Sunday 20 May 2012

Debunking Drake

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

For example, what if someone told you:

“Drake” is the name used by an insider to the plan to arrest many thousands of bad guys in the United States who are responsible for numerous crimes against the general public. This man “Drake” was asked by the Pentagon to inform people about what to expect when these mass arrests are broadcast.

Drake was given a large stack of papers detailing a plan for all this back in 1979. He said he did not read all of it, but he did read some of it, and this is the basis for the plan of arresting all the high-level crooks. Much work has been done through the years to get this done in a lawful and peaceful manner, with research that Drake did on the origins of law going back many thousands of years.

The bottom line is, the good guys have paperwork that gives the military civilian authority to contact Federal Marshals, who in turn contact local law enforcement, who actually make the arrests. The important thing to know is that this is NOT about military action, or a military coup, or martial law. There may be a stand of troops to back up the law enforcement actions, and the Federal Marshals will be with them. The military will be there only to give assistance as needed.

David Wilcock and Drake will be notified of arrests a day or so ahead, so it can be put on the Internet and go viral. David Wilcock says there are “an astonishing number of deeply-imbedded moles, who are so much closer to these people {arrestees} than anybody thought they could get.”
                                                                        Source: Fourwinds10

This is a synopsis of the “Drake Interview” that is a huge topic of conversation on Patriot websites and forums.  Basically, it sounds like we all have nothing to worry about; the guys in white hats are about to ride in and take care of everything.  Apparently, we can all relax and go back to American Idol now.

Drake refers frequently to the website Freedom Reigns.  The site treats Drake as a fountain of information, has “Drake FAQs” page that gets right down to the nitty gritty of how he takes his coffee and what he thinks of the Pope, and has a page of “Alerts” to keep America informed of the actions that are going to be taken against the Elite any day now.

Personally, I’m not switching on Dancing with the Stars just yet.

I just don’t believe this.

First of all, if these plans were truly in the works, why on earth would the Pentagon tap this anonymous fellow, “Drake”, to spread the word via an internet interview with David Wilcock?  Would that really be the media of choice for the Department of Defense, who could simply take over the networks with the flip of a switch?

Secondly, why would this advance warning be given?  The Elite, with their unlimited funds, would be able to hop on their private jets and vanish if there was any basis to these rumors.  If such an action were being taken, wouldn’t it be above top secret until the second it happened?

Finally, if this has been in the works since 1979, why did it take over 30 years for the paperwork and arrest warrants to be put together?  Why were the banksters and politicos allowed to run America into the ground for all that time if their guilt was proven?

This is nothing but a psyops operation, something defined by the US Department of Defense as "the planned use of propaganda and other psychological actions having the primary purpose of influencing the opinions, emotions, attitudes, and behavior of hostile foreign groups in such a way as to support the achievement of national objectives."

This is a method to assuage the Patriots, many of whom are chomping at the bit to deal with those who have nearly destroyed our country.  The PTB do not want a revolution – revolutions are messy, chaotic and bloody affairs, and they are too narcissistically proud of their precious skins to risk a revolt if it can be prevented at all.  If enough Patriot activists are sitting by, waiting for these mass arrests, this simply gives the Elite a little more time to put their plans into effect.

On the Alerts page of Freedom Reigns, instructions are given.  Read these excerpts with a cynical eye.

…..Media may say its martial law and try to spread panic, but the actions are lawful and benefit humanity….
….International travel will be stopped for 3 days….
….Remain calm. Support the troops and law officers that are arresting thousands of criminals guilty of heinous crimes against us all….….Research stories on the internet to assure yourself that the arresters are good and the arrestees are bad….
This is an attempt to program us not to resist as martial law is instated.  This is an effort to convince Patriots to go along with the enemy like sheep to the slaughter.  Believe this and you will end up in a FEMA camp, convinced it’s for your own safety whilst the “bad guys” are being rounded up.

