Wednesday 18 April 2012

Your Illegally Extorted Tax Dollars at Work

When you get your next pay stub, take a look at the withholdings.  The income tax you pay and the Social Security contributions (that you will probably never see again) are being spent to pay for the war that the de facto government is waging against Americans.  We are funding our own demise at the rate of more than 20% of our personal income. 
Even God doesn’t ask for more than 10%.
"But, gee," many effectively-brainwashed people say, "Our tax dollars pay for good things - the government takes care of us through our taxes, right?"
Take a moment to consider some of the things we’ve been chipping in for over the past few years.....
~ Janet Napolitano and friends have purchased millions of rounds of hollow point ammo for an undisclosed amount of money and are actively bidding for even more ammunition.  The DHS is not the military, so one can only believe that there is a plan for all of this ammunition – my guess is that it will not be beneficial to those of us paying for it.
~ The TSA (otherwise known the Department of Molestation) contracted with Lockheed Martin for another $72 million dollars worth of naked body scanners.
~ More than 700 billion dollars has been spent to bail out banks and automotive company, while 7,645 taxpayers per day are losing their homes to foreclosure. 
~ Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has taken 27 trips home (at the cost of $32,000 apiece) over the past year.  I’ll do the math for you: $864,000 for one man’s vacations.
~ The Environmental Deception Protection Agency, with its 17,000+ federally-paid full-time employees, has declined to continue testing our food and water supplies for radiation and has continuously defended companies like Monsanto and Dow Chemicals.
~ The Department of Homeland Gestapo Security has invested $11.4 million to pay a contractor to surf the net looking for critical statements about them.  (Hi, DHS!!!  I can let you know for free that this is a critical statement!)
~ Some members of the Secret Service and the US military have indulged in a South American orgy, replete with prostitutes and a fancy hotel. The price tag for this has not yet been released.
~ Barack Obama said, “Everyone must sacrifice for the greater good… Everyone must have some skin in the game.”  The First Family has a very different version of sacrifice than those of us who pay their expenses – Obama family vacations cost the taxpayers over $10 million in 2011.

To make a long story short, we need to wake up to the fact that with every dime of taxes we pay, we are funding our own enslavement.  We are paying the salaries of the people being trained to round us up and haul us off to the FEMA camps.  Speaking of FEMA camps, we are paying for those too – every dime of it is coming out of tax-payer dollars. 

We are paying for Barack Obama, his family and his cabinet members to go on vacations that singly cost more than any holiday most of us have every been on.  Some of these getaways cost more than most of us make in a year of 40 hour work weeks! 

We are giving the government the money to buy the bullets, the weapons and the technology that they plan to use to subdue us.

We are paying through the nose so that huge corporations (that don’t pay any taxes because of special interest loopholes) do not go belly-up. We are funding the big banks that are foreclosing on thousands of homes per day.

And the most twisted part of all?


That amendment (the 16th Amendment) was never ratified by the states.  The de facto government is using its usual jackboot scare tactics to force Americans to pay taxes that they do not, BY LAW, have to pay.

This makes the Internal Revenue Service nothing more than a group of extortionists.  They are illegally coercing money from people by threat of prison, loss of assets and criminal charges.  The IRS is the knee-breaking thug arm of the de facto government.  The agency is guilty of government-approved organized crime.


What if nobody paid their taxes?

What if Americans stopped paying their captors to enslave and terrorize them?

Would the wheels of tyranny grind to a halt?

Could financial resistance be the weapon that changes the world?


  1. Daisy,

    Have I mentioned I lately that I love your blog, but can't stand those stubborn facts that are our reality? Keep up the good work..waking others.

    FYI: I just shared your story here:

    1. Thank you for sharing my article, WE!!! And thank you also for your kind words. Your blog is great, too - I checked it out!


  2. Its true, but scary reading !.
    And how sad the people just keep conforming to a system that makes no sense anymore!.

    But it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd and start disobeying the system.

    But perhaps, thats what it takes !.

    1. You're right! It has to start somewhere, and when it does, people must be aware that they will be persecuted and villified. We have to follow our own moral compasses, though, and not the crowd!


  3. I've considered withholding my taxes, but it's risky unless everyone did it at once. They couldn't possibly jail everyone. There would have to be some sort of website set up where once a critical mass was hit people would collectively agree to stop paying taxes at the same time.

    Perhaps another option is to grow our own food, stop earning taxable dollars and instead live on the abundant benevolence of the land.

  4. Wow, this is another case of partly misinformed communication again.

    The Income Tax is not even being with held from the pay of citizens.

    Read the law. The only thing being withheld are the taxes that are found in Subtitle C of the IRC. That means that ALL the taxes being withheld from your paycheck are VOLUNTARY! There is no punishment for not paying into the Subtitle C taxes.

    So, please get all your facts straight before publishing this kind of 'news.'

  5. My clarifications may seem trivial; however, I believe you need to be absolutely clear on a few topics. The ‘income tax / employment tax’ ‘DOES NOT’ pay for services. This was discovered during the Pres Ron Reag stay in the WH. According to what is commonly referred to as the “ Grace Commission’s report”, all taxes taken from your check or paid into by ‘indy contractors’ go DIRECTLY to pay down on the interest for the national debt. NOT one dime goes for gov’t paid services.

    If ‘our treasury’ simply applied the fed const, they would print ‘interest free money’. Roads / hwys are paid for by ‘gas taxes’. Schools, pol /fire personnel, the courts, basic services are paid for by your local ‘property taxes’. ‘Sales taxes’ is FREE MONEY to the state collecting it – and here in California 80% of all taxes / fees collected go to state gov’t worker wage /pension plans. LOL LOL LOL

    I suggest people stop using their Soc Sec # for basic things, and write to the Internal Revenue Office and request your IMF (Individual Master File). Every ‘taxpayer’ has one of these on file and you have the Right to see it. You ‘may’ (lol) be amuzed (or pissed) at how the gov’t workers ‘classify’ your ‘income’.(alcohol / tobacco/ fire arms) LOL LOL LOL

    Remember, the ‘income tax’ is an excise tax. (eg. a privilege tax). So what was the privileged activity you participated in to receive a pay check? Remember earning a living in Alcohol / tobacco / fire arms is a privilage. Most everything else is a 'Right'. You can't tax a 'Right' with an excise tax. Whether the 16th Amendment was passed is meaningless - nothing has changed.

    1. That is very interesting information, Anonymous. Thank you for sharing it - more research is definitely in order!

      May I ask, are you an accountant or tax attorney or just a very well-informed citizen?

      Thanks again!


  6. I stumbled onto your page after writing a letter to my congressman asking him to explain to me why if extortion is illegal the government gets to exempt themselves? I am a very frustrated citizen of the U.S and am growing more and more drained from the abuse of our government. Most of the people I know do not understand the concept of what is really going on. The government in my opinion has created a society that is only educated on the things they want you educated on! Otherwise you must pay fees, tuition etc. to obtain a professional career to be able to pay for your TAXES and support your family. I have a hard time with understanding why more people do not step up to confront the government and just say "NO" oh wait, that's right you will be targeted as a terrorist for standing up for yourself...Nothing will change until we stand United!

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