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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Holodomor 2012

“On one side, millions of starving peasants, their bellies often swollen from lack of food; on the other, soldiers, members of the GPU (secret police) carrying out the instructions of the dictatorship of the proletariat. They had gone over the country like a swarm of locusts and taken away everything edible, they had shot or exiled
thousands of peasants, sometimes whole villages, they had reduced some of the most fertile land in the world to a melancholy desert.”

~ Malcolm Muggerage, “War on the Peasants”

The powers that be have become far more discreet since the mass genocide by starvation of the people of the Ukraine in 1932-33  (an event called the Holodomor).  Don’t let the discretion fool you, because the evil brutality is still intact.

More than half of the United States is suffering the worst drought since 1988, stunting the corn crop that is the number one farm commodity in the country.

North Korea has suffered severe drought conditions since April 27th.

12.8 million acres of farmland in China have been affected by severe drought, a drought so severe that millions of people and millions of heads of livestock do not even have drinking water.

Russia suffered an unusually hot and dry spring, reducing export projections from 22-23 million metric tons from last year’s 56.23 million metric tons. 

Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay are suffering under drought conditions that threaten to reduce the soy harvest by over 3 million tons.

Global Drought Monitor
Data updated on the 16th of each month
scalebar (km)

We can expect a hungry year ahead, given the weather conditions.  The limited harvests will cause food prices to skyrocket in the months ahead, by up to 3.5%, according to USDA predictions.  This means higher prices for less food at the supermarket checkout during the year to come.

Of course, we have no control over the weather, most people lament, gearing themselves up to expect the higher prices.

Or do we?

According to a paper presented to the US Air Force in 1996, scientists and the military have every intention to control the weather by the year 2025.    The paper, entitled, “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather by 2025” outlines a plan to have total dominance over global weather.

The 52 page treatise details a plan to weaponize rainfall, fog and artificially created storms.  These created weather conditions will be used to cause fear and hardship for enemy troops and enhance conditions for our forces.

Table 1: Operational Capabilities Matrix
Precipitation Enhancement
Precipitation Avoidance
- Flood Lines of Communication
- Maintain/Improve LOC
- Reduce PGM/Recce Effectiveness
- Maintain Visibility
- Decrease Comfort Level/Morale
- Maintain Comfort Level/Morale
Storm Enhancement
Storm Modification
- Deny Operations
- Choose Battlespace Environment
Precipitation Denial
Space Weather
- Deny Fresh Water
- Improve Communication Reliability
- Induce Drought
- Intercept Enemy Transmissions
Space Weather
- Revitalize Space Assets
- Disrupt Communications/Radar
Fog and Cloud Generation
- Disable/Destroy Space Assets
- Increase Concealment
Fog and Cloud Removal
Fog and Cloud Removal
- Deny Concealment
- Maintain Airfield Operations
- Increase Vulnerability to PGM/Recce
- Enhance PGM Effectiveness
Detect Hostile Weather Activities
Defend against Enemy Capabilities

The paper, as mentioned, was written in 1996.  We are now halfway through the time-line given as a target.  What has been accomplished in that time?


In isolated Gaskon, Alaska is the mysterious and highly restricted HAARP facility.  The facility concentrates on effecting ionospheric changes that are suspected to cause weather changes, storms, radio and satellite interference and earthquakes.  This excerpt from a patent by the contractor who built the HAARP facility, ARCO, explains the proposed uses of the technology. 

   "Thus, this invention provides the ability to put unprecedented amounts of power in the Earth's atmosphere at strategic locations and to maintain the power injection level particularly if random pulsing is employed, in a manner far more precise and better controlled than heretofore accomplished by the prior art, particularly by detonation of nuclear devices of various yields at various altitudes... "

     " is possible not only to interfere with third party communications but to take advantage of one or more such beams to carry out a communications network even though the rest of the world's communications are disrupted. Put another way, what is used to disrupt another's communications can be employed by one knowledgeable of this invention as a communication network at the same time."