Joel Skousen, prominent political scientist and well-respected commentator in the Patriot movement, puts it bluntly on Liberty Round Table.  “All of this is so patently ridiculous that I’m embarrassed for the movement and those good people who are taken in by it. But, perhaps that’s part of the purpose—to drive thinking people away and discredit the ones who understand how the true conspiracy operates.”

Hear more from Skousen on this Infowars interview with Alex Jones.

As we get closer to the vital breaking point in the Resistance, we will be flooded with more and more disinformation.  Verify the sources of what you hear.  Consider the credibility and the agendas of those sources.  Don’t fall victim to a hoax, no matter how elaborate or widely spread.  If it sounds like liberty is going to return via the proper channels, while we stand patiently by on the sidelines, you can be assured that it is NOT TRUE. 

Freedom isn’t free.


  1. Yeah, good points here Daisy.

    If anyone thinks that the owners of the Federal Reserve criminal banking cartel; the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc. are going to direct all the nations they lord it over to arrest themselves and dismantle their own personal worldwide control grid, you've done too many bong hits with Barry Obama and too much LSD with Timmy Leary.

    These guys are gonna collapse the ponzi scheme they have created, create worldwide chaos and force the masses to capitulate for bread and the circus of security, anti-Christ style. How do I know? The Bible tells me so.

    This battle is, and has always been, the Lord's. Only He can destroy the one world dictatorship of the beast, only He can stop the illuminati, the Bilderbergs, the Council on Foreign Relations and the other roundtable groups, the UN, the Club of Rome, the Committee of 300, the Tri-Laterals, the Vatican, the Pope, The Jesuits, the Bohemian Grove goers, the new agers, and the godless and evil forces of this world. This world is Christ's and His alone; they have seized His property and He will come and take what is rightly His.

    I think this is the time to sound the alarm, waking up as many as we can to the reality of the times.

    1. @Lentenlands: Hello, This battle is, and has been the Lords. Truth is yes its his battle, however God has always used MEN of FAITH to do his work. ROMANS 13, (Government is establish of the lord) We are to obey the laws of the land correct? This passage of scripture is in relation too GOOD GOVERNMENT. It is the body of CHRIST (Believers) who are responsible for the phrase OCCUPY until i come, in another words i can pray all day long for a steak dinner, but until i go and work and earn the money to BUY that meal, it is not going to happen! The church is asleep and has been for quite some time. We have allowed this to happen (myself included. He awaits for the Church to awaken and fight for him. All battles take place in the Spiritual Realms first, so at this point the RESTRAINER (HOLY SPIRIT) will be removed from the Earth, this is the devils world, he is not the CREATOR, but has been given this domain for GODS purposes and his alone, this does not excuse the CHURCH from acting. Faith is an action word, Love is an action word, doing something along with prayer is ACTION IN ACTION!

  2. Thank you Daisy for all your hard work. I read Mac's site almost everday and really enjoy your posts! Very insightful and nice to have a voice of reason.

    This is psyops and it is good someone pointed that out before some on the message board drink this kool-aid. If these arrests really do happen, I will apologize (think it's TMFC).

    1. Thank you for stopping by Kim, and also for your kind words. I'm really glad to hear from you.

      Yes, I hope we have reason to apologize but it really seems improbable, doesn't it?

      Have a great day!

  3. Daisy, there are objective data to consider:
    -- The mass resignations (forced or not, who knows) of hundreds of finance executives; the increase over previous years is multiples
    -- The positioning of Britain's largest warship upriver on the Thames, with four jet fighters now stationed in London, first time since WWII
    -- Geithner, Shrub, Cheney, and Rumsfeld certainly have been low profile for some time

    To me, these are hints that something has changed, quite recently.

    Per 'Veteran's Today', many in the Pentagon are now aware that 9/11 was not an attack on the U.S. by Muslim terrorists.

