Wednesday 29 February 2012

Blurring the Lines of Religion

One way to make anything weaker is to dilute it.  If you add in enough water to another liquid, for example, the original substance ceases to exist, leaving a weak watery mixture that faintly resembles the original but is lacking the strength and consistency.

Religion and faith are the keystones of morality, ethics and social governance in most societies.  It's been said that more wars are fought over religion than any other reason.  That is true, and it's because one's core belief  in something greater than themselves illicits a passionate response in most thinking individuals.

But what if your personal belief system was watered down until it was only a vague reflection of what it once was?  What if it was gradually subtly engineered to elicit a different set of values, manipulating you and billions of others to voluntarily submit to a greater order of business?

Meet the good folks of the United Religions Initiative.  Subsidized by the United Nations, the URI directs religious leaders of the world towards the goal of one homogenized religion - an "Interfaith" instead of a faith. The URI is broken down into "CCs" or Cooperative Circles, across the globe.  Picture dropping a pebble in the water and seeing the rings spreading outward.  Then envision many pebbles - and picture the rings around them touching and becoming one. 

Today on the URI North America blog, Reverend Leland Stewart summed up the need for a new religion.

At the beginning of every new cycle of life, a new faith is needed for its implementation. We are now entering into the global civilization, a worldwide community of all races, cultures, and religions. In order to give clarity and power to this transformation, a new faith is required. This is not to say that the existing faiths are no longer needed but rather that the coming together of the world’s faiths requires a “new testament”, a new view and understanding of life based upon the new consciousness that is arising in our time. Anything less will not heal the wounds being inflicted upon the world’s peoples.

Religion, however, is a very effective governing tool, and the United Nations has been quick to jump on the bandwagon to further the principles of Agenda 21.  In a 1994 lecture an American pastor named Carl McIntire warned us of the dangers inherent in the UN Commission on Religion.

The United Nations has finally established a Commission on Religion to assist it in bringing the world together. These recent developments reported in The New American, April 3rd quotes the leaders-with the United Nations who have projected what must be done to have a one world worship. According to these reports the UN needs all this for its "sustainable development." To bring the nations together what is called "Gaia Hypothesis" . . . "holds that the earth itself is a deity which we should worship, and that the UN is the instrument through which the earth goddess will dictate our form of devotion."
Under the guises of "world peace" and "sustainability" we are being shepherded along to a world with a false equality.  The resources of the Earth would be worshipped, protected and doled out by a small percentage of people and allocated to the rest of us.  Awash in a warm neo-religious glow, chanting the names of multiple deities, compartmentalized in our "green" apartments, we'd be voluntarily controlled.

The URI is not alone in furthering the agenda of the United Nations through faith.  Formed in 2002, the mission statement of the World Council of Religions is eerily in line with Agenda 21.

The World Council of Religious Leaders aims to serve as a model and guide for the creation of a community of world religions. In the spirit of service and humility, it seeks to inspire women and men of all faiths in the pursuit of peace, justice and mutual understanding. It will undertake initiatives to provide the spiritual resources of the world's religious traditions to assist the United Nations and its agencies in the prevention, resolution and healing of conflicts and in the eradication of their causes and in addressing social and environmental problems. By promoting the practice of the spiritual values shared by all religious traditions, and by uniting the human community for times of world prayer and meditation, the World Council seeks to aid in developing the inner qualities and external conditions needed for the creation of a more peaceful, just and sustainable world society.
This council is made up of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Taoists, Buddhists and Hindus.  Stated goals include greater economic equality, reforestation and protection of natural resource areas, and the creation of a just and sustainable world society.

From a distance these sound like very fine goals.  Who can argue with world peace?  What could possibly be wrong with making sure everyone has food and water?  How can one deny the need to take care of the world's resources?  Isn't it wonderful that all of the religions of the world can finally just get along?

The problem is this: 
The Universal Religion takes Stockholm Syndrome to an entirely new level. 
The Universal Religion is a tool to take over the world.   This subtle indoctrination will be used to herd people into their little "green" cubicles, dole out their sustainable food and utilities, and keep them not only cooperative, but enthusiastic, participants in their own subjugation.

Imagine a world with ONLY ONE RELIGION.  There would be no Christianity, no Judaism, no Hinduism, no Buddhism.  These would all be diluted and melded into one earth-based pantheistic religion called Gaia or the Universal Religion.  This would allow no room for differing beliefs or opinions.  The media/propaganda machine would churn out reams of misguided green evangelism.  Worship services would proselytize the agenda.  People would be brainwashed to sincerely believe that they were doing the right thing by falling in line.

Marx was right when he said that "Religion is the opiate of the masses."

And if we aren't careful we'll be sedated right into obsolescence by the Universal Religion.

Today Is the Last Day to Clean Up Your Computer History

As of tomorrow, March 1, 2012, the internet really is forever.

Tomorrow Google's new misnamed "privacy policy" goes into effect.  Google euphemistically calls this "treating you as one user".  Anything you view on Youtube, mail via Gmail or search on Google's search engine will be compiled to make a profile of you.

This change will be retroactive, meaning anything you've already viewed or searched will be included in this compilation of personal data.

It's a good idea to clean up your history today. Otherwise it will live on infinitely in Google's files.

First, clear your Google search history using these easy STEPS to erase your searches.  Even if you've cleared the cache in your computer, Google still has this data until you erase it.

Next, clear you Youtube viewing history.  This article will show you how.

Then look ahead to the new changes on Facebook.  You have until March 30 to remove anything that you do not want to become a permanent part of Facebook.  That is the day that FB's new "Timeline" becomes mandatory.

Any apps you have enabled will become permanent, showing up to display your "stripper name" or "which Twilight character are you?" at any given time.

Any angry or intoxicated post you may have made since you joined Facebook during your misspent youth becomes fair game and may appear at random on your personal page. 

Any photos that you have been tagged in may pop up to prompt a little trip down memory lane.  An embarrassing Christmas party photo could potentially haunt you.

Read this advice on making your Facebook history a bit less voyeuristic.

Cleaning these items up, of course, doesn't make them disappear altogether, because we all know the internet is the modern version of eternity.  However it will make things more difficult for the average stalker and will give you at least a thin shield as privacy policies become a lot less private.

Tuesday 28 February 2012

Agenda 21: Full Spectrum Domination

The peace-loving tree huggers at the UN have devised a plan for the world.   The friendly folks a the UN's Department for Sustainable Development  have a master plan for us all.

Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.
So let's see if we understand this correctly.  A plan of action.  Got it.  To be taken globally...okay - everyone must participate.  In every area in which human impacts on the environment....yep, that covers everyone and everything in the entire world.  It's a warm fuzzy way to take over the world!  Group hug, anyone?

Agenda 21 is an action plan that was developed at a summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.  You can read the entire plot HERE but the general idea is that the group of "leaders" intends to have a collective finger in every pie on the planet.


