Sunday 4 March 2012

Protect Your PC on March 8th

The countdown is on for the FBI's "planned interruption" of the internet on March 8th.

The European Union Times  reports concerns by the Kremlin that this is a move by the United States government to further crack down on "dissidents".  Russian computer security experts claim to have provided the FBI with a simple fix to disable the DNSchanger Trojan without interrupting internet service, but say that the repair was rejected as the FBI proceeds with plans to make the internet go dark.


On March 8th, the FBI and friends are going to be effectively going in to your computer to allegedly seek out and destroy this virus. 

If the virus is affecting your computer you will no longer be able to access the internet with that machine, lest your personal computer become the typhoid Mary of the internet.

This brings many questions to my admittedly less-than-technical mind.

Could this be a big coverup for a warrantless peek inside the computers of America?
Could this be a way to install government spyware via their own trojan - into our computers?
Could the internet going dark be a giant "reboot" to activate whatever was installed in our computers?
Could this be a way to diffuse information during a false flag event planned by our own government?
Could this be a way to limit communication as patriots are rounded up under the NDAA?

There are a few ways we can try to protect ourselves from these potential attacks on our privacy and communications.

1.)  BACK UP all of your information.  Back up your systems, print hard copies and save your files to disc or USB drive.  This will save your work and information in the event of a crash or a system wipe from outside sources.

2.)  Not only is the internet a way out - it's a way in.  Consider shutting down your home internet connection for a couple of days to protect your system during this sweep.  Turn off and unplug all devices.  Disconnect your router and/or modem.

3.)  Educate yourself on the potential of Trojan Horse Warrants and government-sanctioned cyber-snooping.

4.)  Change your settings to disable some or all cookies, which are tracking devices that websites install on your computer for "marketing" purposes.  Note that some functions of your computer will become inoperable without cookies.  Certain pages require the use of cookies to operate correctly.

5.)  Clean up your computer.  Run a defrag, clear your caches and histories, delete any temporary files and empty your recycle bins.

6.)  Install firewalls and antivirus software.  There are many of these on the market, and some are free downloads.  Find a trusted brand and install it on your computer immediately.  Turn the protection all the way up to the highest settings.  These programs will help keep out "intruders" whether they are government cyberthugs or general malicious hackers.

7.) Always log out of anything that requires registration.  Being logged in to your email, Facebook or Google accounts open a doorway.  Anything that you do on your computer can be tracked when you are logged in to any program or website that deposits a cookie.  It's the equivalent of going to the bathroom with the door open.

March 8th could be the end of the internet as we know it today or just a temporary lull in service.  Either way, using this as impetus to protect your system is a good idea.  The intrusions will continue to be more bold as time goes on and more people wake up to the threats of the current regime. 

If Virtue & Knowledge are diffused among the People, they will never be enslav'd. This will be their great Security.
~ Samuel Adams, 1779




  1. MattMar 5, 2012 08:42 AM

    Sad to say, if they plan on doing big things on the 8th, its probably already happened.

    1)Just look at the number of time that .gov entities, especially the spooks under the control of DHS drop by to look at our blogs. I've deleted mine.

    2)Think about it. One of the articles you hyperlinked mentioned Microsoft and how it's in bed with the government.

    If you run Windows, have you ever wondered about the amount of updates, especially the security updates that take place. Here recently, my computer just went nuts doing updates to the operating system. This computer is always on, the update program always has access to the internet, and yet suddenly it just went bonkers with the shear amount of updates being run. Why all of a sudden?

    Both Google and Facebook are also highly suspected of bedroom activities with the government.

    Look at all the changes that Blogger has gone through in the last 6 to 10 months since Google took over. Just think of the possibilities of them slipping some intrusive monitoring software in the mix, Here's an example, Google is already doing word check on our blogs. One blogger friend very recently posted some material that would be considered inflammatory to a certain (so-called) religion. The software flagged the blog and suspended it, taking it offline, until it could be reviewed.

    Don't even get me started on Facebook. How many stories have you heard of them deleting posts that THEY object to?

    I have recently deleted Facebook from my smartphone and I urge everyone else to do so as well. Delete all your browsing data immediately afterwards, though, otherwise the Facebook cookie will still remain. Soon I feel I will have to just simply turn delete my profile completely, though.

    Back to the point. I personally feel that this March 8th warning may in fact be as you suggest here, but honestly, I feel it most likely is just a misinformation campaign accomplished by slight of hand however not necessarily in the manner you suggest.

    The government may have some activity going on that day, but the damage has already long ago been done while we were worried about March 8th.

    I really believe that the spying is massive at all levels of our personal computers from the operating systems, to the programs we use, to the key-loggers.... all run by Big SIS. 2 + 2 = 5.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting, Matt.

      Could you clarify what you mean when you recommend deleting your browsing data after you've been on Facebook? Is that still necessary if you log out each time?

      And I sincerely hope that you are correct about March 8. At the very least I suspect it's a way to hamper communications during some type of false flag or anti-patriot event.

      I don't trust "them" as far as I can throw "them". :)


    2. I was referring to my iPhone when I said that. The issue with Facebook on the smartphones was that FB was somehow reading the text messages, or at least had the capacity to read the text messages.

      I simply choose to delete FB from my iPhone.

      Then I went into the settings app on the iPhone and went to the Safari browser, then went down to the part that asked me if I wanted to clear the History, Cache, and Cookies. I deleted all 3 just to be sure that FB hadn't left a cookie on my phone even after I deleted the program app. If you still use it on your iPhone, I would delete this data regularly. More often, if you're paranoid like I am. ;)

      So to answer your question, I would, if you still use FB.

      I do this regularly anyway simply because it seems to help the phone work better when its being used for internet purposes.

      As far as a real PC goes, I use the "private browsing" feature on Firefox browser. I use the Pale Moon version of Firefox because it is a souped up version of Firefox that has all of the features I need and none of the slow-downs that Firefox has developed; it has gotten really slow with this new update. Pale Moon is really fast and can run most, if not all, the add-ons and extensions that regular Firefox uses.

      Anyway, my trust is destroyed as well. They tell us nothing but lies and BS as if we all live under one big mushroom. We are quickly becoming a fascist country. Some say we already are.

      Who am I to say we aren't?

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