Tuesday 10 January 2012

Media Blackout of the Day: Occupy Protests NDAA

Today was a big news day for Occupy Wall Street......except, somehow, it wasn't.

In Grand Central Station an OWS group gathered to protest the NDAA, making use of their Constitutional rights of freedom of speech and freedom of peaceful assembly.  Subsequently, a petite young woman who has been identified as Laura Digioia was literally carried away by several hulking police officers.

When making my rounds of the alternative news sites like SHTFplan and Alt-Market, they were all abuzz regarding this latest attack on the Bill of Rights.  When I checked on CNN, Fox and the other mass media sites, I found NOTHING.  Ditto.  Zilch.  Didn't even happen.

Freedom of the press is apparently dead as far as the mainstream media is concerned.  These companies have become nothing more than a vehicle of propaganda, owned by special interest groups and the government.  Unless the Powers That Be want something or someone exposed, gone are the days of the intrepid investigative journalist who will stop at nothing to fill the people in on the truth.

Equally as horrifying as the NDAA (The Indefinite Detainment bill) is the reality that the people with an occupational duty to inform the public have simply rolled over and given up.  Journalistic integrity is a thing of the past.  They haven't even put up a fight about this loss of rights, and they make every effort to aid the government in their cover-up. Does this mean that instead of being bullied into silence they actually just sold out and became the verbal prostitutes of the government?

An important course of action is to find alternate sources of information.  The "news" that you are receiving from the MSM (mainstream media) is simply the watered-down gruel the government wants you to have.  You are being spoonfed the big government advertisement that every right they take away from you is really just for your own good. You are being lulled into a false sense of security.  You are being programmed who to vote for.  You are being hypnotized by Big Brother himself so that you will no longer even consider questioning authority.

It's up to YOU to search out the truth for yourself, and to spread that information around to anyone who will listen.  Think critically about the news you receive and check multiple sources for the veracity.  Then spread the word.


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