Friday 24 February 2012

Resist or Submit: It's Time to Pick a Team

The classic battle of good vs. evil has begun. 

Actually it began a long time ago.  Secretively, the skirmishes began in plush back rooms, with just a few of the "Elite"  of the world, plotting on how to take over and make the planet serve their purposes.  Their motto?  Serve or be served.  They are the Powers That Be and they certainly don't intend to serve us.

Now they've decided to include the rest of us in the game.

This all sounds very dramatic.  It sounds like something from a really good spy flick or a supernatural battle movie, where good always wins in the end, no matter what the odds.  You can almost picture the players.....the good looking hero and his beautiful sidekick, the scowling villains, heads surrounded eerily by the wafting smoke from their cigars.  Film noir at it's finest, a thrilling ride that is over in two hours and 10 minutes, with justice firmly reestablished.

This isn't a movie, though.  It's not just life in the United States - this is the world over. The end-game of the PTB is near, and we must now all pick a side.  The choices are defined.  We are now pawns in the game, being moved around the big golden game board by the richest most powerful 1% of the world's population.  We are the toys of spoiled sociopathic children with armies.

The options?


You can't opt out - participation is a requirement.

The day is coming very soon when you have to decide whether to be a slave, being fed and sheltered at the whims of the PTB; or to fight - to resist, evade and battle for the freedoms given by God and guaranteed by the Constitution.

There's a hierarchy in place, and one at a time, those at each of these levels are choosing sides.


Members of the United States government have already chosen whether to ally with the people or the PTB. It appears that most whom have been given seats in Washington have sided against their constituencies, having already made deals with the Devil in order to be elected.  While many of them seem to think that they are the ones in power, in actuality, they've been purchased, blackmailed or subdued and they are mere servants in expensive suits.  Heads of state, members of Congress, directors of federal law enforcement - all are players in this level.

There are a few notable holdouts, like Ron and Rand Paul, but the vast majority of the Congress has gone over to the dark side.  One need only look at the voting results for passing the NDAA to see which team the Senators and Representatives have chosen.  The governmental members of the Resistance will be targets.  "Accidents" will befall some of them.  Outright assassinations will occur.  Threats against life, loved ones and personal liberty will be a regular occurrence.  And yet a few brave men and women will resist, lead and fight.


The next rung down is the mass media, the propaganda machine.  As discussed in another article, PUBLIC ENEMY #1: THE MASS MEDIA, our press can no longer be considered free press.  The incestuous relationship of the various boards of directors with big banking, the Federal Reserve, AIPAC and the government means that the media is not a beacon of truth.  The media will not tell us what is really going on.  The media is firmly ensconced on the side of the Elite, serving them. 

The media has chosen to submit rather than resist.  The small portion of the media who have chosen to resist can only be found on alternative media sites, which is why the Powers That Be (PTB) are inflicting a chokehold on the internet, the last bastion of free speech and free thought. 


The game is trickling down quickly. 

Now our military and law enforcement personnel are being engaged.  Laws are passing at a dizzying rate that make our everyday freedoms illegal.  Officers and soldiers must decide whether to keep their oath to protect our country from enemies foreign and domestic, to protect the public instead of terrorizing them, or to take the easier path of just "following orders" without critically thinking them through. 

Thinking about orders, is of course, trained out of soldiers in boot camp, but the ability to contemplate right from wrong is still there.  Moral men and women will question authority as the acts they are called upon to perform become more and more deplorable.  Those moral men and women, the resistors, will then be in danger. Questioning the directives of the PTB is sternly frowned upon.

Analyzing our military and law enforcement personnel, we'll see a few different personality types emerge.

1.) The Power Hungry:  These are the people who will gleefully serve any purpose given to them by the PTB, because they mistakenly think it makes them important, powerful, and most of all safe.  They are dangerous to the resistors, and far more disposable to the PTB than they think they are.

2.) The Sadists:  These are the ones who went into the military or law enforcement simply because they are bullies at heart and this was a legal way to subliminate their urge to dominate and degrade those around them.  They will take unholy joy in following and even exceeding the wishes of the PTB.

3.) The Rule Followers:  These people could go either way, but winning them over would be difficult.  They are practically brainwashed in duty, following orders like machines, having been programmed through their military and police training NOT to think about what they are doing.  Some can be awakened, others are too far down the rabbit hole of propaganda.  They are dangerous because they truly believe they are doing the right thing.

4.)  The Resistance:  These men and women are critical thinkers.  They have clear cut ideas of right and wrong.  They will refuse to follow orders that are ethically wrong.  They will be targets of the PTB, because they can't have minions that insist on thinking independently.

The Rest of Us

Way down at the bottom of the hierarchy comes the rest of us.  We aren't in uniforms.  We've made no oaths or vows to defend our homes, cities or country.  Most of us are just regular people, raising our kids and struggling harder every year to keep a roof over our heads.

1.)  THE RESISTANCE:  Some of us are awake to the things going on around us and we've chosen the side of  Resistance.  Just the fact that you are reading this article means that you are far more in touch with reality than most of the people around you.

2.)  THE PASSIVISTS:  Others are awake and have chosen to "go with the flow" because they are afraid to take the risk of making a stand.  They think that it will protect them in the long run to simply hide out on the Barcalounger, quietly going along with whatever ridiculous laws are passed next, hoping to escape notice and be allowed to trudge along in safety.  They've already given up.  They have surrendered before the real fight even happened.

3.)  THE SHEEP:  These are the people who work their 8 hour day, come home, have a beer and watch the football game or American Idol.  They are blissfully unaware of the things going on in the world, and so far the only thing they've noticed is that their paycheck doesn't buy what it used to.  Some of them have begun to lose their personal accumulations of wealth through job loss, higher taxes, inflation and foreclosure, but they don't really understand why - just some vague notion of a "bad economy."  These people will be pretty far down on the list for the PTB because they don't pose any actual threat.  They are oblivious and by the time they become aware of what is going on, the gate of freedom will have slammed resoundingly closed. 

THE ENTITLEMENT RECIPIENTS:  This crowd breaks down into two subtypes.  

Type 1:   Non-thinkers who have already been purchased by the PTB.  They already live the slave life that is prescribed, voting for the person who gives them the most benefits and not looking beyond their personal bubbles.  They don't question anything, as long as their services remain uninterrupted.  For this service to the PTB, they are fed, clothed, medicated and given enough money for cigarettes. 

Type 2:  Those who are recieving benefits because the government has already taken everything from them.  They've lost their homes and cars.  They've been injured, mentally, physically or both, in wars for oil.  They are the nominal percentage of people receiving assistance in the manner in which it was designed.  Many of these people are enlightened and will come down firmly on the side of the Resistance.

The time to pick your team has arrived.

Will you stand and fight, risking your already diminished liberties, in hopes for greater liberties for your children?

Will you submit, accepting the handouts from the PTB, in hopes that your children can merely survive?

Perform an act of Resistance today.

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  1. Excellent.

    Just found your blog, and I'm catching the highlights--this article being one of them.

    Well-put and much in agreement with what I've been thinking.

    The frightening part of the military/cops is history: they've been perfectly willing to kill civilians in America since the Whiskey Rebellion, the Civil War, Kent State...Ruby Ridge, Waco...

    What's next? Seems there are plenty of sociopaths in military/copdom to "just follow orders".

    1. Thank you very much for your comment and your kind words.

      I'm in complete agreement with you - it will take some people with a lot of integrity to stand against the orders they are given. There will definitely be some, but I fear they will not be in the majority.

  2. same here i think u right on.good job.i shared it hope u dont mind

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