The first section of the pact...ahem....plan, deals with the people of the world. Particularly, the DSD wants to "help" those in Third World countries live better....they should be told how to make more money by putting everyone to work in perfect accordance with the goals of the Agenda, how to maintain their health through vaccinations and modern medicine, how to govern themselves, how to control their populations and how to make decisions that will concur with the ideals of the Agenda.


This section includes protection of the atmosphere, land, mountains, ocean and fresh waters. So basically everything in the environment of a given country.  This means that historical ways of using these resources could be outlawed, changing the basic ways of life for the indigenous people to make way for "progress" and "sustainability".  This gives control of all natural resources to the good folks of the DSD.

Section 2 (specifically Chapter 9, subsection #8) also uses the disproven science of global warming to further the controls placed on the acquisition and use of resources.  This section of the articles of Agenda 21 confers vast taxation on resources, while allowing huge companies to use the green ideology to receive carbon credits, reallocating money from the power to the rich under a cloak of green hypocrisy.

....the United Nations is demanding $76 trillion from the first world over the next 40 years to encourage the development of “green” technologies in the third world. The defense of such a reckless agenda has rested on the unwarranted claim that the globe was hovering on the precipice of environmental devastation. “Green” ideology has become the bulwark of older agendas: The nations of the West must end their own prosperity, because that is only “fair” — and it necessary to save the world from Capitalist greed.  from The New American
By specifically outlining the management of all natural resources, it disallows the use of them for any but the 1% in power, effectively keeping people from farming, fishing, mining or otherwise harvesting the innate supplies provided by their environments.


The language in this section implies empowerment of women, children, unions, farmers, and indigenous peoples.  However, if you dig deeper you'll discover that all of this equality actually means the abolition of personal property, the demise of rural living, mandatory birth (population) control, and the "redevelopment" of cities.  This is Communism 101.  They intend to warehouse people in small areas for a multi-fold goal.  It will make them easier to control, easier to poison and/or chemically sterilize through managed food and water supplies, and will leave remove personal ownership of natural resources.  The slight-of-hand empowerment will actually take away the rights of families by disallowing ownership of personal property, curtailing their physical liberty by making all transportation public, and providing a pro-Agenda education/brainwashing for all. 


This section describes how to get the whole world on board the happy train to Agenda 21-land.  Redistribution of financial resources (i.e., taking it away from some and sharing it among others), technology (public transit, "equal" distribution of energy usage, monitoring of behaviours through big brother technologies) science and environmentalism (removing people from rural areas to "save" the natural resources from pollution and mismanagement), re-education (brainwashing with propaganda) and restructuring of local governments (installing puppet leaders).

Agenda 21: Not Just for 3rd World Countries

All of this peace and love isn't just for developing countries.  The principles of Agenda 21 are insinuating themselves into the lives of North Americans and Europeans at warp speed.  With the decline of the American farm, people are being funnelled into the cities in search of work.  With the decline of the economy, fewer people can afford private transportation and are therefore limited to the places that public transit will take them.  Support of the local down-trodden is geared to further incite class warfare.  Separation of families through child protection agencies, big brother parenting,  and the dumbing down of our education system is planned to break down our society even further.  Publicly funded health care will dictate toxic vaccinations, secretive sterilization, eugenics of the elderly and less-productive members of society, and mandated birth control.

AGENDA 21 IS FULL-SPECTRUM DOMINATION BY THE 1%.  Nothing has been left out.  It guarantees both birth control and death control.  It promises the basic essentials of life in return for submission. It exchanges critical thinking for re-education and brainwashing.  It destroys the epicenter of the family, society and culture, allowing only one way to live.  It groups the population into small contained areas to be more easily controlled.  It takes away from some to give to others who will be more easily managed by the promise of a full belly and a warm shelter.

It's a parasitical representation of the 1%, feeding on the 99.

Agenda 21.
Dumb down.

for more information on Agenda 21:
The UN's Plan for Your Community

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The Quiet Coup

Monday 27 February 2012

Thugs with Joysticks VS Thugs in Jackboots



Through the ages, the idea of soldiers barging into homes, pillaging, raping and killing, has stricken fear into the hearts of the oppressed. 

Before and during the Wars of Independence in Scotland, English lords and their forces plucked defenseless women from their homes, killed everyone else, then burned the structures to the ground. 

During the US Civil War, militia in search of food and supplies invaded the homes of unprotected women and children.

Back in Nazi Germany, folks lived in fear of jackbooted thugs kicking in their doors and searching their homes to find contraband or hidden fugitives. 

Since 1968, the armed forces of the United States has been actively practicing Civil Disturbance Planning in conjunction with the police and the National Guard. 

Even today, the US military practices kicking down civilian doors while executing drills in Germany in a facility in Baumholder designed to be similar to an American apartment building.

Thugs in jackboots (TJB) are a very realistic fear.  Should martial law be declared, today's citizens might expect to be rousted from sleep by groups of "authorities" searching for weapons and food supplies.  The National Guard could come calling, rounding up occupants for a ride to the nearest FEMA camp.    Outright assassinations of patriots (i.e. "terrorists" ) are a very real threat in this world that could become a reality.

The TJBs have a couple of weaknesses that could be the salvation of the citizens of America. 

They are people, looking into the eyes of other people.  There is hope that their own humanity might override the orders they've been given.  Not every police officer, soldier or guardsman is an evil bully at heart.  While there are sadists, bullies and power-hungry elitists in these groups, there are also sons, daughters, mothers and fathers.

Furthermore, this type of thug is physically vulnerable.  TJBs can be intimidated or psyched out.  They can be injured or killed.  We, as their victims, may be outgunned but we at least have the potential to be able to defend ourselves against a home invasion of this nature through intelligence, perseverance and strategy.

More frightening to me are the Thugs with Joysticks.  (TJS).

Picture every angry teenage video game addict you've ever seen.  They've been bullied, humiliated and harrassed throughout their 4 years of high school.  They've gone home and played the most violent video games available as a way to release the tension of that anger.  They play for hours and rack up mind-bending scores and kills.  It means nothing, it isn't real violence - its just sublimination on a socially acceptable level.

Now, give those boys10 week of basic training and the controls to a Predator drone.  Poor fitness and vision won't matter.  Only the skills earned from hours with a joystick in hand are needed.  Meet the new fighter pilots.

Our lives will be in the hands of 19 year old video game addicts.  We will be heat signatures on a screen.  We won't have faces.  We won't be able to reason with them or implore to their better judgement. We can't hide our children under the bed. 

We'll be nothing more than animated targets on a video screen.  By removing our very humanity, the engineers of these drones have removed the last vestige of guilt and restraint that separates the killer from the target.

The TJSs could be a thousand miles away, leaving them with no concern for their personal safety.  Citizens can't defend against unmanned aircraft. The best they can hope to do is shoot them down, which results only in temporary safety until another drone is launched and sent their way.  The pilots of drones have no reason for personal fear whatsoever, leaving them with a psychology of invincibility that would be impossible to penetrate.

