Monday 23 January 2012

Just Let Them Vote...It's Not Like It Will Change Anything

As an American voter, do you ever get the feeling that you are being given a vote just so you feel like you have a say in what is going on in your country?  Do you ever think that the privelege of voting has become a condescending pat on the head, like a small child sitting on the lap of an adult and holding the steering wheel being told he is "driving"? Are the "powers that be" just humoring us to keep us quiet until their agenda is satisfied and their next puppet is in place in the Oval Office?

The Charlestown Post and Courier carried the story today that over 900 of the voters that allegedly voted were............


Those folks are not just a little sleepy.  We aren't calling them lethargic.  Legally dead, duly buried and only voting if they are doing it through a medium.

The Department of Motor Vehicles began comparing records of death certificates with the State Election Commission voting records, and interestingly enough, they've found more than 900 of said voters who are deceased.

It's amazing how this can happen in a state that REQUIRES PHOTO ID to vote!!!

The electoral process in the United States is severely compromised.  In every state that has had a primary, there have been questions about the veracity of the numbers.

How can the people trust the process that is proven to be as rife with corruption as Washington DC itself?

It was astonishing that Gingrich won the South Carolina primary, despite the interviews with his former wife that reflected horribly on his character (or lack thereof), despite the fact that he cancelled an appearance because nobody showed up to listen to him speak, despite the fact that straw polls put RON PAUL in the lead and Gingrich third to Romney.

Not only are there dead folks voting, but the entire vote in S.C. was taken electronically.  One witness said that when the votes were tallied he was not allowed to be in the same room, but had to watch the tally via a projector.

Working backwards, The Des Moines Register has announced that there are so many "missing" votes that there is no way the results in Iowa can ever be officially certified. So that primary too, is compromised.

Project Veritas volunteers in New Hampshire tested the voting system during the primaries and were given ballots when using the names of dead constituents, so apparently the dead get to vote legally in that state as well. The votes in that state have been recounted several times with several different results, rendering those results untrustworthy as well.

The electoral system is so broken that it appears to be utterly worthless. The only way to take back the elections is by going back to paper ballots and having people from each campaign responsible for hand counting the votes.  Verified photo ID must be shown.  In this day of computers and credit checks there is absolutely a fraud-resistant way to confirm the identity of the voters.

We must take back the electoral process or we will end up with another puppet to the elite with the preordained agenda of the ending the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

What can you do to help?  I'm always a proponent of letter-writing and email campaigns.  Volunteer to do everything you can to help out with your local elections and if you see something that isn't right say something about it and don't stop saying it until everybody hears you.  Take part in the process in your area and resolve to do your part to keep the elections clean, whether or not your personal favorite candidate is the winner.  Encourage others to do the same. 

Be loud and be heard.  Let's endeavour to  keep the rest of the elections fair and accurate.  If we are not the watchdogs, who will be?

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