Friday 6 January 2012

You Say You Want a Revolution......

Quiet revolutions are springing up everywhere.  There is an uprising afoot that is challenging the new laws because people from all walks of life are saying......


to the United States government.

For example......

HACKERS UNITE.....  With the threat of the SOPA bill making time short, hackers around the world are feverishly working to create a fallback internet infrastructure that cannot be censored.  The Hackerspace Global Grid is being created by some of the best minds in cyberspace.

OVER 100 MILLION FEWER AIR TRAVELERS........Statistics right from the US government show a distinct drop in air travel between 2000 and 2011.  As the TSA Gestapo increases their sexual assault against passengers, more people are choosing other methods of travel,  This definitely affects the economy, as American Airlines is just the latest in a long list to go belly up since 9/11.

MONTANA BEGINS THE PROCESS TO RECALL CONGRESSMEN......After the atrocity of the NDAA passed both the House and the Senate, fed up Montanans pulled out their Constitution and began the process. 

THE OCCUPY MOVEMENT......While you may not agree with the goals or the financial backing, you can't argue with the numbers.  The Occupy movement mobilized people across the world to stand up to the PTB through protests and civil disobedience.  Today the Occupy movement begins their protest against NDAA, and on January 17th begins to Occupy Congress - does anyone else suspect that this might be the first public example of NDAA in action?

ALTERNATIVE MEDIA FIGHTS RON PAUL MEDIA BLACKOUT........When it became glaringly obvious that the mainstream media was doing all it could to ignore Ron Paul as a viable candidate, alternative journalists came out in droves.  He has had more coverage on blogs, Facebook and other social networking sites, and Youtube than any other candidate.  CNN was outed for editing an interview with Dr. Paul in an unflattering way.  FOX and CBS were both blasted online for virtually shunning Dr. Paul during the Republican debates, as it came to light that he received only 89 SECONDS of airtime in a November debate.

Oathkeepers Say No Many peace officers and members of Oathkeepers have signed letters of intent not to carry out orders that are in defiance of the vows they took to "protect and serve", stating that the NDAA is in direct violation of that oath.

A Declaration of the People .....All over the internet patriot bloggers and organizations are posting this declaration that they refuse to accept the unconstitutional act known as the NDAA, and that they will not aggress, but will defend their rights.

Small revolutions are breaking out all over the country as people become more and more outraged at the purposeful erosion of the Constitution by those in power. Find one you can stand behind and take part!  Start your own revolution! 

Be loud and be heard....don't let your freedoms and rights be taken away without a fight!


  1. If People would just wake up a little bit. Ron Paul gets in the face of anyone violating the constitution. He has been doing it for years. Right now the most serious danger that we face, by far is the destruction of our constitution. If it is intact everything else can be recovered. If it is lost, everything everywhere is lost.

    The very fact that the government controlled media is/was blackballing Paul is proof of two things. That they are scared to death that this man will get elected and ruin their day. It also proves that since he is an ardent defender of the constitution, and they are so afraid of him for that reason, it follows (as if it needed any further proof) that they are (as they prove almost daily) out to destroy our constitution. So since they are out to destroy our constitution and they fear this one man. Doesn't it follow that this man is the one that we want in office to restore our constitution, without which our lives are s___ ?

  2. You are right on every count, Rowdy!

    ~~~ Ron Paul 2012 ~~~