The United States Senate has opened up our skies to allow 30,000 drones to take flight by the year 2020.  Forget the armed thugs that may burst into your home.  The new risk is being surveilled, targeted and taken out by angry teenagers who have been desensitized by years of playing violent video games. 

Personally, I'd rather take my chances with the dudes kicking down my door.

Sunday 26 February 2012

New World Order 101

Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all of the conspiracy theories floating around. If you try to discuss them, people stare at you like your tinfoil undies are showing. Really, all those theories boil down to bigger parts of the whole.  The big enchilada of conspiracy theories is that of the New World Order.  Once you understand that, the rest of it just falls into place.

The NWO wants:

One government.
One religion.
One economy.
One military.

To get a handle on it, we'll start with a little history lesson.  Thirteen old aristocratic families form the backbone of a group known as the Illuminati.  These families are called "bloodlines" in the NWO arena  They include the Astor Bloodline, the Bundy Bloodline, the Collins Bloodline, the DuPont Bloodline,  the Freeman Bloodline, the Kennedy Bloodline,  the Li Bloodline,  the Onassis Bloodline, the Reynolds Bloodline, the Rockefeller Bloodline, the Rothschild Bloodline, the Russell Bloodline and the Van Duyn Bloodline.  The purpose of the Illuminati is to gain control of the economy, the religion and the governments of the world, allowing one group of "elites" to be in charge of the world's decision making, thus making those decisions benefit said group of "elites". For a look at the incestuous web of banking, politics, media and religion click on the names above.

Other "secret societies" that are purportedly working towards the goal of the NWO are the Freemasons about whom abundant theories revolve regarding cultural, religious and political influences; the Elders of Zion, of whom  the validity of a document alleged to be the minutes of a meeting to prepare the"protocols" is,still in debate,and   the Society of the Elect, a Round Table group of elites that select the famous Rhodes scholarship recipients.

Okay, enough history and supplemental links. 

The New World Order itself would be considered a goal:  a one-world authoritarian government.  This would rule out nationalism, different forms of government, freedom of religion and individual social and property rights.

There would be two very defined groups of people:  ruling class and servant.  If your name happens to NOT be included in the group above, then guess which category you fall into?

Of course, gaining status as member of the serving class would mean that you've been able to avoid becoming a victim of depopulation - the mass eugenics project that is predicted and recommended on the Georgia Guidestones, a monument anonymously erected in 1980 in Elbert County, Georgia. This is only one example of a philosophy that recommends a world population reduction of 9/10  of the planet!!!

Currently, the United Nations is the politically correct face of the NWO.  The UN "peacekeepers" form the crux of a one-world military.  The UN has an incredibly deceitful public relations department that makes them seem like the good guys, the sheriffs of the world, but in reality, the acts of UN forces around the world are so horrific that it puts to shame any barbaric history one might dig up. Actions such as torture, widespread sexual abuse and rape of populations under their protection, and pedophilia  show us that the UN is NOT a benevolent force, there for the good of the globe. Sadly, none of these incidents I have linked to are theoretical - these are events that occurred, some with disturbing photos.

Summing things up, the New World Order would mean....

.......One government directing the actions of the entire planet.

.......One religion based on the principals of the Theosophy Society.

.......Massive depopulation and involuntary sterilization.

.......A planned economy with the global redistribution of wealth and resources.

When you read this stuff, some of it actually sounds reasonable. 

Aren't there too many people in the world, using up resources and sending us hurtling towards global disaster?
Don't different religious beliefs cause most of the wars in the world?
Isn't the world economy crumbling right before our very eyes?
Why can't we just all join together and get along?

It almost makes you want to sit around a campfire and sing "Kumbaya".

Until you think about..........

Who gets to decide who lives or dies?
Who gets to be the ruling class and who gets to serve them?
Who gets to decide what religion is "right"? And what if God disagrees?
Who controls and condones the actions of the one-world military?

Go back and read today's headlines with the information you've just read in the back of your mind.  Read about the wars being started over oil.  Contemplate the vast array of toxins being introduced into our food supply via GMO frankenfoods and into our air supply via chemtrails.  Think about all of the vaccinations that are literally forced upon humankind.  Study the names in the news and ponder who the same ones are in control of the media, the banking industry and politics.

When does the NWO evolve from conspiracy theory to conspiracy fact?

Friday 24 February 2012

Resist or Submit: It's Time to Pick a Team

The classic battle of good vs. evil has begun. 

Actually it began a long time ago.  Secretively, the skirmishes began in plush back rooms, with just a few of the "Elite"  of the world, plotting on how to take over and make the planet serve their purposes.  Their motto?  Serve or be served.  They are the Powers That Be and they certainly don't intend to serve us.

Now they've decided to include the rest of us in the game.

This all sounds very dramatic.  It sounds like something from a really good spy flick or a supernatural battle movie, where good always wins in the end, no matter what the odds.  You can almost picture the players.....the good looking hero and his beautiful sidekick, the scowling villains, heads surrounded eerily by the wafting smoke from their cigars.  Film noir at it's finest, a thrilling ride that is over in two hours and 10 minutes, with justice firmly reestablished.

This isn't a movie, though.  It's not just life in the United States - this is the world over. The end-game of the PTB is near, and we must now all pick a side.  The choices are defined.  We are now pawns in the game, being moved around the big golden game board by the richest most powerful 1% of the world's population.  We are the toys of spoiled sociopathic children with armies.

The options?


You can't opt out - participation is a requirement.

The day is coming very soon when you have to decide whether to be a slave, being fed and sheltered at the whims of the PTB; or to fight - to resist, evade and battle for the freedoms given by God and guaranteed by the Constitution.

There's a hierarchy in place, and one at a time, those at each of these levels are choosing sides.


Members of the United States government have already chosen whether to ally with the people or the PTB. It appears that most whom have been given seats in Washington have sided against their constituencies, having already made deals with the Devil in order to be elected.  While many of them seem to think that they are the ones in power, in actuality, they've been purchased, blackmailed or subdued and they are mere servants in expensive suits.  Heads of state, members of Congress, directors of federal law enforcement - all are players in this level.

There are a few notable holdouts, like Ron and Rand Paul, but the vast majority of the Congress has gone over to the dark side.  One need only look at the voting results for passing the NDAA to see which team the Senators and Representatives have chosen.  The governmental members of the Resistance will be targets.  "Accidents" will befall some of them.  Outright assassinations will occur.  Threats against life, loved ones and personal liberty will be a regular occurrence.  And yet a few brave men and women will resist, lead and fight.


The next rung down is the mass media, the propaganda machine.  As discussed in another article, PUBLIC ENEMY #1: THE MASS MEDIA, our press can no longer be considered free press.  The incestuous relationship of the various boards of directors with big banking, the Federal Reserve, AIPAC and the government means that the media is not a beacon of truth.  The media will not tell us what is really going on.  The media is firmly ensconced on the side of the Elite, serving them. 