 "... large regions of the atmosphere could be lifted to an unexpectedly high altitude so that missiles encounter unexpected and unplanned drag forces with resultant destruction."

"Weather modification is possible by, for example, altering upper atmosphere wind patterns by constructing one or more plumes of atmospheric particles which will act as a lens or focusing device.

... molecular modifications of the atmosphere can take place so that positive environmental effects can be achieved. Besides actually changing the molecular composition of an atmospheric region, a particular molecule or molecules can be chosen for increased presence. For example, ozone, nitrogen, etc., concentrations in the atmosphere could be artificially increased."

This is only part of the HAARP story.  Click HERE for an overview. 

Cloud Seeding

“Hydrometeorology” is the topic of study being undertaken by WET International (Weather Enhancing Technologies International).  According to the official website, the PTB have been making it rain for a long time now, through “cloud seeding.” 

Precipitation enhancement by cloud seeding is a reality - it has been practiced for over 50 years and is currently applied in over 40 countries. Effectiveness has been demonstrated in several carefully conducted scientific experiments.

And what is cloud seeding?  Quite simply, it is the process of dispersing substances into clouds to cause precipitation.  “Cloud seeding chemicals may be dispersed by aircraft (as in the second figure) or by dispersion devices located on the ground (generators, as in first figure, or canisters fired from anti-aircraft guns or rockets). For release by aircraft, silver iodide flares are ignited and dispersed as an aircraft flies through the inflow of a cloud. When released by devices on the ground, the fine particles are carried downwind and upwards by air currents after release.’  (Source)


The patchwork of cloud-like lines decorating the skies may also have something to do with the drought conditions.  According to Chemtrail Planet, the aerosols being released have the capability of actually blocking rain.  “There are several purposes for this aerial spraying (referred to by military as "aerosol scatterings") and one of the purposes is to modify the weather which includes intensification of storms and drought inducement.”

Apparently, naturally occurring rain clouds can be blocked or dissipated through the chemicals released into the atmosphere during the “aerosol scattering.”  Natural Health 365 refers to American Association for Aerosol Research conference held in Orlando, Florida in 2011, where “there was a lecture called: ‘Aerosols, Clouds and Precipitation’. These (crazy) scientists discussed how different aerosols (toxic materials) could create cloud cover to reflect sunlight away from the earth and increase (or decrease) rain fall in certain regions of the world.”  NH365 continues, discussing some of the motivation for these projects. 

Who benefits from weather modification and weather control programs?

Consider this: Since 1997, weather has been traded as a commodity at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Many experts agree, this is exactly when geo-engineering programs rose in popularity.

Since commodities are directly affected by the weather – predicting these trends could be very profitable to those individuals who have the ability to control or manipulate our weather.

So Why the Worldwide Drought?

Clearly, there is much evidence that we are able to change the weather.  We possess the technology to cause (or stop) precipitation.  With this fact in mind, why are we suffering from a drought that is affecting crops across the planet?  All over the world, people are either suffering from too little rain, or, in the case of the UK, record-setting rain that has crops rotting in the fields. 

This leads us to more questions than answers.  Is it possible that the droughts have been induced?  And if the droughts are naturally-occurring, then why isn’t precipitation being induced by the science that exists?

Either way, the answer is the same. 

Power and money.

NWO troll mascot Henry Kissinger chillingly said, “Control food and you control people.”

What easier way to control the food supply than to dramatically reduce harvests?  Whether the drought is naturally occurring and could be broken, or is artificially induced, the effect is the same.  The 2012 harvest all over the world will be greatly reduced. 

Look for the mad scientists of Monsanto to use this as an effort to cash in and increase their monopoly on crops worldwide with the creation of some new drought-resistant, nutritionless mutation.  Just last year, they announced that they were seeking USDA approval for unlimited sales of a new drought resistant corn.  Coincidence?  Expect the noose of Codex Alimentarius to tighten, restricting our ability to produce food even more. 

