Saturday 10 March 2012

Media Propagandizes a "New Terror Threat": Beware of Sovereign Citizens

There's a new boogie man in town, according to the mainstream media.  They are dutifully following the lead of the FBI and the Gestapo DHS in characterizing "Sovereign Citizens" as the newest terrorist threat to the well-being of the United States.

What exactly is a Sovereign Citizen?  According to the Sovereign Education and Defense Ministry it is merely a person who has chosen to govern themselves in accordance to God's laws or "natural laws".

Watch this Flash Video to see the concept of Sovereign Citizenship laid out in the simplest possible form.

All men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.
~ The Declaration of Independence ~

Most SCs are dedicated to the legal, non-violent rejection of the United States government as a ruling authority.  They believe that their rights as individuals are guaranteed by God, the Declaration of Independence, and the United States Constitution.  You will far more often find the SCs in court, legally fighting against the oppression of the current regime and burying them in a blizzard of paperwork, than you will find them with guns blazing against the "authorities."

Despite their generally peaceful ways, they are being vilified by the government, cast in the role of "domestic terrorists" simply because they strongly disagree with the way things are being run.  They disagree with what they consider illegal taxation, the definition of rights vs. privileges, and government intrusion on family and faith.

A government that does not protect PRIVATE RIGHTS is a de facto government.

(de facto:  existing, but not legally ordained)

The current Regime, predictably,  seems to strongly oppose this classification as a de facto governement and is making it's opposition known to the SC's through a media propaganda attack of immense proportions.  The various government agencies have deemed them terrorists for having the audacity to disagree and resist the authority of the Regime.

The DHS released an article last May about the threat to the United States from the SCs.

... many sovereign citizens do not pay their taxes. They hold illegal courts that issue warrants for judges and police officers. They clog up the court system with frivolous lawsuits and liens against public officials to harass them. They also use fake money orders, personal checks, and the like at government agencies, banks, and businesses.  In addition ... sovereign citizens:
  • Commit murder and physical assault
  • Threaten judges, law enforcement professionals, and government personnel
  • Impersonate police officers and diplomats
  • Use fake currency, passports, license plates, and driver’s licenses
  • Engineer various white-collar scams, including mortgage fraud and so-called “redemption schemes"
In September, the FBI released a bulletin from their counter-terrorism division containing this statement:

The sovereign-citizen threat likely will grow as the nationwide movement is fueled by the Internet, the economic downturn, and seminars held across the country that spread their ideology and show people how they can tap into funds and eliminate debt through fraudulent methods. As sovereign citizens’ numbers grow, so do the chances of contact with law enforcement and, thus, the risks that incidents will end in violence. Law enforcement and judicial officials must understand the sovereign-citizen movement, be able to identify indicators, and know how to protect themselves from the group’s threatening tactics.
 The mainstream media has obediently jumped on the bandwagon, going to air and print with salacious stories about SCs gone bad.  The owners of the mainstream media, particular the government and "elite" special interest groups, have guided the biased coverage in accordance with a statement by the Anti-Defamation League (which by it's own description is a special interest group "founded in 1913 "to stop the defamation of the Jewish people ")

The ADL website defines the Sovereign Citizens movement as a "hate group":

The "sovereign citizen" movement is a loosely organized collection of groups and individuals who have adopted a right-wing anarchist ideology originating in the theories of a group called the Posse Comitatus in the 1970s. Its adherents believe that virtually all existing government in the United States is illegitimate and they seek to "restore" an idealized, minimalist government that never actually existed. To this end, sovereign citizens wage war against the government and other forms of authority using "paper terrorism" harassment and intimidation tactics, and occasionally resorting to violence.

This view has negatively colored any coverage of actions by the SC movement.  The media has aired multiple reports of violent interactions and illegal behaviors, despite the fact that violence, fraud and theft go completely against the principles of  Sovereign Citizenship.

ABC's Nightline:  Radicals Exercising God-given Rights or Fueling Domestic Terrorism?

CBS's 60 Minutes: A Look at the "Sovereign Citizen" Movement

Huffington Post:  Sovereign Citizens are "Extremists" Watched by the FBI

Memphis Commercial Appeal:  Sovereign Nation: Deadly Clash in West Memphis

MSNBC:  Sovereign Citizens: The New Counter Culture

As with any threat to the Regime, the government and all of it's cronies in the media are quick to demonize all who disagree.

The recent media blast against the Sovereign Citizen's movement should serve to underline the fact that the movement is indeed a legitimate argument against the Regime.

And thus, like all measures of resistance, it must be vilified, marginalized and silenced.

Thanks to Possee for sending the link that was the inspiration for this article.


  1. Hhmmm. Didn't even know I was a sovereign citizen, but I guess I are, and have been all my life. A hate group, yep I guess we are since we hate what is being done to our country.

    They may try to vilify us and or marginalize us but they will not succeed in silencing us.

    As usual a very good post. Thank you for all you do Dasey

  2. Hi, Rowdy! Where have ya been? I was just thinking about you!

    Thank you for the kind words. :)

    And you're right - we won't stand down!

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