Monday 12 March 2012

What Does It Mean When They Don't Try to Hide the Election Fraud?

Apparently, election fraud is only an outrage when it happens in other countries.

In 1985, the US invaded Panama in outrage over a fixed election in favor of Noriega.

Bush threatened Egypt with sanctions over Election Fraud in 2005.

In 2009, the US and NATO reached a consensus to sanction the rigged elections in Afghanistan.

Thousands of citizens took to the streets in Russia in protest of rigged elections in 2011.  The European Parliament  threatened financial sanctions over that same fraudulent election.

However, when this happens in the United States, no one bats an eye.

The rampant fraud in the 2012 GOP primary has all but escaped mention by the media.   Statements by Dr. Ron Paul's campaign, the primary target of the crime,  go unpublished with the exception of alternative media sites.  Small local newspapers carry stories about hundreds of dead people casting votes, but the large media conglomerates don't pick them up. 

Other countries have turned a blind eye - nobody is sending in troops to the United States to keep things honest.  No economic sanctions have been threatened.

There are no large mobs taking to the streets in irate protest. Paul supporters who protest or comment are marginalized by the media and all claims of fraudulence are written off as "sour grapes."

Where is our revolution?
Where is our outrage?
How can intelligent men and women watch this happen and do nothing about it?

Every single state that has participated thus far in the Republican primary has had accusations of impropriety, ranging from miscounts, to dead voters, to secret meetings and lost votes.  Not one voting has been unquestioned.

And yet, the American people have done nothing but sit idly by in their Lazyboys, flipping the channel to something less mentally taxing, like Jersey Shore.

Dr. Paul has intrepidly persevered through what must be terrible frustration.  He isn't giving up despite the fact that he has been cheated in EVERY SINGLE STATE.  He has continued on his mission despite being either ignored or ridiculed by the mainstream media.  His supporters are loud and active and by all rights, his grass roots campaign should be the one in the lead.

Even more alarmingly, little effort is being taken to hide the criminal activity in this election.  What does it mean when the leaders of our society blatantly ignore the laws our country was built on?  When democratic elections are so clearly and obviously rigged?  When election fraud is utterly ignored by the "justice" system?

It means that our opinion no longer matters.  It means that We, the People, have ceased to be a threat in the eyes of the Powers That Be.   Our power to govern ourselves and choose our leaders has been eliminated.  We are being condescendingly humored by the "pretend election" that is going on in an America that has already been quietly overthrown.

The unbelievable apathy of the American citizens regarding this criminal behaviour leaves us, as citizens, even more at fault than the perpetrators of the crimes.  We are allowing it to happen.

If you do not say "NO" you are giving tacit permission for the behavior.  You are allowing this fraud to continue.  You are allowing this sham of an electoral process to eliminate your voice. 

It's late in the game, readers, but it is not too late to resist this.  Don't let the efforts and perseverance of the Paul campaign go to waste.  Don't allow your constitutional rights as an American citizen to be removed while you stand idly by and ignore the debacle. We ARE the last line of opposition to the loss of our freedom!

Say no, and say no loudly, to this fraudulent election. 

Take action. 


Show the criminals in charge that they have dangerously underestimated the American people. 
Every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves.
~ John F. Kennedy ~


  1. It is true, the People no longer count. But how do the people break this stranglehold by the media and political establishment? It seems all the huffing and puffing by Paul supporters are in vain!

    1. Benny ~

      I feel that the Paul supporters are doing everything they can to publicize the fraud - unfortunately the mainstream media refuses to cover it. In fact, they just removed the ONLY reporter dedicated to covering Dr. Paul's campaign because it wasn't "newsworthy".

      I wish I had answers to your question!


  2. James Madison in The People The Sovereigns stated that when government usurps authority that does not belong to it, it will never relinguish that authority except by force.

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