Wednesday 29 February 2012

Today Is the Last Day to Clean Up Your Computer History

As of tomorrow, March 1, 2012, the internet really is forever.

Tomorrow Google's new misnamed "privacy policy" goes into effect.  Google euphemistically calls this "treating you as one user".  Anything you view on Youtube, mail via Gmail or search on Google's search engine will be compiled to make a profile of you.

This change will be retroactive, meaning anything you've already viewed or searched will be included in this compilation of personal data.

It's a good idea to clean up your history today. Otherwise it will live on infinitely in Google's files.

First, clear your Google search history using these easy STEPS to erase your searches.  Even if you've cleared the cache in your computer, Google still has this data until you erase it.

Next, clear you Youtube viewing history.  This article will show you how.

Then look ahead to the new changes on Facebook.  You have until March 30 to remove anything that you do not want to become a permanent part of Facebook.  That is the day that FB's new "Timeline" becomes mandatory.

Any apps you have enabled will become permanent, showing up to display your "stripper name" or "which Twilight character are you?" at any given time.

Any angry or intoxicated post you may have made since you joined Facebook during your misspent youth becomes fair game and may appear at random on your personal page. 

Any photos that you have been tagged in may pop up to prompt a little trip down memory lane.  An embarrassing Christmas party photo could potentially haunt you.

Read this advice on making your Facebook history a bit less voyeuristic.

Cleaning these items up, of course, doesn't make them disappear altogether, because we all know the internet is the modern version of eternity.  However it will make things more difficult for the average stalker and will give you at least a thin shield as privacy policies become a lot less private.


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