The media has chosen to submit rather than resist.  The small portion of the media who have chosen to resist can only be found on alternative media sites, which is why the Powers That Be (PTB) are inflicting a chokehold on the internet, the last bastion of free speech and free thought. 


The game is trickling down quickly. 

Now our military and law enforcement personnel are being engaged.  Laws are passing at a dizzying rate that make our everyday freedoms illegal.  Officers and soldiers must decide whether to keep their oath to protect our country from enemies foreign and domestic, to protect the public instead of terrorizing them, or to take the easier path of just "following orders" without critically thinking them through. 

Thinking about orders, is of course, trained out of soldiers in boot camp, but the ability to contemplate right from wrong is still there.  Moral men and women will question authority as the acts they are called upon to perform become more and more deplorable.  Those moral men and women, the resistors, will then be in danger. Questioning the directives of the PTB is sternly frowned upon.

Analyzing our military and law enforcement personnel, we'll see a few different personality types emerge.

1.) The Power Hungry:  These are the people who will gleefully serve any purpose given to them by the PTB, because they mistakenly think it makes them important, powerful, and most of all safe.  They are dangerous to the resistors, and far more disposable to the PTB than they think they are.

2.) The Sadists:  These are the ones who went into the military or law enforcement simply because they are bullies at heart and this was a legal way to subliminate their urge to dominate and degrade those around them.  They will take unholy joy in following and even exceeding the wishes of the PTB.

3.) The Rule Followers:  These people could go either way, but winning them over would be difficult.  They are practically brainwashed in duty, following orders like machines, having been programmed through their military and police training NOT to think about what they are doing.  Some can be awakened, others are too far down the rabbit hole of propaganda.  They are dangerous because they truly believe they are doing the right thing.

4.)  The Resistance:  These men and women are critical thinkers.  They have clear cut ideas of right and wrong.  They will refuse to follow orders that are ethically wrong.  They will be targets of the PTB, because they can't have minions that insist on thinking independently.

The Rest of Us

Way down at the bottom of the hierarchy comes the rest of us.  We aren't in uniforms.  We've made no oaths or vows to defend our homes, cities or country.  Most of us are just regular people, raising our kids and struggling harder every year to keep a roof over our heads.

1.)  THE RESISTANCE:  Some of us are awake to the things going on around us and we've chosen the side of  Resistance.  Just the fact that you are reading this article means that you are far more in touch with reality than most of the people around you.

2.)  THE PASSIVISTS:  Others are awake and have chosen to "go with the flow" because they are afraid to take the risk of making a stand.  They think that it will protect them in the long run to simply hide out on the Barcalounger, quietly going along with whatever ridiculous laws are passed next, hoping to escape notice and be allowed to trudge along in safety.  They've already given up.  They have surrendered before the real fight even happened.

3.)  THE SHEEP:  These are the people who work their 8 hour day, come home, have a beer and watch the football game or American Idol.  They are blissfully unaware of the things going on in the world, and so far the only thing they've noticed is that their paycheck doesn't buy what it used to.  Some of them have begun to lose their personal accumulations of wealth through job loss, higher taxes, inflation and foreclosure, but they don't really understand why - just some vague notion of a "bad economy."  These people will be pretty far down on the list for the PTB because they don't pose any actual threat.  They are oblivious and by the time they become aware of what is going on, the gate of freedom will have slammed resoundingly closed. 

THE ENTITLEMENT RECIPIENTS:  This crowd breaks down into two subtypes.  

Type 1:   Non-thinkers who have already been purchased by the PTB.  They already live the slave life that is prescribed, voting for the person who gives them the most benefits and not looking beyond their personal bubbles.  They don't question anything, as long as their services remain uninterrupted.  For this service to the PTB, they are fed, clothed, medicated and given enough money for cigarettes. 

Type 2:  Those who are recieving benefits because the government has already taken everything from them.  They've lost their homes and cars.  They've been injured, mentally, physically or both, in wars for oil.  They are the nominal percentage of people receiving assistance in the manner in which it was designed.  Many of these people are enlightened and will come down firmly on the side of the Resistance.

The time to pick your team has arrived.

Will you stand and fight, risking your already diminished liberties, in hopes for greater liberties for your children?

Will you submit, accepting the handouts from the PTB, in hopes that your children can merely survive?

Perform an act of Resistance today.

Share this post.

Get the word out.


Iran Is Celebrating the New Year by Ditching the Dollar

March 20th is a holiday in Iran.  It is called NOWRUZ and it's the equivalent of New Year's Day.  On the Iranian calendar it ties in with the vernal equinox (the first day of spring).  The holiday's roots are based in the ancient religion of Zoroastrastrianism and it is considered the biggest holiday of the year in the country.

Generally the Persian New Year is celebrated by a symbolic purging of the home and spiritual representation of creation and fertility.  Families get together and traditional feasts are consumed. 

This year, though Iran is doing something a little different to celebrate the New Year and the result may be fireworks of a less than celebratory nature.

This year Iran is changing it's policy for payment of oil.  Iran will not longer accept the US dollar and will be looking for other currencies and commodities instead.

Since 1971, OPEC oil has been exclusively quoted in dollars.  Because of this oil (aka gasoline) is currently cheaper in the United States than in any other country in the world.

Since the IRAN OIL BOURSE opened in 2005, Iran has been actively seeking alternative currencies and commodities in trade for the oil produced there.  The Bourse has directly approached Japan, Russia and China to negotiate payments in other currencies.

Not coincidentally, in 2005, the same time the Iran Oil Bourse was formed, George Bush began imposing sanctions on Iran via EXECUTIVE ORDER 13382 - Blocking Property of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferators and Their Supporters. 

In 2010 the United States increased its efforts to force Iran's compliance by passing the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act of 2010.  This increased all sanctions that had currently been passed in an effort to cripple the Iranian economy.  Sanctions included punishing large investors in Iran's petroleum business, punishing companies that traded with Iran by turning their oil into gasoline as well as companies providing shipping, insurance and financial services for the purpose of the import of gasoline into Iran, and prohibits other foreign exchange, banking and property transactions. 

Basically, the US is behaving like an organized crime family and wants to put a stranglehold on the country's economy, only allowing breath if Iran goes back to accepting the USD.  They say it's because of nukes, though, because that is more socially acceptable.

The efforts of the United States seem to have only increased Iran's efforts to be free of the US dollar.  Iran has set the date of March 20, 2012 as the day that they will only accept the yen, the rupee, the euro, the yuan and baskets of currency (currency portfolios). 

This stand threatens to crumble the USD's status as the world's reserve currency, which could be the final nail in the coffin of the American economy. If the USD is no longer the OPEC measure for oil prices, we will no longer pay the lowest price in the world for gasoline.  Our already wheezing economy will collapse as the price of fuel skyrockets, effectively increasing the price of everything else.

