It's 16.00 local time.

I just got back from the office, have a quick shower, and getting ready.

The strike is scheduled for 18.00. I'm going to pick up my sister, my daughter's god father, and two friends.

We will park the car away from the city's main square, and we will walk to the gathering.

All over the country, plain people like you and me are marching together. Scared people, family men, homeless, hungry, and poor. Women who have nothing to lose anymore but their own lives. Students, soldiers, teachers, and even policemen.

We are not like our ancestors. They were brave; they stopped the Persian forces, the defeated the Turks, and screwed Hitler's plan for a couple of months.

We are scared, soft, and peaceful. I don't know how this will end up. But I really don't care anymore. As I told you, I will not go silently into the night.

Things in Athens already got out of control. You will see and read the evening news I presume.

I'm not the tough guy or the macho man. I don't know how to deal with the full armoured trained riot-police forces. What ever is to come, I hope it comes fast.

My only joy is that my friends are with me. My only concern is for my family to be safe.

It's raining now; it's like as if the sky is crying along with humanity.

God may be with us. I know He is.

Pass the message dear. Be safe.

Thank you for letting me pass on this message for you, my friend.  I will pray for your safety and liberty.