLA and LISTERIA can cause very unpleasant SYMPTOMS, but rest assured as soon as the source of the CONTAMINATION is discovered, the FDA will step in and take care of the THREAT.

10.)  As a matter of DOMESTIC SECURITY, don’t talk about countries we don’t like. 
Avoid mentioning NORTH KOREA, IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, IRAN, PAKISTAN, YEMEN, SOMALIA, NIGERIA, CHINA and COLUMBIA if you do not want to be suspected of being a PIRATE or involved in a TERROR PLOT.  If you travel in these countries, be aware that the CONULAR may not be able to AID you, especially if these countries continue to act in defiance of the UNITED NATIONS.

11.)  Speaking of terrorists, don’t speak of terrorists.

12.)  TERROR ATTACKS are also on the list of unmentionables.
Anything relating to such events should be stricken from your vocabulary.  IEDs, CAR BOMBS, SUICIDE ATTACKS, ASSASSINATIONS and other VIOLENCE could make the HOMELAND DEFENSE folks think that you are a HOME GROWN TERRORIST, sitting at home making PIPE BOMBS and EXPLOSIVES out of AMMONIUM NITRATE to add to your WEAPONS CACHE.  ENVIRONMENTAL/ECO TERRORISTS are also TARGETS for the AGENTS’ investigations. FUNDAMENTALIST Christians who own CONVENTIONAL WEAPONS are closely WATCHED, especially if they participate in DRILLS or TRAINING EXERCISES. This is in order to prevent DEATHS from occurring from MILITIA SHOOTINGS.

13.)  Don’t talk about BOMBS.
Especially DIRTY BOMBS that contain RADIOACTIVE materials.  These can cause severe CHEMICAL BURNS and RADIATION POISONING.

14.)  No Nukes!
NUCLEAR WEAPONS and ingredients like ENRICHED WEAPONS GRADE uranium shouldn’t be discussed.  Descriptions of NUCLEAR THREATS like PLUMES and CLOUDS or anything regarding RADIATION LEAKS from NUCLEAR FACILITIES will catch the attention of the DOMESTIC NUCLEAR DETECTION OFFICE.

15.)  If you happen to be near a NATIONAL LABORATORY, keep it to yourself.
There is always the risk for EMERGENCIES when you are near a FACILITY that stores and uses HAZARDOUS MATERIALS.  An INCIDENT like an INDUSTRIAL CHEMICAL SPILL could require a massive EVACUATION.  These DANGEROUS SPILLOVERS generally come without WARNING, and fall under the auspices of the NATIONAL BIOSURVELLANCE INTEGRATION CENTER. The AGRICULTURE industry, particularly companies that have TOXIC AGRO practices, are also at high risk for CHEMICAL FIRES.

16.)  A sure way to catch the attention of the FUSION CENTER is to discuss the COMPUTER INFRASTRUCTURE.
If you want to be suspected as a HACKER or other THREAT to CYBER SECURITY, you need only to discuss VIRUSES and MALWARE, such as TROJANS, KEYLOGGERS, CONFICKER or other WORMS.  Other CYBER ATTACK topics to avoid are techniques such as PHREAKING, BRUTE FORCING, SPAMMING, SCAMMING and PHISHING.  It should not matter that they wreak CYBER TERROR on us with MYSQL INJECTIONS, DDOS ATTACKS, secret ROOTKIT and BOTNET installations and hacking our passwords via CAIN AND ABEL.  We should deal with this DENIAL OF SERVICE and understand that it is a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY. Heaven forbid you should be a member of 2600 – trust me, CYBER COMMAND will come after you.

17.)  Do not mention ELECTRIC POWER OUTAGES.
Whether it is a BLACKOUT or a BROWNOUT, just stay tuned to your EMERGENCY BROADCAST SYSTEM for instructions.  Our POWER LINES are vulnerable to BURSTS of SOLAR ENERGY, as well as CYBER ATTACKS against the GRID. All of the SMART POWER features that have been intertwined with our NATIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE put TELECOMMUNICATIONS and indeed the entire COMMUNICATIONS INFRASTRUCTURE at extreme risk of FAILURE. One of the responsibilities of the NATIONAL OPERATIONS CENTER is INFRASTRUCTURE SECURITY and the OFFICERS will strive to prevent complete ELECTRICAL COLLAPSE.

18.)  Discussion of SUBWAYS, TRAINS and other modes of TRANSPORTATION will attract notice from those looking out for the CRITICAL TRANSPORTATION INFRASTRUCTURE and KEY RESOURCES.
Mentions of the public transit systems in METRO areas, like WMATA, BART and MARTA, as well as AMTRAK, will be SCREENED by TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITIES to MITIGATE the RISK of TERROR ATTACKS and HOSTAGE situations. BREACHES in security at these locations will cause LOCKDOWNS, DELAYS or even CANCELLATIONS of scheduled routes in RESPONSE to potential threats. Remember that HIGHWAY and BRIDGE CLOSURES are for your own good and do not need to be bandied about the internet.

19.)  AIRPORT security is there for your protection.
Don’t complain about inconvenience when the TSA asks you to go through their naked BODY SCANNERS.  They and the FEDERAL AIR MARSHALLS want to be sure that before you get on an AIRPLANE you will not cause the AIRCRAFT to CRASH or require an EMERGENCY LANDING because of an opened bottle of apple juice in your carry-on bag.  Uncooperative travelers can cause DELAYS or CANCELLATIONS of flights, leaving others STRANDED at the AIRPORT.  The FAA is also constantly striving towards the PREVENTION of TERRORIST ACTIONS

20.) MARITIME DOMAIN AWARENESS is also off-limits.
Discussing any PORT, but PORT AUTHORITY in particular, will bring you to the attention of the COAST GUARD and other AGENCIES involved in NATIONAL PREPAREDNESS.  Also avoid any topic relating to the large naval base in SAN DIEGO.

21.)  If you have any sense of NATIONALISM, you will understand that the NATIONAL PREPAREDNESS INITIATIVE is there for your own benefit, and not to be criticized.
Some EXTREMISTS try to use the INITIATIVE as propaganda for the RECRUITMENT into their organizations by suggesting it is legalized LOOTING in the name of RELIEF.  Our national economic RECOVERY will take much longer if our forces must deal with RIOTS, GUNFIGHTS, and other forms of resistance to their efforts to secure provisions.

Note to readers:  
Help do your part to keep the FUSION CENTERS in business!  Contribute to employment rates and the economic RECOVERY by emailing this post in full to all of your friends, so that they too, know all 377 words to avoid using in internet correspondence.