This record-low harvest will result in…

~  Increased food prices (again) ~
~  Food shortages in many parts of the world ~
~ The inability of countries to reserve food to meet future needs ~

How simple it would be to exert control over parents who will be forced to fall in line or watch their children starve.

How horrifyingly easy it would be to coerce starving people by offering them some sustenance.

How positively Machiavellian it would be to offer “aid” to people who are financially devastated by the ever-increasing price of food in exchange for their compliance in some unrelated matter.

A United Nations-induced Stockholm Syndrome could easily be the result of this world-wide lack of food.  A dependence on government will be nurtured, and with it, a new and even more crushing regime of leadership.

What Can You Do?

Begin preparing.  Stockpile food NOW, while you can still find some reasonable prices.  Follow the lead of the LDS church and work on building a one-year supply of food. 

Invest in tangibles.  Forget about your IRA account, your bonds and your CDs.  No investment you can make right now will compare to the pay-off of healthy, non-GMO food for you and your family.  You can’t eat your fiat dollars, and as the financial crash looms ever-closer, the value of those dollars drops more every day.

Do not sell out.  When an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.  Don’t sell your soul to the government for a can of beans.  The self-sufficiency that you build today is the basis of your independence from the Regime. 

Learn alternative methods of producing food.  Instead of heading to the grocery store to pick up your produce, fill a kitchen window with herbs and sprouts.  Consider setting up an indoor garden to get your family through the winter.  Use every square inch of yard space, harvest water from what little rain you receive and declare your independence from Big Agri.

Recognize and resist.  Be vigilant of attempts to impact your personal liberties in exchange for relief from the high prices and shortages.  The more you submit, the more domineering the efforts will become. 

If you think this cannot happen, you need only look back to the Ukrainian Genocide in 1932-33 for verification that it can, indeed, occur – intentionally and with malice.  Over 10 million Ukrainians were starved to death in a little over a year, all in the name of control.  Study the history and you will begin to see our future.

"This was the first instance of a peacetime genocide in history. It took the extraordinary form of an artificial famine deliberately created by the ruling powers. The savage combination of words for the designation of a crime - an artificial deliberately planned famine - is still incredible to many people throughout the world, but indicates the uniqueness of the tragedy of 1933, which is unparallelled, for a time of peace, in the number of victims it claimed.' 
        Wasyl Hryshko - Survivor The Ukrainian Holocaust, 1933 

Additional resources for your own research:

Monday, 30 April 2012

The Regime's Guide to Good Citizenship

The Regime is working hard to make life easier for Americans.  All they ask for is a little bit of unconditional compliance, but these pesky dissident Patriots keep throwing a wrench in the plans.  It is vital that you do not cause difficulty for the Regime – they are only trying to do what’s best for you.  Resistance is just plain rude.
This simple guide can assist you in avoiding a life of crime, punishable by indefinite detainment in the Gulag. The Regime is diligently searching for terrorists and you want to be above suspicion.  (Really – you do, because suspicion is all that is necessary for punishment and confinement these days.)
1.) Never protest, peacefully or otherwise.  The Federally Restricted Building and Grounds Improvement Act was put into place in order to protect our fearless leaders from actions that might publicly embarrass them.  Governing is a difficult job, and they don’t need the likes of you cluttering the steps of the Capitol with your signs.  It makes them feel badly.

2.) Don’t say mean things about the Regime on the internet.  It’s not only hurtful, it’s illegal.  Furthermore, due to CISPA, your internet providers and social networking sites now have a civic duty to snoop through you emails, status updates and forum posts, and then turn you in.  And while we’re on this topic, using technology to shield your IP address is childish and only makes you look suspicious.  If you don’t have anything to hide, then what are you so worried about?

