Wednesday 11 January 2012

Public Enemy #1: The Mass Media

There is an enemy infiltrating nearly every home in North America.

Even your own.

More than likely, you have invited this enemy into your home, right into your living room.  You've introduced the enemy to your entire family and the enemy is likely someone you all trust.

The enemy is the mainstream media. 

The places that most of us trust to get our news are compromised.  They have sold out to the highest bidders and those bidders are the ones who control what we see.

Here are some examples for you:

GENERAL ELECTRIC:  Worth 157 billion in annual revenue, GE owns a large portion of NBC, MSNBC, 22 local TV stations and Universal Pictures

WALT DISNEY: The house of mouse, earning just over $36 per year,  owns ABC, 277 radio stations, Touchstone, Miramax and Pixtar.

NEWS GROUP: This 30 billion dollar a year entity owns FOX, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, TV Guide, Barrons, and Smart Money, not to mention 20th Century Fox and HarperCollins Publishing.

TIME WARNER: Bringing in a cool $25 billion per year, Time Warner is the largest media conglomerate in the world.  They own: CNN, HBO, Cinemax, America Online, TBS, TNT, Warner Brothers Pictures, and more than 150 magazines, including some particularly respected ones like Time, Fortune, and Sports Illustrated.

VIACOM:  At a "mere" $13.6 billion a year, Viacom owns Global, MTV, VH-1, Nickelodeon, and Paramount Pictures.

CBS Corp:  And rounding out the Big Six with an annual income of $13 billion per year, CBS owns, obviously, CBS, as well as Showtime, CBS Radio and book publisher Simon and Schuster.

So lets look at this with a neutral eye for a moment.  None of these outlets are present for the good of the people.  They are worth billions and billions of dollars.  They are the king of all special interest groups because they want to keep those billions rolling in.

Look at how much airspace is covered above.  Every major news outlet in North America is part of this elite group.  The TV programs and movies that color our perceptions and opinions through popular culture are in these groups.  Everything you listen to is programmed by these elite special interest groups with extreme bias towards their own pocket. Their slant is what ever the government regulators tells them it is.

If you had billions of dollars coming in every year, and the ability to jaundice the public eye, who trusted you and believed what you said, would you be looking out for your own best interests or everyone else's?

If you could sway public opinion by simply NOT PROVIDING THEM WITH INFORMATION and it would help keep those dollars rolling in, would you do it?

If you could select the next President of the United States, thereby keeping on the good side of the White House, merely by PROVIDING BIASED INFORMATION TO THE PUBLIC, would you do it?

If you could decide what the people should know and what they shouldn't, therefore changing their perception of current events, would you do it?

Further analysis of the Big Six media companies makes it very clear why they have a political agenda.....the almighty dollar, of course.  If the wrong candidate claims the presidency, literally BILLIONS of dollars  can be lost during the course of his or her administration.  The Boards of Directors of these companies also have a vested interest in furthering their own ends.  Media is power.

The media has now become a monster of propaganda, sharing what The Powers That Be want the people to know, skewing public perceptions of reality and persuading them that all things are done benevolently in their own best interests. The investigative journalist putting his or her life at risk to inform the public is now an almost mythical creature found only on a few alternative news sites and in the unicorn forest.

The people of America are being misled and manipulated by the special interests of the boards of directors of these companies.  It's an incestuous spiderweb of the theoretical "1%".  Policies that serve the best interests of these rich and powerful people are not the policies that serve the bests interests of the rest of America.  But because these are the people that sign the paychecks for the network employees, they are also the people that call the shots.  The ties to government, big banking and global policies like Agenda 21 are clear.  The principals in the race for a new world order are all present, and with the help of the weapon of media, they plan to take over the world by controlling the thoughts and opinions of the people.

General Electric, the biggest of the Big Six, is heavily invested in military manufacturing.  The company produces the engines for many planes, tanks, and helicopters, including the F-16, the UCAV, the Abrams tank and the Apache.  A cut in military spending would not bode well for the profit of the company.  GE needs a warmonger in office to keep them rolling in blood money.  The Board of Directors includes Jeffrey Immelt, the head of President Obama's Economic Advisory Committee; former US Senator Sam Nunn, who is also the CEO of The Nuclear Threat Initiative; Rochelle Lazurus, also a director of Merck and Co pharmaceuticals; and James Tisch, who also serves on the board of New York's Federal Reserve and chairs the board of governors for the Jewish Agency for Israel.

