Saturday 31 December 2011

Why 2011 Can Kiss My Ass......

2011 was a very bad year for personal freedom.

Right now, you might be cheerfully gabbing away on the newest incarnation of the IPhone that you got for Christmas, blithely unaware at the erosion that is carving away ever so delicately at all we hold dear.

The funny thing about erosion is this:  we don't realize it's happening because it's so gradual.  It isn't until the cliff starts crumbling away under our very feet that we realize that something has been insidiously chipping away at the very structure and stability of our way of life.

Throughout the year.........
Protests in the Middle East met with violent resistance from the government....many suggest that the attempts to quash the people are only a hint of things to come in the United States.

May 27, 2011
US President Barack Obama extended the powers of the PATRIOT Act, arguably the most unpatriotic unconstitutional document ever to cross the desk in the Oval Office.

Sept. 17, 2011
Occupy Wall Street protests began in New York City.  The protests spread around the world, with people voicing their dissatisfaction with the "1%" of the population that controls the wealth of the country.  While vocal, the protesters did not have a clear agenda.  They raised some awareness but actually accomplished little. They were met with more force than was absolutely necessary on many occasions, being tear-gassed, manhandled, shoved, and arrested for exercising their rights to assembly.

November 11, 2011
TSA searches become "enhanced" as the federal government loosens constraints on the thoroughness of searches, including pat-downs and cavity searches.  The only way to refuse this treatment is to sacrifice your plane ticket and give up your flight.

December 15, 2011
The National Defense Authorization Act passes the Senate.  This act declares the United States of America a war zone, allowing for the applicable martial law rules such as indefinite detention without trial, use of military force against suspected terrorists, and rules out ANY LIMITS on Presidential authority.

Unofficially, 2011 has been the year that the American government has declared war on it's people.  It is no longer a representative government but the beginning of the Oligarchy that intends to take complete power in 2012.

2011 can kiss my ass.  It's over, as of today, and I hope the current Powers That Be have enjoyed rubbing their greedy little hands together over the corpse of the Constitution like flies over a rotten pickle.

Because in 2012 the battle to reclaim our freedom will begin in earnest.  Educate yourselves.  Make noise.  Tell everyone.  The invasion isn't coming - it's already here.

Saturday 17 December 2011

On Hiatus Until the New Year.....

From our home to yours....

Merry Christmas

praying for peace, security and prosperity in the year to come.....

See you in 2012!

Daisy Luther

Guest Post: Honor in Government

I'd like to share another guest post from my friend, JD.  He is a passionate defender of the Constitution.  I urge you to share this post with your friends and family.  Send it to your local paper and share it as a letter to the editor.  Post a link to it on Facebook.  The mainstream media has been bought and paid for and the only way to get the word out and defend the American way of life is to use word of mouth and alternative media.  If you ever wondered how you could do your part, here is your answer. 

Help our voices be heard!


Yes,…Honor!… above all else.

In the end, it should NOT have mattered what the international Banksters wanted, how much money they had, how much they were willing to offer to see their covert designs get carried out.

In the end, IF,…if our elected representatives, appointed officials, and employees of our government had discharged their duties with complete selflessness, and performed their primary task of protecting the US Government and its peoples from the scourge of corruption, we would NOT be facing the complete tyrannical usurpation we are now in our most desperate hour with!

The Constitution as designed by our Founding Fathers, is an incredible system of government, designed around the fundamental premise that, “Government exist to protect the sovereign rights of the individual”, NOT what this criminal gov’t has distorted it to be, which is, “People Exist To Serve The Government”.

Although the Constitution was designed with checks and balances to stem the excess of any single branch of government, it had one serious flaw, an Achilles heel which has now permitted its complete subversion to occur;….it REQUIRED men of HONOR and SELFLESS dedication to serve it!

In other words, our Founding Fathers, for all their brilliance, forgot one aspect of human nature,… greed,….the wanton disregard of duty when replaced by avarice and the notion of self-importance in the hearts of men.

This is EXACTLY the psychological weakness that was exploited by the international Banksters, the Federal Reserve, and later the IMF and World Bank.

They simply bought off our own politicians to have them destroy our cherished bases of Constitutional protections from within! How perverse and insidious is that?