Of course, Americans don't like sending their sons and daughters off to be killed in a war over money/oil.  That's why the US is taunting Iran by flying surveillance aircraft in their airspace, sending troops to all surrounding areas and insinuating carriers into the Strait of Hormuz, Iranian waters, despite Iran's calls for them to stop.

The United States is trying to trigger an incident that will allow a direct attack on Iran.  If they can't trigger such an incident they may well create one and just blame it on Iran.  From our President we will hear speeches full of bluster and false patriotism.  The United States doesn't want to look like the bad guy, so they are attempting to provoke a reaction from Iran by encroaching very uncomfortably on Iran's space.  Our media propaganda machine is preparing us by informing us of the terrifying threat of Iran's potential weapons of mass destruction.  This is all in an effort to get the American people behind this attack.

March 20 is approaching quickly and the United States is running out of time.  Iran has come up with ways to work around the US sanctions and is planning to claim independance from the USD on their new year. 

The United States will assert dominance over Iran before this happens, and with alarming brutality - remember Bush's shock and awe?  We'll hear from the mainstream media that it's for our own protection - that a terrorist act was committed against us by Iran - that a nuclear weapon has surfaced and is pointed our way - anything but the real reason. 

As I discussed a couple of days ago, a  likely date for the attack is March 8, the Jewish holiday of vengeance Purim which also conveniently coincides with the FBI's planned takedown of the internet.    The US, the wealthy, the bankers, AIPAC and the elite must stop Iran from making this change or the economy that is precariously stacked up like a pile of Jenga blocks will topple. The wealthy 1% has even more to lose than the rest of us.

Don't be fooled.  It may be too late to stop this from happening but be aware of the real reason. 

Again, the United States will be trading blood for oil.

Thursday 23 February 2012

You Might Be a Patriot Extremist If............

.......  you pay for your coffee with cash

.......  you purchase storage containers and hydrogen peroxide at the same time.

.......  you use portals or anonymizers to shield your IP address.

.......  you shave off your beard or otherwise change your appearance before participating in paintball.

........  you incorporate hand-to-hand combat into your martial arts training. (did this suddenly become a non-contact sport?)

.......  you carry a backpack when you go to the mall, especially in warm weather.

.......  you own a gas mask or other biologically protective gear.

.......  you have left the country to perform charity work, particularly if it was religious in nature.

.......  you rent a boat for an extended period of time.

.......  you purchase a GPS device and batteries at the same time.

.......  you behave impatiently at the farm supply store.

.......  you deposit money orders, third party checks and payroll checks all into the same bank account.

.......  you purchase firearms and ammunition outside of hunting season.

.......  you make a large purchase from a retail store using cash.

.......  you ask for a room in a specific or remote part of a hotel or motel.

.......  you use a camera or video recorder at a bus, subway or train station.

.......  you purchase water-proofed match containers.

.......  you ask about the fuel capacity of a car you intend to rent.

.......  you pay your rent in cash, especially if you pay it ahead of time.

.......  you are either late paying the rent for your storage unit or you pay for several months in advance.

.......  you get a tattoo in a concealed spot on your body, particularly if you pay cash for it.

Today's list of threats to America has been brought to you by your friends at the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  For more helpful hints check out their website, Public Intelligence

Monday 20 February 2012

Happy Purim! Let's Start a War!

Right now, someone with their finger on the button of the war machine of the United States is saying, "Let's score some points with our friends the Zionist supremacist bankers!  Why don't we celebrate Purim by bombing the crap out of Iran!?!"

Some things have to be shared whether all the readers like it or not, and the topic of PURIM is one of them.  Purim (pronounced  poor-um) is a Jewish holiday that can be celebrated in two very different ways. 

The first, and most common way, is a celebration of salvation of the Jews from Haman through the leadership of Queen Esther.  It is a joyous celebration of the release from oppression.

The second way of celebrating Purim is very dark.  Even though Queen Esther's efforts saved her people, a thirst for vengeance caused some of those same near-victims to rise up and slaughter 75000 Persians in one day in retaliation for a massacre that never happened.

There are certain sects that openly practice terrorism as a way to celebrate Purim.  Some see it as a day to call for war, to plan genocide, and to kill and terrorize those whom they consider "enemies of the Jews". One  fairly recent example of Purim mayhem took place on Purim 1994, when BARUCH GOLDSTEIN attacked a mosque in Palestine, killing 29 and injuring 125 Palestinian Muslim worshippers.  His grave site became a pilgrimage site until a law forced it's dismantlement in 1999.

Historically, Purim has been a day marked by many bloody occurrences, triggered by this second train of thought.

The troubling thing is, it seems that the United States government has been an enthusiastic celebrator of Purim, the dark version, having had a hand in several of the very bloodiest of these episodes of extreme violence.  In fact there is a blatant pattern over the past 20 years:


This underscores the accusations of Zionism control in the United States, begging the question of who is really in charge of our country:  the President of the United States or AIPAC?

Purim 1991:  Desert Storm ended on Purim with the punctuation of a massacre of 150,000 retreating Iraqi soldiers on the HIGHWAY OF DEATH

Purim 2003:  US President George Bush began the INVASION OF IRAQ with his "shock and awe" campaign, an attack of which the legality is still in question, as it was undertaken without the authorization of the UN. This war has an unofficial DEATH TOLL of 162,333 people, and horrifyingly, more than 114,000 of the dead were made up of civilian men, women and children.

Purim 2011: OPERATION ODYSSEY DAWN began with the firing of 115 American Tomahawk missiles on Libya, to end 8 months later with a death toll of more than 30,000 people.

Anyone following the news is well aware of the current tensions in the Middle East.  The United States government has been relentlessly bullying Iran with sanctions and, of course, their presence in the Gulf of Hormuz, despite strenuous objections of the Iranian government.  The media has been trumpeting this information to all who will listen, in order to prepare us for the fact that we'll be going to war....AGAIN.

This year, Purim occurs from sundown March 7 and lasts until sundown March 8.

Mark your calendars.

The next celebration of violence and vengeance, the war on Iran, and potentially World War III, will begin on the same day.


(Happy Purim, Bloody Purim)

Thanks again, NinaO.  Creds. 

Let's get one thing straight.  Making an observation is not the same thing as passing a judgement.  Disagreeing with the actions of some of a group of people is not casting hatred upon that entire group of people.  In a free country, with the privilege of free speech, we are all allowed to research and report on our observations.  Readers are free to agree or disagree as well.  None of these is inherently racist, bigoted or anti-Semitic.

There are topics that I have avoided writing about in the past because I didn't want my message to be lost in accusations of bigotry.  Please comment respectfully. If the comments section on this post turn into a hate convention, I'll simply disable the comments.  I refuse to see an entire community painted with one brush on my blog.

What is the REAL Reason Behind the March 8 Internet Interruption?

In a highly publicized effort to rid the internet of an extremely malicious virus, the FBI has announced that many of us could be without internet service on March 8.  According to KREBS ON SECURITY, an investigative blog specializing in cyber crimes and computer security,  OVER 4 MILLION have been infected with the virus.

