Thursday 19 July 2012

Media Supports the Criminal-in-Chief with a Blackout

The Criminal in Chief, Barack Obama, is laughing at us.

Despite incontrovertible evidence brought forth in a press release by Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona, Obama has not been led out of the White House in handcuffs.  His mug shot hasn’t been splashed all over the front page of every newspaper in the country.  He doesn’t have to cringe when he turns on the TV, worried that he will be reminded of his crimes.

I’ve long written about my opinion of the mainstream media.  They are not journalists, they are spin doctors.  And in blacking out this important information, they are complicit in this fraud perpetuated against every single person in America.  I checked every major outlet and Sheriff Arpaio’s press conference is apparently not even worthy of mention.  As Arpaio stated, this is the “worst media blackout in history.”

This makes the mainstream media is every bit as guilty as the Manchurian candidate, Obama.  In fact, this latest blackout simply underlines the reason that Americans have lost faith in the “news”.

The media is owned, lock, stock and barrel, by the “Elite”.  Their tentacles reach every aspect of news and entertainment except for the last bastion of truth, the internet and alternative news sites.  It is time for Patriots to begin to hold the media accountable for their part in promoting the propagandist lies of the Obama Regime.  We must demand coverage of these events. 

I’ve sent the following email to a number of mainstream “news” outlets.  Feel free to use it as your own, adjust it to your liking or write your own, but please, take the time to make your displeasure and awareness of their culpability known. 

Every day, I'm less impressed than the day before when I see the blatant bias in your coverage.  The media blackout of Dr. Paul's campaign, the blackout of any world event that makes the United States look less than positive and now, the fact that you have completely ignored Sheriff Joe Arpaio's press conference with his absolutely irrefutable evidence about Obama's fraudulent birth certificate.

Your complete lack of journalistic integrity has never been more obvious.  You are not a news outlet - you are a propaganda machine, little more than a public relations firm for the powers that be.  I'm only one person, and not a famous one.  I don't have a lot of influence, money or power, but I assure you that I will never tune in to your station again, and I will tell everyone I know the reason why.

There's a very good reason that the latest Gallup poll showed that your audience is losing confidence in you.  As you watch your business dwindle, your viewers lose interest and your advertising dollars drop, think back to the days when you knew what REAL reporting was.


Daisy Luther

I hope that you will participate in this email campaign.  It is an opportunity to stand up for what you believe in.  Sending one person sending one email may not change the world, but 10,000 emails might start to have some effect.

For your convenience, the following contact links have been provided.

Fox – email address -


  1. I have to disagree with the photo you posted, Daisy...

    Obama is the furthest thing there is from a socialist. Obama is an obediant puppet to big business. He does everything and anything in his power to screw us over in favor of big business.

    A socialist would screw with corporations and the rich, Obama screws with us.

    Otherwise, yes, Obama is a sketchy CIA creation that was groomed to lead America down the rabbit hole.

    I am surprised that you are shocked that the media is covering for him. The media is is owned by the corporations that funded Obama. Why would they bring down their own puppet?

    They have NOTHING to gain by exposing their own operative..

  2. Although I completely agree, and have written on the subject myself, I was almost giddy that a few people picked up the story. CBS actually had a small piece on it. MSNBC did an immediate hit piece against it. FOX gave facts, no commentary. Drudge left it up a couple of days and The Blaze, to my shock had a good and very fair piece on the story. That said..when the POTUS has false documentation that is proven to be false, beyond a reasonable doubt and the media..and CONGRESS does nothing..then the Cabal is complete. Couple that with SCOTUS passing a clearly unconstitutional Health care bill...and well, put a fork in her... the article with the links to the media outlets that did cover the story is here:

  3. Kevin says- Hi Daisey.

    I was just talking to a cop from down joe's way(about a couple of weeks back, old friend of the families) Seems as if Sheriff Joe is pretty popular down there with the leo's. For some reason the feds just dont like him(the ones that are blind, and/or corrupt that is.)

    Not to worry, the feds are creating new alphabet agencies daily to keep us safe from those that hate us because we are free.

    Thanks for the link to cnn, I can go see what lady gaga is up to, you know get some REAL NEWS!!!! :)

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  5. U.S. terrorist country with Democratic party or with Nazi-fascist-Republican party... Viva la libertad!! Viva la Revolución Socialista!!

  6. An American blog on a Canadian URL with German text as a background picture. I'm highly confused.

  7. Daisy...come back to your blog. You are missed. Hope you are okay. If you have a FB page, please let me know:

    Thank you

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