Saturday 17 December 2011

Guest Post: Honor in Government

I'd like to share another guest post from my friend, JD.  He is a passionate defender of the Constitution.  I urge you to share this post with your friends and family.  Send it to your local paper and share it as a letter to the editor.  Post a link to it on Facebook.  The mainstream media has been bought and paid for and the only way to get the word out and defend the American way of life is to use word of mouth and alternative media.  If you ever wondered how you could do your part, here is your answer. 

Help our voices be heard!


Yes,…Honor!… above all else.

In the end, it should NOT have mattered what the international Banksters wanted, how much money they had, how much they were willing to offer to see their covert designs get carried out.

In the end, IF,…if our elected representatives, appointed officials, and employees of our government had discharged their duties with complete selflessness, and performed their primary task of protecting the US Government and its peoples from the scourge of corruption, we would NOT be facing the complete tyrannical usurpation we are now in our most desperate hour with!

The Constitution as designed by our Founding Fathers, is an incredible system of government, designed around the fundamental premise that, “Government exist to protect the sovereign rights of the individual”, NOT what this criminal gov’t has distorted it to be, which is, “People Exist To Serve The Government”.

Although the Constitution was designed with checks and balances to stem the excess of any single branch of government, it had one serious flaw, an Achilles heel which has now permitted its complete subversion to occur;….it REQUIRED men of HONOR and SELFLESS dedication to serve it!

In other words, our Founding Fathers, for all their brilliance, forgot one aspect of human nature,… greed,….the wanton disregard of duty when replaced by avarice and the notion of self-importance in the hearts of men.

This is EXACTLY the psychological weakness that was exploited by the international Banksters, the Federal Reserve, and later the IMF and World Bank.

They simply bought off our own politicians to have them destroy our cherished bases of Constitutional protections from within! How perverse and insidious is that?

Now, because the Banksters own 95% of all the worlds wealth, they can bribe virtually any politician, any official, any judge, or any person in a critical position of authority or power who lacks honor, by simply offering the mesmerizing dazzle of unlimited wealth, and the ability for them to fully realize any manifestation of perversion, debauchery, and treachery their psychotic aberrations can imagine,…without consequence or limit!

Yes my fellow Americans,… I could not state it more fervently,… HONOR above all else!

It is with great sadness that I must inform you, our fellow countrymen, and the citizens of the world, the single most important trait needed in our leaders, politicians, police and institutions;…. HONOR… is the virtue most completely missing from their hearts…their minds,… and their actions.

Please, my fellow Americans… prepare yourself, your family, and friends for the worst.

JD – US Marines – Suffering from a broken heart over the destruction of our beloved country.

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  1. Sir, I have been in Law Enforcement for 10 years, our dept. was disbanded in 2008, in Florida, due to misappropriated handling of funds. The truth is stolen funds by the city government. I received several awards during this time as an Officer. Your statement of honor coupled with integrity is spot on. Thank you J.D. for your service and respect with living breathing Constitution!