The virus that is being targeted is a DNS CHANGER TROJAN, which is designed to reroute internet traffic to unsolicited and possibly fraudulent websites.

In the US, infections have been found in half the Fortune 500 companies and in the systems of 27 government agencies.

The FBI's plan to rid the world of this virus is to target all systems that are infected with this virus.....and deny them internet service.  Basically it's like quarantining a person with a contagious illness so that he or she cannot infect those with whom they come in contact.

If this is legitimate, the best thing you can do is check out your system to make certain it isn't affected.  The FBI has a WEB PAGE upon which you can type in your DNS information and see if you are compromised.  (PLEASE USE CAUTION AND GOOD JUDGEMENT IN DECIDING WHETHER OR NOT TO VOLUNTEER YOUR INFORMATION TO THE FBI - personally, I'm opting out of using their site and just running anti virus programs on my own.)

This raises a question in my mind.  If you'll allow a conspiratorial tangent, what better way to sneak in some extra censorship than to cut off the internet when everyone is expecting it?  Denial of communication services could serve nefarious purposes if the government were to simultaneously, perhaps, make use of the allowances of the NDAA and begin rounding up "extremists". 

We live in a country that has been taken over by a government that does not support the Constitution.  Like the early colonists, members of the resistance have systems in place to warn others of danger.  Many of those systems revolve around internet groups, patriot websites and and alternative news media.  The internet is our Paul Revere, galloping across the country via routers and servers, alerting other patriots of impending threats against our freedom.

If I were an unethical "leader", looking for a way to make a big sweep of resistors, I would definitely disable communication as a first step.  The fact that we are all expecting this to happen would mean that nobody would be alarmed by the initial disruption in service. Vast secretive round-ups could occur and no one would be the wiser until all of the victims of those raids were firmly ensconced in Guantanamo, never to be seen or heard from again, as per the provisions of the NDAA.

March 8 - it could be the day the internet died, or it could be much much worse.

A very special thank you goes out to NinaO for collaborating with me on this have a gift for seeing right through the machinations to the reality of a situation.

Friday 17 February 2012

The Resistance Needs YOU

Not all freedom fighters are decked out in camouflage and armed to the teeth, ready to take on the entire corrupt US government in a bloody fight to the death.

Not all freedom fighters are operating secretly, in little groups, surreptitiously planning ways to undermine the efforts of the NWO and Agenda 21.

Not all freedom fighters fall into the categories of being a grizzled and disillusioned veteran, a crazy young rebel, or a well-groomed statesmen, attempting to get enough votes to be able to implement changes.

If you want to see the Freedom Fighters that will turn America around and take her back to her Constitutional roots, then look in the mirror.  Yeah, you.

It's up to all of us - the regular, everyday Joes and Janes, to take the country back.  The Resistance is going to be made up of soccer moms, grandparents, college students, and construction workers.  The army of the Resistance is you and me - the ones who see what is happening and feel compelled to stop it.

Of course, it's much easier to be an armchair revolutionary, typing "Oooh Rah" on our keyboard in a comment on a Patriot website.  Actually mobilizing to make a difference is more difficult.

The time has come when there must be action behind the thoughts.  No, Men In Black, don't come get me, because I'm not promoting violence.  I am promoting a large collection of voices saying


We have to become the squeaky wheels.  The mainstream media is the enemy and they aren't going to educate people about the reality of what is going on.  We have to make news big enough that they have to cover it in order to answer the questions of the people.  We must use our freedom of speech while we still have it.

Is it risky?  Certainly.  Could it put you on "a list"?  Very likely.  Consider, though, if you are reading this article and others like it, that bell has been rung and you are decidedly on the list of people to watch.  Could I be putting myself and my family at risk for retaliation?  Absolutely - you must be as careful as possible to remain safe.

What it boils down to is this:  No war was ever won, no revolution was ever fought, and no resistance ever succeeded, in which the people did nothing.  Apathy will get you exactly what you are getting now, ever-dwindling freedoms that are given and taken through the machinations of those who are not here to look after the best interests of the people.

YOU are the resistance.  You can choose to do nothing, like a great number of readers will, and just bemoan the fate of the nation, or you can choose to take action.  Even if that action doesn't succeed, every word we say out loud spreads the word of discontent that much further.

Here are some easy ways to mobilize.  Just choose one and take half an hour to fight for your country today:

If there is a vote occurring near you, find out how you can help.  The Republican primaries this year have been nothing but a joke, with  More than a month after the fact, the Iowa caucus results keep getting recounted with different results, South Carolina proved that 953 DEAD PEOPLE  were apparently still civic-minded enough to vote, and FIFTEEN STATES DO NOT REQUIRE PHOTO ID TO CAST A VOTE., leaving those votes open to question as well. As discovered by the Ron Paul campaign, our election system is seriously compromised and many watchful eyes are needed to make sure the rules get followed. 


Instead of simply preaching to the choir on patriot websites where everyone is on the same page already, consider logging on to the mainstream news sites and spreading your truth there.  Use the comments section and spend some time putting seriously considered comments to exposes the lies and the blackouts of the media.  Don't let your message get lost in abusive language or insults, simply take the time to submit a rebuttal to the status quo.  This is one way to get the word out to people who rely simply on the mainstream.


Despite the fact that I spend lots of blog time sharing the pitfalls of Facebook, Google and the rest of the nation's cyber spy system, I consider it to be knowing my enemy.  Many people can be reached through social media networking that might otherwise remain in the dark.  I have over 700 "friends" on Facebook, having lived in a lot of places.  Every time I post a link to a good article on my Wall, those 700 people are exposed to it.  If 10 of the 700 say, hey, that's interesting, and share it, then I reach all of their friends too.  Social Media is a tool that can get the word out in exponential numbers.

If you aren't on Facebook or any of the networking sites, just your own email contact list is another way to share information.  Find a blog that points things out in a way that you'd like to share?  Forward it to everyone on your list.  If you don't want to hit everyone, target the people that you think might be starting to see that something is wrong in this country.


While I'm not 100% on board with the goals (or lack thereof) of the Occupy movement, the thing I am forced to admire is how they MADE the media cover them through sheer volume of the people who showed up.  No matter what awful things the Gestapo police put them through, they continued to stand strong. 

The Occupyers brought a lot of media attention to the abuses of the police and to the fact that their right to peacefully assemble was being denied.

The solidarity of standing with others against injustice is not to be underestimated.  Engage respectfully and protect your safety, and then go out there and say "NO."


We've all heard that phrase, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  Well, be that squeaky wheel.  When you see injustice or trampling of constitutional rights, say something and say it persistently.  You can send emails to all parties involved.  You can send emails to groups who would be likewise appalled by what you've discovered.  You can ask for meetings with local councilmen and law enforcement bigwigs.  You can write letters to the editor of your local paper.  You can make flyers and stand there and hand them out to let people know what is going on.  You can take your local government to court over infractions.  However far and publicly you take it is up to you.  Just remember to engage intelligently and persistently.


