Saturday 10 December 2011

Poll Results: 81% want to 'boot" their members of congress!

The thing that caught my eye this morning on CNN was the daily poll.  Obviously this isn't necessarily a scientific poll.  It applies only to the readers of the CNN website that take a moment to read the question and click on the answer.  But the results of the poll at the time I looked at it were overwhelming:  81% of the folks who had voted were ready to CLEAN HOUSE IN CONGRESS and start over!

When I looked further, this echoes a Gallup poll of registered voters last week, where over 75% of those voters were ready to give their local representatives the axe.

Now if I was  congressperson, I'd be seriously thinking about something like this.  Clearly, the job they are doing to represent their areas are not representative of the opinions of their constituents.

I wonder which of the unconstitutional actions they have taken recently was the last straw?  Was it.....

  •  giving the military permission to indefinitely detain American citizens on nothing more than "suspicion"
  • the unbelievable cluster%&^ that is the US economy?
  • the fact that the only thing they've done to resolve unemployment is lengthen the time one can collect benefits?
  • that they renewed the unPatriot act, the most oxymoronic piece of legislation ever created?

The list could go on and on and I need more coffee, so I'll stop there. 

Poetic justice would be for the unseated members of congress to have to leave, tail between their legs, and live on unemployment while seeking a job with the rest of the Americans who are out of work.

I hope that at the polls next November, this feeling continues. If you are this fed up, express it at the polls.  Overthrow congress with a ballot box revolution!

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