Now, because the Banksters own 95% of all the worlds wealth, they can bribe virtually any politician, any official, any judge, or any person in a critical position of authority or power who lacks honor, by simply offering the mesmerizing dazzle of unlimited wealth, and the ability for them to fully realize any manifestation of perversion, debauchery, and treachery their psychotic aberrations can imagine,…without consequence or limit!

Yes my fellow Americans,… I could not state it more fervently,… HONOR above all else!

It is with great sadness that I must inform you, our fellow countrymen, and the citizens of the world, the single most important trait needed in our leaders, politicians, police and institutions;…. HONOR… is the virtue most completely missing from their hearts…their minds,… and their actions.

Please, my fellow Americans… prepare yourself, your family, and friends for the worst.

JD – US Marines – Suffering from a broken heart over the destruction of our beloved country.

Friday 16 December 2011

The Invisible Candidate

There is a candidate on the stage during the Republican debates who is being largely ignored.

The press rarely mentions him, and instead pumps out the smallest details of the other candidates attire, their verbal faux pas, and their personal lives.

His name isn't always included in polls that are checking to see who the front runner is in the Republican primary.

But the people of the United States have still noticed him.

Ron Paul exudes a quiet calm wisdom that is rarely seen in a political arena.  He comes across as a very honest, forthcoming individual.  I don't see the same arrogance and pomposity as I cringe away from with the other candidates.

He is solid on the issues that are the most troubling in our country right now:  the wasted billions in wars that shouldn't involve us, the constitutionally guaranteed freedoms that are eroding a little bit more every day, and his distaste for the corruption that is the Federal Reserve, the Department of Homeland Security, and the US government itself.

But why is the press ignoring him?

The media blackout has been noticed by Paul supporters.  For example:

~  During an October debate on CNN, Paul went 40 minutes without being addressed, which meant 40 minutes without being involved in the debate.
~  During that same debate, all candidates were offered a closing statement....except Paul.
~  A Pew Research Center study confirmed that Ron Paul's candidacy has been the spotlight of.......wait for it...only TWO PERCENT of the media coverage on the GOP primary.
~  His campaign raised double the contributions of the other "second tier" candidates in the third quarter, which somehow still didn't manage to make the news.
~  He has been the winner in a large number of local polls, but has gotten no national coverage for this.

The list goes on and on.

But the question is, "Why?"

Something about Ron Paul scares the daylights out of the current Powers That Be.  Like cockroaches who scatter at the first sign on light, they are worried about which lights he will switch on.  He has vowed to take on the Federal Reserve, the Congress of the United States, the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Homeland Security.  There are dark corners he intends to poke into that nobody wants to have disturbed.

The challenge is for alternative media to make the difference for Dr. Paul. If you are serious about saving the United States of America from becoming a bankrupt police state, use your voice to promote him.  With social media, bloggers, writers with RSS feeds and internet forums, we can take on the mainstream media and make our voices heard. 

This candidacy can be a revolution, not only for the American way of life, but against the tyranny of the big businesses who would freeze out a man of integrity to level the playing field for the candidates who are in their back pockets.  The days are over when opinions are supplied for us by elite-owned mass media!

If you want to make a difference, use your voice!  Post on your social media sites like Facebook your thoughts on the election.  Share interesting articles about Ron Paul on your Facebook page or website.  Write your own articles and blog posts.  Spread the word!  If we all reach every person we can through these venues we can help to ensure a fair election by the very power of our numbers.

Thursday 15 December 2011

Guest Post: America Has Already Been Overthrown

Please take the time to read this essay from my friend, JD, a US Marine whose observations on the government are nothing short of revolutionary.


This country has been invaded and taken over by the international bankers, who then corrupted every aspect of our government.
The US Federal Government is NOT an American gov’t. It is an “ENEMY FORCE IN OCCUPATION” that has camouflaged its overthrow of the US Gov’t.

From the point of view of a Constitutional America,….none of the current events make sense.

From the point of view of an “Enemy Force In Occupation”,……EVERYTHING makes sense.
Their design is simple:

1 - SUBJUGATE: TSA, DHS, FDA, FBI, Cops, Courts, Cameras Everywhere, etc.
2 - EXTRACT WEALTH: IRS, the Federal Reserve, Sheriffs (they willingly kick people out of their homes), Congressional Bail-Outs (Being Un-Constitutional hasn’t stopped them. 3 - EXTERMINATE:  False-Flag Ops - 9/11, WTC Bombing, Oklahoma City Bombing,
This has been the British/International Banksters/Israeli mode of subversive takeover through out their respective existences,… especially for the British, thru outright coercion and thru the banking systems (look at what they did to China, India, Indonesia, and EVERY other country they had been in).