3.) Never pay cash.  It’s a clear sign of dissident behaviour.  It’s very inconvenient for the Regime to track your spending if you don’t pay with a credit card or debit card.  How are they supposed to know who just bought more ammo or 100 pounds of rice if you pay cash for it?  Furthermore, you are cheating the big banks out of their fees and interest rates, which is very inconsiderate.

4.) Drink your fluoridated water.  The Regime is fluoridating the water for your own good.  The Regime wants you to have nice teeth.  You might have brain damage, cancer or thyroid issues, but your teeth will be rinsed with fluoride with every sip you take. Demanding that your municipalities stop adding fluoride to the local water supplies is very ungrateful.

5.) Allow the teachers to teach.  Teaching your kids at home is unnecessary and can cause a lot of problems for your child.  A child who is a critical thinker is anathema among his or her peers.  A child educated to do so is willful and disobedient, often rebelling when authority figures want to pat them down or handcuff them.  Children need to learn to follow instructions without hesitation, and if benefits no one if you teach them to question authority.  If a child needs to think for herself, the Regime will instruct her to do so.  It is not a parent’s job to empower a child or attempt to influence him with regard to moral issues.  The Regime has that covered.

6.) Don’t learn self defense techniques.  Self defense classes, practicing at a firing range and hand-to-hand combat training are an insult to the Regime.  The Regime will protect you.  You simply don’t need to take things this far.  If you want exercise, take up tennis.

7.) Do not videotape or otherwise record law enforcement officers or TSA employees.  It’s just plain offensive to act as though these agents of the Regime would do anything that requires documentation.  Sure, sometimes they get a little wound up and beat the daylights out of innocent people, but keep in mind, they are under a lot of pressure to stamp out domestic terrorism. And it isn’t going to kill you to get groped – it’s the price you have to pay for flying.  If you just stand there quietly with your eyes downcast, the molestation will be over much more quickly.

8.) Eat your GMO, Big Agri fruits and vegetables.  These foods have been specially formulated just for us.  Sure, they contain only nominal nutrients in comparison to organically grown produce, but it’s just an insult to try to grow your own because you think it’s “better”.  The FDA has worked hand in hand with Monsanto to provide you with a nutritionless abundance – the least you could do is eat it without complaint.  Furthermore, taking vitamins to make up for the lack of nutrition is just a slap in the face to poor Big Agri, and really messes up the plan to keep us weak, lethargic and malnourished.

9.) Take your medication.  The FDA and Big Pharma work hard to keep you medicated and calm.  There are many benefits to today’s medications.  First of all, a lifelong dependence on these medications allows a constant stream of income for Big Pharma.  Secondly, psychiatric medications in particular calm your thinking, leaving you content to watch Dancing with the Stars instead of searching those horrible thought-provoking alternative news sites that brazenly criticize the Regime.  For those of you who insist on taking herbal remedies instead of chemical medication, well, shame on you!  Don’t you realize that you are taking money out of the pockets of the wealthy owners of pharmaceutical companies?  You need to stop being so self-centered and consider others.  Take your pills!

10.)  Vaccinate your children.  Kids today are at risk for so many horrible things.  Thankfully, there is a vaccination for nearly every one of them.  Sure, some kids will become autistic and uncommunicative after receiving the jab, but at least they won’t get whooping cough. The Regime is aware that the HPV vaccine doesn’t work very well and causes side effects in a large percentage of the girls who receive it, but how else are they going to secretly sterilize our female population?

As you can see, it really isn’t that difficult to stay out of trouble.  If you only keep in mind that these rules are for your own good, you should have no trouble serenely being guided through life by the benevolent Regime.  You, too, can reap the benefits of unconditional obedience.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Learn, Teach, Flourish, and Resist

"It does not take a majority to prevail ... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."
~ Samuel Adams ~

Patriotism is more than a state of mind.  It’s not enough to be an armchair patriot, typing furiously in forums about the latest outrage.  There are actions inherent in the title “Patriot”. We must recognize our responsibilities in order to change the direction our country (and the world itself) has taken. It’s up to us, in our small decisions and deeds, to steer this course back to one of peace, prosperity and independence, secure that our God-given rights are once again inalienable. 

