Sunday 26 February 2012

New World Order 101

Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all of the conspiracy theories floating around. If you try to discuss them, people stare at you like your tinfoil undies are showing. Really, all those theories boil down to bigger parts of the whole.  The big enchilada of conspiracy theories is that of the New World Order.  Once you understand that, the rest of it just falls into place.

The NWO wants:

One government.
One religion.
One economy.
One military.

To get a handle on it, we'll start with a little history lesson.  Thirteen old aristocratic families form the backbone of a group known as the Illuminati.  These families are called "bloodlines" in the NWO arena  They include the Astor Bloodline, the Bundy Bloodline, the Collins Bloodline, the DuPont Bloodline,  the Freeman Bloodline, the Kennedy Bloodline,  the Li Bloodline,  the Onassis Bloodline, the Reynolds Bloodline, the Rockefeller Bloodline, the Rothschild Bloodline, the Russell Bloodline and the Van Duyn Bloodline.  The purpose of the Illuminati is to gain control of the economy, the religion and the governments of the world, allowing one group of "elites" to be in charge of the world's decision making, thus making those decisions benefit said group of "elites". For a look at the incestuous web of banking, politics, media and religion click on the names above.

Other "secret societies" that are purportedly working towards the goal of the NWO are the Freemasons about whom abundant theories revolve regarding cultural, religious and political influences; the Elders of Zion, of whom  the validity of a document alleged to be the minutes of a meeting to prepare the"protocols" is,still in debate,and   the Society of the Elect, a Round Table group of elites that select the famous Rhodes scholarship recipients.

Okay, enough history and supplemental links. 

The New World Order itself would be considered a goal:  a one-world authoritarian government.  This would rule out nationalism, different forms of government, freedom of religion and individual social and property rights.

There would be two very defined groups of people:  ruling class and servant.  If your name happens to NOT be included in the group above, then guess which category you fall into?

Of course, gaining status as member of the serving class would mean that you've been able to avoid becoming a victim of depopulation - the mass eugenics project that is predicted and recommended on the Georgia Guidestones, a monument anonymously erected in 1980 in Elbert County, Georgia. This is only one example of a philosophy that recommends a world population reduction of 9/10  of the planet!!!

Currently, the United Nations is the politically correct face of the NWO.  The UN "peacekeepers" form the crux of a one-world military.  The UN has an incredibly deceitful public relations department that makes them seem like the good guys, the sheriffs of the world, but in reality, the acts of UN forces around the world are so horrific that it puts to shame any barbaric history one might dig up. Actions such as torture, widespread sexual abuse and rape of populations under their protection, and pedophilia  show us that the UN is NOT a benevolent force, there for the good of the globe. Sadly, none of these incidents I have linked to are theoretical - these are events that occurred, some with disturbing photos.

Summing things up, the New World Order would mean....

.......One government directing the actions of the entire planet.

.......One religion based on the principals of the Theosophy Society.

.......Massive depopulation and involuntary sterilization.

.......A planned economy with the global redistribution of wealth and resources.

When you read this stuff, some of it actually sounds reasonable. 

Aren't there too many people in the world, using up resources and sending us hurtling towards global disaster?
Don't different religious beliefs cause most of the wars in the world?
Isn't the world economy crumbling right before our very eyes?
Why can't we just all join together and get along?

It almost makes you want to sit around a campfire and sing "Kumbaya".

Until you think about..........

Who gets to decide who lives or dies?
Who gets to be the ruling class and who gets to serve them?
Who gets to decide what religion is "right"? And what if God disagrees?
Who controls and condones the actions of the one-world military?

Go back and read today's headlines with the information you've just read in the back of your mind.  Read about the wars being started over oil.  Contemplate the vast array of toxins being introduced into our food supply via GMO frankenfoods and into our air supply via chemtrails.  Think about all of the vaccinations that are literally forced upon humankind.  Study the names in the news and ponder who the same ones are in control of the media, the banking industry and politics.

When does the NWO evolve from conspiracy theory to conspiracy fact?


  1. Probably when the po-lice start kicking in their doors and they find their constitutional rights don't mean "jack" anymore. When it's someone else's door and they hear about it on one of the media outfits owned by George Soros, it always tends to sound justified somehow. It always seems to be linked to the so called WAR on Drugs or, here lately, the Sovereign Citizen "Don't tread on ME" group.

    I had a hard time getting used to the NWO idea, as it all seemed like story material for the "X-Files" but when Glenn Beck and Alex Jones (they hate each other) start agreeing on certain ideas i.e. Soros, NWO, TSA, DHS you have to stop and pay attention.

    1. Thanks Matt!

      It does seem rather fantastical - I only wish that was the case!

      I hope to see you around!