They (the Wealthy Elite that constitute the Shadow Gov’t,…CIA, FBI, International Banksters, Rogue Elements of the American, British and Israeli Gov‘t) are about to take all the previous experiences they have learned to a whole NEW level.

As such, the USA is not “America The Free”, it is actually the largest POW Camp in the world and we are all prisoners and potential disrupters, hence the Dep’t Of Homeland Security (which is actually Homeland Gestapo) has labeled Americans who still think and act like this is the USA and “resist” the occupation as…….. “terrorists”.
Since we ARE technically POW’s, then the Law Of War and the Geneva Convention should apply, and the principles for ALL POW’S to observe is:

- It is the Duty of all POW’s to RESIST our captors by every means possible.
- To disrupt their designs and actions by any and all means.
- To REFUSE to cooperate in any way.
- To Refuse any/all special treatment.
- To provide no information expect name, rank, serial number (SS #)
- To create as much difficulty as possible to cause the greatest use of personnel and assets so as to reduce their capacity to wage warfare elsewhere on us.
It is our duty to “defend our country against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic”, and clearly, the enemy of greatest destruction against the US, are the domestic ones.
It is time for Americans to recognize that the USA HAS been overthrown by the International Bankers, aided and abetted by corporations, corrupt politicians and a judicial system that has been
wholly bought-off.
We are not fighting to correct an American Gov’t, We are fighting to eliminate this Enemy called the Federal Government, and PUT an AMERICAN Government Back in power!
People will not realize the value of Freedom and Liberty,… until they have lost it.
Then, it is to late to restore it without violent confrontation, or,…simply yield and welcome death.
JD – US Marines – Fighting To Restore An American Gov’t.

The “Enemy Force In Occupation” called the US Federal Gov’t, is controlled by the same people who control the Free Press, Mass Media, or the proper term – “The Joseph Gobbels Ministry Of Propaganda”
Most Americans genuinely have no clue that they are simply fodder, and in the view of the International Bankers that are running this country, we are LESS than roaches in their eyes! At least roaches don’t consume some of the earths more valuable resources like oil and natural gas,… hence their desire to reduce the human population by over 90% to less than 1 Billion (there are currently 7 Billion people, estimated)

They will soon be moving into the final phase of “population mitigation” by using a Nuclear False-Flag to obtain the shock and awe needed to institute COG, REX84, Martial Law, and it will be coupled with a Bio Agent (Small Pox and Pneumonia Hemorrhagic) to provide the excuse to herd the masses into “Treatment Camps”,.. FEMA Camps, where most will die and leave up a flue pipe as hot exhaust gases (high heat is the only way to destroy pathogens with 100% certainty). This is called an oven no matter how you wish to describe it.
Solution Assets:
*************We have Americans willing to fight.
Most Americans have firearms.
We have the moral high ground (A Sun Tzu requirement to win)

What we lack:
***********Organization, communication, concise information.
If a group of selfless men can organize a Patriots Group to address the Overthrow of the American Gov’t that has occurred, everything will fall into place on its own,… hence why DHA, TSA, FBI, CIA, NSA, NRO, and a host of other alphabet organizations we never even heard of are SCOURING the country to spot any such effort.
The Prison camp guards don’t want us inmates to realize our predicament, and develop a response plan. 
But we will succeed.
JD – US Marines – Defender of The US Constitution

Anthrax, Forced Vaccinations, The Coming False-Flags Ops of Nuclear-Bio Agents.

The End of One War and the Beginning of Another?

Last night, the United States House of Representatives slammed the door on the Constitution by passing the new National Defense Authorization Act.  Quite simply, the act declares the United States a war zone, in which anyone can be captured on SUSPICION of terrorist activity.  That unfortunate soul can then be detained forever  for an undetermined amount of time, without the right to a trial, without the right to contact an attorney, basically without the due process that is the basis of our entire civilian legal system.

Coincidentally, today marks the official "end of the war" in Iraq and our soldiers are coming home.  If I weren't concerned that they were being brought home to declare another war, one on the American people, I'd rejoice at that bit of news.  The timing is just a bit ironic to me.