The first of these is a willingness to learn.  We have to cast aside our pride and realize we don’t know it all.  Patriotism today is not just an emotion relating to love for a country.  It’s a battle every single day against those who would remove our freedoms.  We must educate ourselves on world events, on the relationships between Big Government and Big Business, and on the twisted agenda that threatens to put control of the entire world into the hands of the minute percentage of psychopaths who consider us serfs on a good day, and vermin on a bad day.

Next is a willingness to teach.  Most of us have a mentor to whom we are grateful.  Those who teach are the real leaders, far above the politicians and the military officers that most look to for leadership.  The people who share their knowledge, patiently repeating the message until it gets through, are the real heroes and the ones who will change the world.  If you have learned it, then you have a personal responsibility to pass it on.  If you know something that will aid others in the fight, there is a moral imperative in place to share that information with others.  That truth will be shared exponentially, and those tenets generally recognized as true will expand to encompass the real story behind the hostile takeover of liberty.

The next responsibility is the willingness to take care of ourselves.  Dependency is what got us into this mess in the first place.  Our society is built on a system that depends on Big Government and the offerings of Big Business for survival. Most people no longer know how to feed themselves if the food isn’t neatly packaged in Styrofoam, a can or a cardboard box.  People are no longer producers, but consumers. People are dependent on Big Agri for food, Big Pharma for health and Big Business for livelihoods, energy sources and entertainment.  In turn, Big Government supplies a large percentage of the people with the fake fiat currency to pay for these goods and services through welfare and other “benefits”.  Dependency on this funding, in turn, keeps people in line – if they don’t follow the rules, they don’t receive their benefits.  Big Government, via the federal governments and the United Nations, regulates independence right out of existence with the many laws and restrictions that clamp down on those who strive to provide for themselves.  They have intentionally created a world that relies so integrally upon them that society would be utterly and completely lost without them.

Finally we all have the responsibility to resist tyranny.  Silence is acceptance of the status quo.  By allowing ourselves to be herded along we become complicit in our own enslavement. It is inherent upon each and every one of us never to accept the unacceptable, because if we do not resoundingly say “No!” we are tacitly saying “yes”.  It might be more convenient to simply grit our teeth and allow the TSA to grope us in the airport but it is our responsibility to make it as difficult and unpleasant as possible.  It might be far easier to look the other way as yet another God-given right is taken away, but it’s imperative to fight it every step of the way.  Many will opt for silence when they see the rights of others infringed upon, merely being glad that this time, they are not the victim of the oppression.  If we don’t stand in defense of our neighbors, then who will stand up with us when Tyranny knocks on our own door?

In 1811, Thomas Jefferson wrote something omniscient:

If we find our government in all its branches rushing headlong, like our predecessors, into the arms of monarchy, if we find them violating our dearest rights, the trial by jury, the freedom of the press, the freedom of opinion, civil or religious, or opening on our peace of mind or personal safety the sluices of terrorism, if we see them raising standing armies, when the absence of all other danger points to these as the sole objects on which they are to be employed, then indeed let us withdraw and call the nation to its tents.

Every threat that Jefferson mentioned is evident today in our own de facto government.  The call has been sounded. 