We've all been witness to the ongoing media blackout of the Ron Paul campaign.  Dr. Paul has been ignored, disrespected and treated as a third line candidate.  Only through the well-coordinated efforts of his staffers and volunteers does he receive the positive publicity given for free to the other, more governmentally cooperative candidates.  Other media blackouts include:
In Sicily the mobilization of thousands of citizens in THE PITCHFORK MOVEMENT (they don't want us to get any bright ideas from the Sicilians)
The complete echoing lack of coverage of the SYRIAN CRISIS

We can combat media blackouts by making sure the alternative websites get the stories.  We can also inundate the mainstream media sources with emails asking why a topic is not being covered.  We can send email blasts using their contact pages, as well as pointing it out vigorously in the comments sections.

This Resistance to the tyrannists who have overturned the government isn't going to be won by guns blazing and bombs going off.  It is going to be won by everyday people saying


Please share comments or ideas about local ways that people can get involved and bring to light the subtle undermining of our way of life.  Don't be an armchair patriot!  Get involved today - do ONE THING to shed light on a dark evil corner of new fascism surreptitiously creeping it's way across America.

Thursday 16 February 2012

How to Become a Government Spy in Three Easy Steps

If you thought that your childhood dreams of being a spy were dashed on the rocky cliffs of reality, have I got news for you!

The Department of Homeland Gestapo Security is looking for spies right now.  In fact they are actively recruiting everyday folks in the name of anti-terrorism to perform surveillance.  Your country needs you, my friend!

The requirements are not as stringent as you might think.  Back when you applied for that position in the FBI, you needed a certain degree, an impeccable record and a background check. 

Today, all you need is a check list and access to a phone or a computer. It really is that simple, so let's get started and fight some crime!


If you SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING.  The DHS has a website chock full of tips to allow you to determine whether your neighbor has a bomb building facility in his garage or if he's just planning to dig up and fertilize a big garden.  There's even a patriotic acronym to help you remember what information a good spy should provide.

S SIZE:   note the number of people in the group, details of their appearance, gender and approximate ages.

A ACTIVITY - describe exactly what they are doing.

L LOCATION - document exactly where the suspicious activity taking place

U UNIFORM - remember what they are wearing, including shoes

T TIME - provide the date, time of day and duration of the activity

E EQUIPMENT - be able to describe the vehicle, camera, weapons or suspicious packages


Go undercover as....yourself.

No matter what your occupation, the DHS has a flyer for you. The FBI has produced a series of handouts to help you get your junior agent badge.  These "suspicious activity reporting flyers" can be found at PUBLICINTELLIGENCE.NET.

The "threat menu" provides linke to documents that will help you spot a budding terror cell in the following settings or occupations:

Airport Service Provider
Beauty Supply Store
Bulk Fuel Distributors
Construction Sites
Diving or Marine Shops
Electronics Stores
Farm Supply Stores
Banks and Financial Institutions
Hobby Shops
Home Improvement Stores
Hotels or Motels
Internet Cafes
Shopping Malls
Martial Arts Studios
Paintball Arenas
Mass Transit
Military Surplus Stores
Peroxide and Explosive Vendors
Rental Car Agencies
Rental Properties and Apartment Buildings
Moving Van Rental Businesses
Storage Facilities
Tattoo Parlors

Of course, these locations don't give all of us the opportunity to surveil those around us.  For the rest of us, thankfully, there's WAL-MART.  We all know that Wal-Mart is a veritable hub of terrorist activities but the DHS has it covered, with ads promoting "hometown security" at a check out near you.

(HINT: Be especially certain to keep a watchful eye on those people purchasing excessive amounts of's a dead giveaway that the buyer is an anti-government extremist.)


If all else fails and you are stymied with your observations of your friends, neighbors and coworkers, you can consider a career change and become a HOT DOG VENDOR and be personally trained by the TSA.

Through a branch of their FIRST OBSERVER PROGRAM,  a secret spy organization comprised of school bus drivers and other transportation providers, the TSA trained over 8000 hot dog vendors and park employees covertly to keep their eyes open during the Superbowl.  The fearless trainees were instructed to beware of those wearing hooded sweatshirts, using a video camera, recording the action on a cell phone or having the audacity to drive a van to the big game.


Folks, it's never too late to live your dream!  Being a secret agent has never been easier.  You have been empowered by the United States government to look out for your country and become a hero.  Songs will be written about you and children will venerate your may even be added to the Pledge of Allegiance. 

You, my friend, have been recruited to rat out your neighbors to save the's time to take action and kick some terrorist butt!

(Please Note:
Secret Decoder Ring is
not included in membership
and must be purchased

Wednesday 15 February 2012

Cell Phones: The New Bat Signal

In the United States there are more cell phones in use than there are people.  CELL PHONE USAGE IN AMERICA IS CURRENTLY AT 103%.  Basically this means that virtually every person in the United States has one or more cell phones currently activated and in use.

Cell phones seem like an innocuous way to keep in touch with the kids, to access the internet from any location, and a way to call for help if your car breaks down.

In reality, though, the phone attached to your hip is not so innocuous.  This part of everyday American culture is little more than a personal locator that can be activated at any point in time by persons who may or may not have our best interests at heart. Because it's entertaining, modern and cool to have, we gobble it up without a second thought towards our privacy.

Your locator beacon mobile device has a lot of little tricks of which you may be unaware.

Since 2002, the FCC has mandated that ALL cellphones be equipped with a GPS locator.  The technology was mandated under the guise of response to 911 calls.  ALL cellphones can be tracked to within 50-200 meters of your physical location.

That's great if you need to call 911, but where does that leave you in terms of physical personal privacy?

Well, not only can the government and law enforcement locate you at will, regular folks with nefarious purposes can also do so.  Dozens of websites like can help anyone channel his or her inner James Bond.

If your cell phone is with you and turned on, you may as well shine the bat signal into the sky and say, "Come and get me!!!"

The reality is that anyone can locate you at any time.  YOUR CELL PHONE IS A PERSONAL LOCATOR BEACON.  For law enforcement purposes it will find you using the same technology used on a parolee with an ankle bracelet.

The invasion of your privacy doesn't end with merely your physical location, however.  

The FBI can use something called a ROVING BUG with which they can tap into your phone calls, unbeknownst to you.  Not only can they listen to the calls made on your phone, but they can activate the microphone and listen to conversations you are having in proximity of the phone.  Even if the phone is turned off, the microphone can be activated. The only way to escape the roving bug is by removing the battery.

In Michigan, the state police have a handy dandy little device called a "data extractor".  A MOBILE FORENSIC EXTRACTION DEVICE is a hand held gadget that can take information directly from your cell phone, such as recent text messages, phone numbers dialed, and calls received.  It can also gather deleted information, user passwords and file dumps.  The Michigan State Police have commented that the device is only used with a warrant or with permission.  Thank goodness we can always trust what police officers say...oh isn't against the law for them to lie. 

