Saturday 21 January 2012

Where Did All the Patriots Go?

Once upon a time, in 1775, a shot was fired across the North Bridge in Lexington, Massachusetts.

That shot was fired from the hunting rifle of an early American farmer and began the Battle of Lexington Green to defend against the British invasion that put food and families at risk.

The first American Revolution was fought by ordinary men, fathers and sons roused from their sleep by the peal of church bells and the beat of drums.  They sought nothing more than to defend their homes and families from the invasion and subjugation of the British army. 

The early colonists who fought this fight were looking for freedom from unfair taxation, freedom from being jailed for voicing dissent against the British, and freedom to make decisions, without restrictions imposed by an imperial government looking for money earned by American sweat.

Today, are we looking for anything different?

The United States government raises taxes without regard to the input of the people.  Over 40,000 new laws were passed in 2011, making it difficult to step out your front door without committing some type of infraction. Indeed, the government is now even in our homes, installing mandatory Smart Meters to monitor our usage of electricity, proposing bills to monitor our internet and media freedoms, and passing the notorious NDAA so that they can haul away dissenting American citizens in the middle of the night without regard for the principles that our nation was founded on.  The government is going after one right after another as the attack on our Constitution grows.

Nearly 240 years ago regular people fought against overwhelming odds to provide the freedoms that we have enjoyed.

Now we are being invaded again.  Now our liberty is again at risk.

Where are the Patriots of today?  What shots are being fired against the tyranny of the US government?  When are the ordinary people of our country going to stand up, despite the odds, and reclaim our legacy of freedom, fought and won through blood soaking into our soil so many years ago.?

A shot must be fired before it's too late.  The time for revolution is now.  Don't let your grandchildren wonder, "Where did all the Patriots go?" 

The unborn Americans of tomorrow deserve the freedoms that have been fought and won before.

The battle has begun.  Will you stand up and fight?

Note: This post was inspired by a true friend and a genuine patriot who challenges me to read and learn..and then learn some know who you are....thanks.

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