Let us learn, teach, flourish, and resist.
It’s all in a day’s work for a real Patriot.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Monsanto: The Real Cyberdyne

If ever there was a company that embodied evil, it would be the Monsanto Company.
The combination of unfettered corporate greed, a eugenics agenda and corrupt political manipulation forms an unholy trinity that could make Monsanto the real Cyberdyne Systems.  In the Terminator movies, Cyberdyne Systems created the artificial intelligence computer system Skynet, which destroyed most life on earth and forced survivors to live underground.
Proving once again that fact is indeed as strange as fiction, the Monsanto Company could singlehandedly cause TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It).
The History of Monsanto
Monsanto was started in St. Louis, Missouri in 1901 by John Francis Queeny, whose background was in the pharmaceutical industry.  Beginning as it would continue, the first product made by Monsanto was saccharin, a controversial artificial sweetener now banned in many countries for its links to cancer.
Over the last century, Monsanto was responsible for bringing many controversial substances to the market.
·        Saccharin
·        Agent Orange
·        DDT
·        Aspartame
·        Bovine Growth Hormone
Initially a chemical company, it wasn’t until 1982 that Monsanto branched into agriculture, immediately tying the chemical background to the formerly wholesome business of growing food.  Monsanto was determined to improve on nature and by the late 1980s had begun trials with genetically modified crops.
Monsanto and the Court System
Monsanto is no stranger to either side of the courtroom. In effort to eradicate the family farm, Monsanto has taken many farmers to court for patent infringement.  Farms unfortunate enough to be downwind of Monsanto have been sued because of cross-pollination with Monsanto plants from neighbouring farms.  Because these farmers did not purchase seeds from Monsanto, they were “stealing” the benefits of this genetic engineering, and thus, successfully sued until they lost their businesses to the greedy company.
Farmers have incurred millions of dollars in judgements, sometimes even being required to pay for Monsanto’s investigation of their crops and Monsanto’s legal expenses.  According to the Center for Food Safety, the odds are stacked against the farmers. “Monsanto has an annual budget
of $10 million dollars and a staff of 75 devoted solely to investigating and
prosecuting farmers.”

Monsanto has been in the defendant’s seat as well.  The chemical giant recently settled for an undisclosed amount with the residents of Nitro, West Virginia in a class action lawsuit over the production of the carcinogenic chemical 2,4,5-T, an ingredient in herbicides and pesticides, as well as the banned “Agent Orange.”

A group of more than 300,000 organic farmers recently took a page from Monsanto’s book and sued the company because they found through testing that their crops had been “tainted” by genetically modified plants growing nearby. The case, unfortunately, was dismissed.

Monsanto’s Incestuous Relationship with the Federal Government
Part of the reason Monsanto has been so successful in the courtroom has been the company’s incestuous ties to the US de facto government.  Despite the blatant conflicts of interest, Monsanto executives have held Cabinet, judicial and policy-making positions in the Bush, Clinton and Obama administrations.  When you’re sleeping with the enemy, the enemy tends to get away with all manner of crimes.
Michael Taylor: 
VP of Monsanto à Deputy Commissioner of the FDA
Roger Beachy:  Director of the Danforth Plant Science Center (paid for by Monsanto) à director of the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture
Elena Kagan:  Obama Solicitor General (when she famously took Monsanto's side against organic farmers in the Roundup Ready Alfalfa case) àUS Supreme Court justice.
Clarence Thomas:  General Counsel for Monsanto àUS Supreme Court justice.
Margaret Miller:  Monsanto supervisor à Deputy Director of Human Food Safety
Donald Rumsfield: Board of Directors for Monsanto’s Searle Pharmaceuticals à US Secretary of Defense
Ann Veneman:  Monsanto Board of Directors à US Secretary of Agriculture
Linda Fisher: Assistant Administrator at the EPA àVP of Monsanto àDeputy Administrator of the EPA
Dr. Michael A.Friedman: Deputy Commisioner of the FDA àSenior VP of Monsanto

