Sunday 1 January 2012

Obama's New Year's Resolution? Martial Law

I hope the good people of the United States had a great celebration last night with parties, fireworks and noisemakers.  You may need to pour yourself another drink after you read this.

While everyone was celebrating, President Barack Obama made it official: 

The United States is now under martial law.

The National Defense Authorization Act allows the military to police the United States, it names the United States a war zone and it allows indefinite detention of the citizens without a trial.

2012 could bring a repeat of McCartheyesque witch hunts, with neighbours turning on neighbours.

With the (un)PATRIOT Act, Bush effectively repealed the 4th Amendment, which guarded against unreasonable search and siezure.

With the NDAA, Obama has iced the cake by ridding us of the pesky 5th and 6th amendments, with silly little rights like due process, involvement of the government in legal proceedings and a speedy trial by jury.

Who needs that stuff?  Not Americans, according to the government.

The US is now a police state.  Thugs in jackboots are REAL.

You can thank your members of Congress and your President for relieving you of these rights for "your own protection."  Check HERE to see how your local reps voted. 

What can we do?  The bell has rung.  The only way to unring it is to use the Constitution for what it was designed for and unseat this government.

The members of congress that voted for this abomination of the Constitution should each and every one be recalled.  The state of Montana announced that for a Christmas gift, they were doing just that and issued notice of recall  to their senators.  Hopefully other states will follow close behind. 

The Oathkeepers are right there with Montana, launching their own campaign to recall members of congress who voted for the act.

As for the estimable President Obama, if ever there was a reason for impeachment, his signature on the dotted line is no less than an act of treason against the country he represents.  He has absolutely no place in the Oval Office and the people need to let him know it.  This is a criminal act against the United States of America and it places the American people one huge rung further down the ladder of subjugation.


My New Year's resolution is this:  to tell everyone who will read it......

President Obama needs to either step down or be removed from office.  NDAA is a treasonous document.

Share this.....resolve to help right this wrong or the country you live in will not be the one you were raised in.


  1. He said he would not use this to detain Americans without process, he is a liar, and should not be believed, EVER!

  2. Yes, Copout. And he also said he would veto the bill if it came across his desk....more evidence of his dishonesty.

  3. I am sorry but what he is doing goes way beyond dishonest. Dishonest is stealing an apple. He is stealing freedom and liberty from the world. He is a direct minion of the devil if not the anti-Christ.

    Did I get dropped from your mailing list Daisy? I haven't gotten anything from you in a while now. I always look forward to what you are doing. I must say you do good. You always have very good content.

  4. Rowdy - I sent out a link today....Please let me know if you recieved it or not! And thank you very much for the nice compliments! :)

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