Thursday 5 January 2012

The Apathy Pandemic

Have you ever experienced the white-hot fury of watching people refuse to help themselves?

While my post regarding the Anti-SOPA email campaign got some great responses, my idealistic little bubble got popped by many of the other responses and emails that I received.

"I can't write my Rep - I'm on the ignore list."
"That's just a waste of's only the aides that ever read those letters anyway."
"Nothing we do will make a difference."
"Daisy, you just don't understand how the government works."
"I've already written to tell them I will not vote for them again."
"You'll never change the way things are."

There is a real pandemic that has spread across America and that pandemic is APATHY.

An alarming number of people are willing to simply watch the destruction of freedom and shake their heads sadly, saying, "Yep, I knew this would happen."

We are watching our freedoms being taken away and doing absolutely nothing to stop it.  How much time out of your life does it really take to send an email?  To cast a vote? To write a letter to the editor?  To forward an interesting link to a friend?  To speak out against what you see? 

And if one of the things you do solves nothing, what have you lost?  At least you still have your self-respect.  At least you didn't accept what was handed to you by the Elite.

We do not lose until we stop fighting.  By doing nothing, you cede victory.

Most people, it appears, are too lazy to even wave a white flag of surrender.  They sit there, remote in one hand, bag of Doritos in the other hand, and smirk at the small percentage who are trying to make a change in the world.  If the people fighting for change fail, the apathetic ones are smugly justified in their apathy.

The paralysis of America will be her downfall.

Do one small thing every day.  Millions of drops of water are required to erode a rock.  One drop of water alone does nothing. 

Persist and persevere.

I'm more enraged by the people that will do nothing to fight for their freedoms than I am by the people who are trying to take those freedoms away.

If you are a reader who refuses to vote, refuses to speak out, refuses to make your voice heard, perhaps it's time to unsubscribe from this blog and check out something else, because I have no time for people like you.  I'll still fight for you in all the ways that I am able, but I won't waste my time trying to convince you to get your ass off the sofa.  Fighting your apathy takes up my valuable energy that can be directed towards productive things. 

Do one thing today to make your voice heard.  And if no one listens, that's okay, because you can do something tomorrow too.


Or continue to do nothing until the cell door slams shut.


  1. Don't let the goonie birds deter you from your efforts. There will always be that percentage that know nothing but know it all. Remember what was it like 1% of the people that would stand with Washington to kick the british out of our country. We are just in the process of pushing to increase the percentage of the citizenry that are awake enough and aware so that they will become inspired enough to help increase that percentage to around 10% in the forces today to kick the communists out of our countries.

    GOD bless you for your steadfast work.

  2. Thank you for your kind words, :)

    Eventually people will be shaken out of their apathy....I just hope it happens before it's too late!