Sunday 22 January 2012

Who Will Fire the First Shot?

Yesterday, we had a little history lesson regarding the Battle of Lexington Green, the first battle of the First Revolutionary War.

Today, I want to talk about the present, where it seems that we are right on the cusp of the Second Revolution.

Take yourself back in time and imagine those early patriots, standing their ground on one side of the bridge against the British.  They were out-manned.  They were out-gunned.  They were not trained.  They were an assortment of farmers and merchants and tradesmen who had just been roused out of bed by the ringing of the church bells, and they were determined to keep the British from invading their settlement, taking their food and disarming them. 

Someone had the courage to fire that very first shot...."the shot heard 'round the world."  Historical accounts are not in agreement with which revolutionary soldier fired the shot....but someone had the courage to do it.  With lead and powder, that man said, "Enough."

Today, our liberties are vanishing at a mind-boggling speed.  There is a lot of hue and cry, but for so many years, we have been conditioned to obey, to follow the laws and to respect authority, that nobody has yet stood up to say, "Enough."

The problem that I see is a lack of leadership and organization in today's Patriot Movement.  Nobody wants to be responsible for firing the first shot in this war...and it is most assuredly war.

The government is plowing over the people like an armored tank over a dirt road, simply driving right over anything and anyone in their way.  They have hardly paused in their hostile takeover of our liberties because we have not yet banded together to stop them.  We have not fought back.

Everyone knows that the election in South Carolina was rigged.  Newt Gingrich had so few supporters there two days ago that he cancelled an appearance and suddenly he was the clear and marked winner?  Everyone knows that despite the fact the Congress has shelved the SOPA bill, they are still censoring the internet, with examples like forcing Google to remove Infowars from it's search engines and disabling commenting ability on some of the mainstream media sites.  Everyone knows that the media is complete owned by the government and special interest groups, thus feeding the people absolutely nothing but propaganda.

And yet, we sit, waiting for someone to fire the first shot.

What are we waiting for?

Are we waiting for the day the Internet goes dark?

Are we waiting for the next false flag event?

Are we waiting for martial law to be declared?

Are we waiting until government thugs show up to seize our guns?

The time is now.  We must fight for our rights before these things occur, because when the streets are lined with American soldiers on one side and ordinary citizens on the other, the loss of life will be tremendous.  The fear of those who have never had a gun aimed at them will be palpable, and the potential for many to bow to an unholy authority will be too great.

We must make as much noise as possible and refuse to tolerate the unconstitutional deeds that occur on a daily basis.  We must rouse our neighbours to stand beside us as we face off against those who would take our food, our families and our freedom.

Our first shot may not be one of lead and powder, but it needs to be fired.  If you are reading this, and you agree that the government is spiralling out of control, you ARE the resistance.

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  1. How are you supposed to take up arms against an enemy that is not confronting you physically but only on paper. You shoot them for writing crap on paper? That hardly seems right. But they have pushed that paper so far that it is about to become a physically overwhelming issue that threatens to suffocate us. Question is, how do you draw that line? At Lexington it was a relatively easy decision. There, right there is the enemy and they are fully armed and if they are allowed to proceed across that bridge, then we will be killed. They were armed, we were armed and the consequences were clear, no choice left. That is not where we are today. And they are very careful not to cross that line to cause the second shot heard around the world.
    They keep pushing harder and harder, but keep a buffer between their actions taken and any link to an actual armed combat because they know that they would loose that battle rather quickly.
    And they are not about to loose all their investment in this because they got in too big of a hurry. They have all the time in the world. Question is do WE?