Friday 16 December 2011

The Invisible Candidate

There is a candidate on the stage during the Republican debates who is being largely ignored.

The press rarely mentions him, and instead pumps out the smallest details of the other candidates attire, their verbal faux pas, and their personal lives.

His name isn't always included in polls that are checking to see who the front runner is in the Republican primary.

But the people of the United States have still noticed him.

Ron Paul exudes a quiet calm wisdom that is rarely seen in a political arena.  He comes across as a very honest, forthcoming individual.  I don't see the same arrogance and pomposity as I cringe away from with the other candidates.

He is solid on the issues that are the most troubling in our country right now:  the wasted billions in wars that shouldn't involve us, the constitutionally guaranteed freedoms that are eroding a little bit more every day, and his distaste for the corruption that is the Federal Reserve, the Department of Homeland Security, and the US government itself.

But why is the press ignoring him?

The media blackout has been noticed by Paul supporters.  For example:

~  During an October debate on CNN, Paul went 40 minutes without being addressed, which meant 40 minutes without being involved in the debate.
~  During that same debate, all candidates were offered a closing statement....except Paul.
~  A Pew Research Center study confirmed that Ron Paul's candidacy has been the spotlight of.......wait for it...only TWO PERCENT of the media coverage on the GOP primary.
~  His campaign raised double the contributions of the other "second tier" candidates in the third quarter, which somehow still didn't manage to make the news.
~  He has been the winner in a large number of local polls, but has gotten no national coverage for this.

The list goes on and on.

But the question is, "Why?"

Something about Ron Paul scares the daylights out of the current Powers That Be.  Like cockroaches who scatter at the first sign on light, they are worried about which lights he will switch on.  He has vowed to take on the Federal Reserve, the Congress of the United States, the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Homeland Security.  There are dark corners he intends to poke into that nobody wants to have disturbed.

The challenge is for alternative media to make the difference for Dr. Paul. If you are serious about saving the United States of America from becoming a bankrupt police state, use your voice to promote him.  With social media, bloggers, writers with RSS feeds and internet forums, we can take on the mainstream media and make our voices heard. 

This candidacy can be a revolution, not only for the American way of life, but against the tyranny of the big businesses who would freeze out a man of integrity to level the playing field for the candidates who are in their back pockets.  The days are over when opinions are supplied for us by elite-owned mass media!

If you want to make a difference, use your voice!  Post on your social media sites like Facebook your thoughts on the election.  Share interesting articles about Ron Paul on your Facebook page or website.  Write your own articles and blog posts.  Spread the word!  If we all reach every person we can through these venues we can help to ensure a fair election by the very power of our numbers.

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