Monsanto’s Corporate Bedfellows
Monsanto’s collusion goes further than mere ties with government.  The power-mad and wealthy seem to be magnetically drawn to the company.
Recently, public depopulation proponent Bill Gates bought half a million shares in Monsanto and began “gifting” Monsanto seeds to farmers in Third World countries.  These farmers will be permanently tied to Monsanto, as the self-terminating seeds will have to be repurchased every year.
Monsanto’s Board of Directors has ties to corporate giants such as McDonalds, Cisco Systems, Sara Lee, Lockheed Martin and Proctor and Gamble, to name a few.
Monsanto has sponsored exhibits at Disneyworld and Disneyland.
Monsanto has tentacles in the following companies through mergers and spin-offs:  GD Searle, the Nutrasweet Company, Pharmacia, Upjohn, Eli Lilly & Co., Seminis, Delta and Pine Land Company, and De Ruiter Seeds.
Starving Amidst Abundance
Perhaps the most disturbing issue with Monsanto and their products is the fact that the genetically engineered food is simply untested – we don’t know the full repercussions from eating this stuff.
Animal studies in Europe have proven that animals fed a GMO diet are more likely to suffer from organ failure. The study concluded, “It is unacceptable to submit 500 million Europeans and several billions of consumers worldwide to the new pesticide GM-derived foods or feed, this being done without more controls (if any) than the only 3-month-long toxicological tests.”
Other studies have shown disturbing results like stomach lesions, increased risk of anaphylactic shock, increased antibiotic resistance, and toxins in the bloodstreams of newborns.
We aren’t allowed to be warned about GMOs either.  Although Obama promised labeling of GMO foods appearing at your local grocery store, it’s yet another campaign promise that has never been fulfilled.  The state of Vermont is currently being sued by Monsanto for labeling GMO foods. The FDA has also refused to force GMO producers to label their food.  At this point, the only way you can be sure you are getting your food as nature intended it is to pay high prices for organic foods.
Monsanto has changed the face of world agriculture to the point that each trip to the grocery store results in a lottery of genetic mutations.  Will the tomato that you eat today cause bleeding ulcers tomorrow?  Will the gmo corn that insinuates itself into 90% of processed foods cause your child to have a resistance to antibiotics that might otherwise save her life? Are you missing important nutrients by consuming these foods, causing you to overeat to attempt to satiate your need for vitamins and minerals?
Monsanto has been publicly accused of mishandling toxic chemicals.  Many of the items the company has brought to market have since been banned, which suggests proper testing was not done in the first place.  With all of Monsanto’s criminal accessories in the US de facto government, as well as Big Pharma and other corporate entities, is it any stretch to question the company’s mutation of our food supply?
Amidst all of this genetically modified abundance, wouldn’t it be ironic to perish from malnutrition?

Monsanto Plays Monopoly
With the world’s farms as its gameboard, Monsanto is aggressively taking over agriculture.  As mentioned above, one of the primary ways Monsanto removes the competition is through lawsuits that regular farmers can not afford. 
Another tactic used by Monsanto is that of genetically engineering seeds to be self-terminating.  Quite simply, Monsanto seeds can be used to grow one plant.  The time-honored practice of carefully harvesting seeds from plants so that they can be reused will not work with Monsanto seeds because they have been sterilized.
The donations of Monsanto seeds to Third World countries is, then, somewhat akin to the drug dealer who gives his clients a “free sample” for their first hit.  The client has no choice but to come back. 
The creation of the self-terminating seed causes a revolving need for more seeds every year.  If plants grown in subsequent years are found to have some residual DNA from previous Monsanto plantings, the farmer knows he will be sued and lose everything.  The farmer is unable to propagate from previous crops.  Monsanto has created a customer who has no option but to purchase from them year after year.
As a method to take over the world, what better way than to control the source from which all food comes?  If the ONLY seeds are one day these modified sterile creations, what happens when those seeds disappear?  What happens if Monsanto stops producing the seeds?  What if seeds become regulated and only distributed in certain amounts to certain growers?
Starvation on a scale more massive than the world has ever seen occurs.
Control is complete and absolute. 
This is the ultimate power.

“Who controls the food supply controls the people.”
~ Henry Kissinger