    I'm a former Navy LT. If I learned that, I would be outraged and looking to defeat any evil in my midst. Many military folks are idealists.

    And, we see active duty folks supporting Ron Paul in large numbers.

    Listen to Drake's interviews. He sounds credible.

    You may find his background incongruous with the importance of what is purportedly afoot. But, just examine the bios of Presidential spokesmen/women of the last 20 years. They have no great resumes that make them 'worthy' mouthpieces of the office of President. None were former VPs, Cabinet secretaries, governors, or editors of major organs.

    I would wager that a move IS afoot in the active duty forces to overthrow the evil in our midst.

    1. John G ~

      First, thank you for your service and thank you for taking the timeto stop by and comment.

      I hope to be able to publish in the future that you were right and that I was incorrect in my assessment. You've brought up some valid points, some of which I had considered and others I had not heard previous to your post.

      However, I stand by my original assessment that too much information has been doled out for this to be more than, at best, a tasteless practical joke on the Patriots, or at worst, a psy-op meant to sedate the people while the chains around them become tighter.

      I sincerely hope that you are correct, sir!


  4. Quick follow-on; there has been STRANGE activity underway:
    -- Missile launches off the coast of L.A. and San Clemente
    -- Missile flyover of NYC
    -- 'Earthquake' in D.C. and chain of underground explosions in Mountain West
    -- Building at above ground entrance to D.U.M.B. stopped dead in its tracks in northern AZ

    No doubt, there is still bad stuff going on, e.g., chemtrails. But, my read is that there IS a fight afoot now against the cabal.

  5. If you think that Drake is in any way condoning "going back to watching American Idol", then you apparently haven't listened very carefully to what he has said. I can't count the number of times in his interviews and broadcasts he has used the phrase "Get up off the couch, put down the beer, and do something."

    That something amounts to nothing less than getting out and doing your OWN research, talking to your Sheriff, getting to know your neighbors, restoring your communities, and establishing trust with your fellow man so that we can organize and DEMAND that these arrests take place, or better yet DO IT OURSELVES.

    Alex Jones doesn't believe Drake, and that's fine. The proof will either come or it won't. Personally, I'd like the news Drake gives to be true, but I'm not counting on it. I won't take what he says as gospel, but I also won't discount it until it's PROVEN one way or the other.

    Let us have no more fear-mongering. Let us have partnership, open ears, and open hearts. Let us have brotherhood. And for God's sake, let us have our country back. -MD

  6. Hi Daisy!

    Just found your blogspot and have bookmarked it! I have listened to all of the Drake broadcasts and I surmise a different scenario than you see .. and I could be wrong .. but this is what I see. Drake was chosen because he was the one who initially devised a way to recapture the actions outlined in the Declaration of Independence and recreate it to set us free again. In doing so, the military now belongs to We The People. The plans may have been around for 30 years but until the military reported to us and not them, the plans could not be implemented.

    Secondly, letting the plan out of the bag early, I believe, is necessary in order to get people (as many as possible) motivated to get involved locally. Because, honestly, think about it, this country awakens next Monday morning and doesn't have a Federal Government anymore? We will all be like baby birds jumping out of the nest .. fly? or crash and burn?

    I want to believe will all of my heart that this plan has the momentum that nothing can stop it at this point. In your heart, you want it too, I can tell from your replies. So, the question is .. Are YOU prepared?

  7. Good karma is wonderful! BAD KARMA a bitch, would not want to be in those shoes!
    Vengeance is not mine, so why worry? One thing for sure, things R changing.Someone has to play bad guy in a dualistic 3d game. Some will pay for all the greed, death and
    litter on this planet. You should center, focus on what side you r on,now. If someONE does not do some major intervention soon, with fukashima and all, or a critical mass of woke up earthlings focus, the great transition could get a little more bumpy of a ride, no? Personally i would like to see the du using psycho warmongering,planet killing beatchs all in there nice camps! But timr wikk tell peace and good luck to all. obitOMkanobi

  8. Well...!

    dang it.

