Monday 20 February 2012

What is the REAL Reason Behind the March 8 Internet Interruption?

In a highly publicized effort to rid the internet of an extremely malicious virus, the FBI has announced that many of us could be without internet service on March 8.  According to KREBS ON SECURITY, an investigative blog specializing in cyber crimes and computer security,  OVER 4 MILLION have been infected with the virus.

The virus that is being targeted is a DNS CHANGER TROJAN, which is designed to reroute internet traffic to unsolicited and possibly fraudulent websites.

In the US, infections have been found in half the Fortune 500 companies and in the systems of 27 government agencies.

The FBI's plan to rid the world of this virus is to target all systems that are infected with this virus.....and deny them internet service.  Basically it's like quarantining a person with a contagious illness so that he or she cannot infect those with whom they come in contact.

If this is legitimate, the best thing you can do is check out your system to make certain it isn't affected.  The FBI has a WEB PAGE upon which you can type in your DNS information and see if you are compromised.  (PLEASE USE CAUTION AND GOOD JUDGEMENT IN DECIDING WHETHER OR NOT TO VOLUNTEER YOUR INFORMATION TO THE FBI - personally, I'm opting out of using their site and just running anti virus programs on my own.)

This raises a question in my mind.  If you'll allow a conspiratorial tangent, what better way to sneak in some extra censorship than to cut off the internet when everyone is expecting it?  Denial of communication services could serve nefarious purposes if the government were to simultaneously, perhaps, make use of the allowances of the NDAA and begin rounding up "extremists". 

We live in a country that has been taken over by a government that does not support the Constitution.  Like the early colonists, members of the resistance have systems in place to warn others of danger.  Many of those systems revolve around internet groups, patriot websites and and alternative news media.  The internet is our Paul Revere, galloping across the country via routers and servers, alerting other patriots of impending threats against our freedom.

If I were an unethical "leader", looking for a way to make a big sweep of resistors, I would definitely disable communication as a first step.  The fact that we are all expecting this to happen would mean that nobody would be alarmed by the initial disruption in service. Vast secretive round-ups could occur and no one would be the wiser until all of the victims of those raids were firmly ensconced in Guantanamo, never to be seen or heard from again, as per the provisions of the NDAA.

March 8 - it could be the day the internet died, or it could be much much worse.

A very special thank you goes out to NinaO for collaborating with me on this have a gift for seeing right through the machinations to the reality of a situation.