The FBI, by the way, is where it's at for cool gadgets these days.  A technology called TRIGGERFISH actually simulates a cell tower, taking your call and routing it, while also, of course, listening to it and pinpointing your location.  The fun of Triggerfish is that no warrant is necessary.  No probable cause is required.  The users of this technology answer to no one regarding their snooping.

All of these things can be classified as "for the greater good."  We can find missing children via the GPS in their cell phone.  Police can see if the occupants of a vehicle pulled over for a traffic stop are joking via text about the drugs or firearms in the car.  The FBI can heroically catch the bad guys.

There are some ways to protect THIS ARTICLE  to find out how...but keep in mind, despite our best efforts to defend ourselves from intrusion, Big Brother has more resources to find new ways to keep an eye on us.

Unfortunately all that good stuff comes at a very high price.  That price is the freedom of your very thoughts and personal communications.

The words penned by Benjamin Franklin way back in 1759 are ringing eerily prophetic in today's technological police state.

 "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Tuesday 14 February 2012

What If Someone Could See Everything You've Ever Googled?

What if there was a little box that could be placed in your home that could.....

.... track every Google search that you ran?

.... see who you email?

.... see from whom you receive emails?

.... watch your keystrokes to learn all your passwords?

.... turn on a camera and watch you at any given time?

.... gather information about your likes, dislikes, political affiliations and religious beliefs?

.... dispense all of the above personal data to fusion centers, whose only purpose is to put together profiles of you and your family?

As it turns out, there is such a box, and if you are reading this, you're on it right now.  You not only voluntarily brought this device into your home, you paid good money for it.  Your computer is spying on you.

The home computer is bar none the greatest information sharing device ever created.  We can study anything our little hearts desire.  We can meet other people anywhere on the globe who have similar interests to us.  We can be kept constantly up to date with news, communication with friends and family and updates to our inboxes about myriad topics.

Unfortunately there is a dark side to having a home computer.  A home computer means that someone else could have constant access to US.

Here are just a few little tricks that your computer may be up to, unbeknownst to you.


Google has the best reputation in the world as a search engine extraordinaire.  But the times are changing and Google is becoming less and less trustworthy. 

First there is the Gmail scandal.  If you are a user of the free email service, you may have noticed that the ads running down the side of the homepage seem uniquely targeted to your current interests.  That is precisely because they ARE - Gmail scans every single email sent, gleaning information for "advertisers".  That's right, every single email you send through Gmail is read.  Apparently it is read by a computer, but the point is, your emails are not private.  Password, smassword.

Next there is the issue of censored searches.  Unless you specifically use keywords that will hook you up with alternative news sources, Google searches are now directing you towards the most politically correct answers.  Gone are the days when you can simply type in, for example, 9/11, and find information that is provided based on ratings - now you actually need to already have the source that you want the information from to get a clear picture...for example, "Infowars 9/11.  Some websites, like Infowars, are no longer coming up in Google searches unless you include them in your search terms.    At the end of 2010, Google blacklisted Infowars and Prison Planet from it's search aggregates, despite the fact that those sites get more hits than many mainstream media sites that show up front and center.

Finally, let's talk about Google's new "privacy policy."   As it turns out, that policy isn't keeping very much private at all.  As of March 1, in an effort to its ads to the tastes of individual consumers, Google will integrate information from all of it's services, including the search engine itself, Youtube and the aforementioned Gmail.  Google refers to this as a "more intuitive Google experience."  Unfortunately for users who prefer more privacy, there is no option to "opt out" of this information gathering and sharing.  Check out THIS ARTICLE that recently appeared in The Washington Post for more information on the new lack-of-privacy policy.


Not to be outdone, Yahoo also "analyzes" the content of your emails. And according to their guide for compliance with law enforcement officers, Yahoo hangs on to your information for far longer than the privacy policy states they will.  Here are some alarming statistics, directly from Yahoo, wrapped up in a menu-priced

~  All IP addresses that you use to log into your Yahoo mail account are retained for one year, giving an excellent way to track your movements, find your workplace, or see who you visit.
~  Instant messages and chats are logged for a minimum of 60 days.
~  The information provided to law enforcement agencies is not a matter of civic duty - the major communications companies all have "price lists". The US Marshall Service admitted to having PRICE LISTS FOR DATA INTERCEPTION SERVICES from Yahoo, Verizon, Cox Communications,  and ComCast.


Over half a billion people worldwide voluntarily provide information about their personal lives, their friends, their families, their religious beliefs and their political agendas on Facebook.

Nowhere can be found a bigger fountain of personal information.  As a way to increase the information Facebook learns about it's users, when a person is logged into Facebook on a computer, a cookie tracks all other sites visited on that same computer.  If you are logged into Facebook, the door to your home computer usage is wide open.

Facebook uses facial recognition technology to "tag" people in photographs.  Facebook is also like the evil town gossips, making assumptions about you based on who your friends are.  Ads that are targeted to your "friends" can also make it onto your own page. Facebook figures you'll have the same interests.

Facebook uses GPS technology to post the location where photographs have been taken and/or uploaded, making even your physical location public information.


Purchased in May of 2011 by MICROSOFT, Skype is the world's #1 provider of VoIP services.  Two years before making the purchase Microsoft began efforts to patent technology to intercept VoIP calls. 

The information can be used in many ways.  Criminally speaking, credit card numbers, social security numbers or other personally identifying information can be easily procured.  Information and keywords gathered from phone calls can be used in legal proceedings.  Data-mining techniques can be used to gear advertisments and marketing based on conversations that you think are private.

Even more alarming is the fact that once Skype is downloaded on your computer, it is possible to turn on your webcam from a remote location.  That's right.  You might be sitting there reading the latest blog from your favorite afghan-knitting granny and somebody, somewhere, might be looking back at you.

You owe it to yourself and your personal security to learn as much as you can about how your computer, your home and even your thoughts, if you are careless enough to type them in somewhere, can be accessed.


Finally, know that fusion centers really do exist and they are the final clearinghouse for all of this information.  Sometimes loosely cloaked as "marketing research" facilities, they have systems for corralling the information gleaned from your computer usage that will provide a very complete profile of you.  That profile may contain information about your relationships, your sexual orientation and fantasies, your political ideologies, your religious beliefs, your family, your friends, your bank accounts, where your money comes from, photo recognition profiles....absolutely everything there is to know about you. 

The fusion centers are the real threat - if personal freedoms continue to erode at the current rate, you may one day be deemed an enemy of the state based on your Facebook status updates.  Information compiled there could, potentially, make you a target of the government.

Personally, I have no intention of ceasing my usage of the internet.  The internet and the continuous access to knowledge make this a great time to be alive.  I will continue to do my research, I'll continue to share my opinions and information.  But I will do these things knowing that nothing is private anymore.

Big Brother is not just watching - he's making a scrapbook.