    Drake's statements are information.
    only ..
    for those who would want to co-create with him and his ideas..

    You are debunking his info.
    Fine. Take it or leave it.

    I Am with Drake. I Am with the good guys.
    I am for an abundant and clean world.
    I give them a wide berth, because this game is massive.
    Who knows really..? Something better might come out of this .
    It is in line with what I see in the inner. Remember, the universe
    has a Divine Plan. I align with the Divine Plan.I am giving it my energy to come into physical manifestation.

    So slow down..
    As far as I know, do you or anyone else have any solution to this dilemma...?


    1. Great attitude. Now Tim turner is apparently a bad guy, been exposed on a lot of things. As for drake, in his first interview when he talks about someone in pennsylvania listening to him on the radio and following the law he explained to restore the constitution. That was a friend of mine. It did happen and at the time drake was just someone they had heard on the radio. They produced the paperwork and sent notice to the Hague, they began telling people in other states how to do it. They did get a call from the pentagon asking for help duplicating the method in all 50 states. Honestly when they told me that, I told them that couldn't be good, that they were definitely on some list now. But lo and behold, 2 months later we hear drake talking as a rep of the pentagon. Saying everything we knew 1st hand. The events are transpiring whether you believe drake or not. Whether drake is good or bad. In December, a packet with more than 30 states plus Indian nations was delivered to the Hague. And all the states are coming down the pike. As for drake being a distraction and return to your tv, you obviously have not listened to him speak as he offers numerous suggestions of how to start cleaning up your own local govt and how we all must get involved. We create our reality and if everyone sits back saying every good idea can't be true, maybe you do need to go back to sleep. The propaganda has gotten to you, because it's time for all of us to stand up and say enough is enough. Call for the failure of the big banks doing illegal activity. Recall any elected official working double duty in an evil corporation and in govt ( the list is endless). Call for a release of the oil industries stolen or bought patents they are suppressing. Our voice can be very loud if we work together. We stay appalled at what is being done to us, but our masters have succeeded in making us bow down and accept it. Anything else would be too good to be true, right.

  10. Hey all. i too have followed drake for quite some time now. and there is basicly no truth in your story here. all your facts are wrong. let me give a few heads up. drake was out doing this some time before david wilcock did his interview with drake. wilcock heard of him, did a lot of research, fact check, and confirmation from his sources bout drake. then as he was confirmed, david did an interview with him.
    drake was chosen due to his knowledge, personallity and trustworthness to start give a heads up bout what is coming. so people could start prepare. so it wouldnt come as a huge chock and we were caught like deers in the headlight. he do great deal of work on getting people ready, making them act, come together and build a good foundation for local comunity. he does NOT tell you to go back and watch tv. he does the opposit. and all the things drake told us of, of changes you can see in MSM up untill the arrests have happend. such as the rejoining of ICC "why would they join a place where they can be prosecuted" the release of "star wars like teck" the keshe foundation. about of 1000 top leaders in verious occupations, resigned over last few month on a glabal scale. and many more things i could name.. try in yr "research" to note days of interviews, and who the hosts are. and it sounds to me, u havent even listened to a single show he has made, and did some research if it was true what he is saying in em.

  11. I agree with you Daisy, Batman and Wolverine aren't coming to washington to round up the varmints!

    Hope clouds reason.

    The american people voted these losers into power-that is the problem.

    If the american people didn't prefer to vote for the deranged, america would not be where it is today..

  12. Still no mass arrests :)

    Drake promised us Hope and Change...

    Fool me once, shame on you...

    Fool me, and you'll never be fooled again...

  13. There is now a 43 trillion lawsuit story posted on the interwebz and they try to tie it to the cnbc children murder.
    It reeks to high heaven.
    The company behind it is not credible and is related to a scammer.
    is this related to this ?

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