Initially President Obama had promised to veto this bill should it cross his desk, but I guess he got an offer he couldn't refuse, because he has rescinded that promise.

This bill affects every man, woman and child on American soil.  You are now officially in a war zone and subject to the rules that apply in a war zone.  Share this information with everyone you know.  Contact your representatives and senators and let them know what you think of their traitorous actions.  I'm not being dramatic when I say this.


I started this blog to look at things going on with a little sense of humour, but this news is so very grim, there is no humour to be found.  Make a plan.  Take one step to defend your way of life.  My step is this blog and my Facebook page, to try and reach people that wouldn't necessarily seek this information out. 

What are YOU going to do about this?

Wednesday 14 December 2011

Daisy, Pinky, and The New World Order

A lot of people have asked me a question recently.  "Daisy, you don't even live in the United States anymore.  Why are you so concerned about the politics and the economic situation there?"

I have  few goals with this blog and with my Facebook page.  To understand those goals, you need to understand a little bit about me. I am an American citizen who has lived in Canada for the past 16 years.  No, I'm not on the lam for a capital crime.  I simply married a Canadian and this is where we made our home.

Over the years I've come to see how interrelated the two countries are.  We share the oldest undefended border on the globe.  As the economics of the United States go, so go the economics of Canada, since the Canadian economy is based on exports to the US.  When the US is in a war, Canadian soldiers aren't far behind, although their role is that of peacekeeper, as they render aid to those whose lives are ravaged in war-torn countries.  If someone bombs the US with a nuke, the mushroom will quite likely spread over Canada.  Like it or not, the bond is irrevocable by nature of history and geography. The intertwined fact is that the President of the United States influences Canada just as directly as does the Prime Minister.

Secondly, I'm still registered to vote in the US and do so at my local embassy.  I'm saddened and horrified as the liberties that I took for granted as a young American are siphoned away, dripping through a sieve of oligarchy.  These rights aren't just American rights, they are the God-given right of every human the minute they draw breath in the world.

Finally, I'm concerned when I see that 90% of the wealth in the world is owned by about 6000 people.  That leaves the rest of the resources to be divided by the other 7 billion folks.  As the population continues to increase, the distribution of wealth does not.  Those in power are those with the money, and they are, it appears, attempting to take over the world.

From the new unity between the United States and Canada to the new police force being created by billionaire George Soros to the FEMA detention camps springing up all over North America, it's evident that somebody is intent on taking over the world. 

I adore a good conspiracy theory, but this particular theory of a totalitarian one-world government is approaching a flat out conspiracy with very little of the theory part left open to question.

After reading story after story of the Department of Homeland Gestapo Security, I decided it was time to stop commenting on message boards where everyone agrees with me - preaching to the choir.  I decided that it was my duty as a resident of Canada, a citizen of America and a patron of the planet, to do my small part in opening up the conversation and bringing up points that the mainstream media ignores.

Welcome.  Tinfoil hats optional!

Saturday 10 December 2011

Poll Results: 81% want to 'boot" their members of congress!

The thing that caught my eye this morning on CNN was the daily poll.  Obviously this isn't necessarily a scientific poll.  It applies only to the readers of the CNN website that take a moment to read the question and click on the answer.  But the results of the poll at the time I looked at it were overwhelming:  81% of the folks who had voted were ready to CLEAN HOUSE IN CONGRESS and start over!

When I looked further, this echoes a Gallup poll of registered voters last week, where over 75% of those voters were ready to give their local representatives the axe.

Now if I was  congressperson, I'd be seriously thinking about something like this.  Clearly, the job they are doing to represent their areas are not representative of the opinions of their constituents.

I wonder which of the unconstitutional actions they have taken recently was the last straw?  Was it.....

  •  giving the military permission to indefinitely detain American citizens on nothing more than "suspicion"
  • the unbelievable cluster%&^ that is the US economy?
  • the fact that the only thing they've done to resolve unemployment is lengthen the time one can collect benefits?
  • that they renewed the unPatriot act, the most oxymoronic piece of legislation ever created?

The list could go on and on and I need more coffee, so I'll stop there. 

Poetic justice would be for the unseated members of congress to have to leave, tail between their legs, and live on unemployment while seeking a job with the rest of the Americans who are out of work.

I hope that at the polls next November, this feeling continues. If you are this fed up, express it at the polls.  Overthrow congress with a ballot box revolution!