Walt Disney is really specific to the entertainment sector.  Disney sells media entertainment, toys and travel.  Disney needs the money to continue flowing through second mortgages and unsustainable lending practices to continue their success.  Disney sells 100%  "wants"......if the Fed was forced to stop printing money at will, flexible spending would grind to a halt almost immediately. Many of Disney's board members have close ties with big banking, meaning they are the ones who help sink people into debt by offering them more and more "credit", miring them deeper into debt slavery.  John S. Chen serves on the board of Wells Fargo; Fred Langhammer is on the boards of AIG and Shinsei Bank Ltd.; Monica Lozano is a director of Bank of America;  Robert Maschullet is the former CEO of Morgan Stanley Investments; and Sheryl Sandberg is the former Chief of Staff of the US Treasury Dept. and an economist with the World Bank.

News Corp, Time Warner, CBS and Viacom, the other members of the Big Six, are invested solely in media and entertainment.  Much like Disney, if the fiat money dries up, these companies are toast.  If people are struggling to feed their families, they aren't too likely to spend money on things like cable television and movies.

The VIACOM board of directors include such big names as Alan Greenspan, former chairman of the Federal Reserve, sports magnate Robert Kraft, and Sumner Redstone, who is also the primary stockholder in CBS.

News Corp's board of directors is equally illustrous in it's connections.  Natalie Bancroft hails from the Dow Jones empire; James W. Breyer serves on the board of Wal-Mart;Viet Dinh, formerly of South Vietnam, whose colorful resume includes his stint as the US Attorney General as well as masterminding the USA Patriot Act; James and Lachlan Murdoch, sons of Rupert Murdoch who was notoriously accused for unethical journalism practices and brought before the English Parliament in 2011; John L. Thornton is the former CEO of Goldman Sachs and on the boards of Ford Motor Company, Intel, HSBC and China Netcom.

Time Warner has a board of directors with many global connections......for example:  Jessica Einhorn has served as an advisor for the IMF (International Money Fund) and held executive positions at the World Bank and is currently also a director at the Center for Global Development; Stephen Bollenbach is also a director of the Los Angelos World Affairs Council; Frank J Caufield is also a director of the US Russia Investment Fund and the founder of KCPB, one of the biggest venture capital firms in the US; and Mathias Dopfner, CEO of Germany's largest newspaper.

CBS of course, is headed up by Sumner Redstone, who, as mentioned earlier is also the primary stockholder in Viacom.  Some of the powerful directors of CBS include former congressman and Secretary of Defense William S Cohen; chairman emeritus and director of Bank of America Charles K. Gifford; and Joseph Califano, who served as President Lyndon B Johnson's Assistant for Domestic Affairs, and later as the US Secretary of Health, Welfare and Education.

This is why you can't trust what you see on the mainstream media.  The "news" is now all a propaganda ploy to help the rich get richer and the powerful remain in power.  The media can make or break a candidate with unholy zeal in less than a week.  These people and others like them are the ones that decide what "we the people" get to see.  If they feel like a candidate or a news item might upset the status quo, they black it out by refusing to cover it.  (Ron Paul and Occupy Wall Street are two prime examples of this.)

What can you do about this?

When you see coverage that is clearly biased, take a moment to call out the media about it.  Take the time to comment on mainstream media websites and point out the unbalanced coverage.  Promote alternative news outlets and always, always research for yourself to find the truth of the matter.  Write letters to the editor of your local paper, tell everyone you know and make your voice heard.

Tell everyone you know that mainstream media is the enemy of the people.


  1. typical socialist thought pattern. Yep keep in step with the special interests and it is good for the bottom line since they run the government. But what about the long term effects? What about when the people overthrow the tyrannical government and start taking tally of all those that were complicit in, aided, and or participated in the tyrannical efforts of the left, and start taking retribution? Probably won't have been such a good plan then.

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